Subject: Communication and Manifestation

Function:  Metamorphoses and transformation through interaction with the world

Biological conformity

The Throat Center is directly connected with the endocrine system, which is responsible for transformation and metamorphosis, and monitors our metabolism. It is she who regulates energy exchange, determines our appearance and mobility: what we are – small or large, full or thin, fast or slow. When we ignore the prompts given by the body, and despite the internal resistance, we continue to perform undesirable actions, not only the throat and vocal cords suffer, but the entire body as a whole.

Manifestation as communication and / or action

Our own voice does not originate in the throat, but in certain activated channels and gates of our Bodygraph, from where reliable and stable thoughts come from that need to be voiced. From my own experience, I know that attention is vital for our words or actions to have a response. and understanding, and did not go into the void.

Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to find the right moment to express themselves. They begin to speak and act prematurely or, conversely, with a great delay. However, if you try what Human Design offers us – to follow the Authority and Strategy, then unmistakably choose the right moment for fruitful interaction with others. All your words and deeds will be properly perceived and accepted as a guide to action without resistance and edits.

Manifestation through action is an equally important function of the Throat Center, but its execution is possible only with an active connection Sacral Motor with Throat. The owners of such a certainty can be called without exaggeration real “figures” capable of carrying out any of their intentions. Maybe you are the one who is potentially such a “doer”? The Human Design System will help you figure this out.

Society obliges each individual to obey their requirements, according to the established tradition, we must study, work, create a family, correspond to our social and social status. And our false Self as a product of upbringing rather productively pushes us to comply with generally accepted rules. In order to become who we are meant to be, we must understand and accept our true nature.

In the Bodygraph, the Throat Center occupies a strategic position, it is there that transformative and mutational processes take place, which are reflected at all levels of being. What you can bring into this world, what will be expressed and offered through you, depends on the adjacent gates activated in the Throat Center of your map.

Throat Center Gates

  • 62 Gates of Parts. Small Supremacy – I think or live by inertia. Detailing the facts
  • 23 Gate of Assimilation. Splitting into pieces – I know or not. Individual insights
  • 56 Gate of Stimulation. Wanderer – I believe or doubt. Stimulating storyteller
  • 16 Skill Gates. Enthusiasm – I decide to experiment or retreat. Master
  • 20 Gate of the Present. Contemplation – I live in the present or in dreams. Spontaneous clarity
  • 31 Gate of Leadership. Influence – I am the leader or the follower. Leadership
  • 45 Gatherer’s Gate. Cathedral – I possess or not. Power from the mind
  • 33 Gate of Solitude. Retreat – I understand or not. Lessons from the past
  • 35 Gate of Change. Progress – I am getting sensory experience or not. Progress
  • 12 Gate of Caution. Inaction – I try or pass. Discretion
  • 8 Gates of the Contribution. Cohesion – I may or may not succeed. Individual self-expression

Defined Throat Center – 72% of the population

Defined Throat Center

We sincerely believe that our words and thoughts are the product of our mind, but this is not the case. All our statements are determined by the themes of the Throat Center Gate. All words that have not yet been voiced arrive at the “message node” from different parts of our Bodygraph, where they are processed and expressed in the form of communications and actions.

The throat interacts closely with six other Centers: Ajna, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, G and Spleen. Moreover, each of the Centers is dominated by its own theme:

  • Ajna – a person gives out what he thinks about, what exactly occupies his mind;
  • Heart Center – the state of “I” dominates (I want, I can, I will do);
  • Solar plexus – feelings and emotions play a preventive role;
  • Splenic Center – spontaneity and intuitive knowledge;
  • Sacral – all words and actions come as a response to external influences and events;
  • G Center – intuitive insights EMANATING from personal identity, the voice of the Higher Self

At my trainings and consultations, I help people open up, not be afraid of public speaking and frank conversations, but I always warn that excessive activity and talkativeness leads to energy losses and rapid burnout. Only relying on your inner Authority and Strategy, understanding where the voice comes from and what the outgoing information is for, can you express your truth without prejudice to your own health and reputation.

Open Throat Center – 28% of the population

The false self is afraid to go unnoticed and tries to attract attention. People with an open Throat Center are always trying to master the audience, to become the soul of the company, they need to act, argue, interrupt. Thus, they receive the coveted attention with practically no expenditure of their own energy for unnecessary words or actions. From myself, I can add that if a person follows his Authority, then he will never have problems with self-expression.

In the presence of those whose Throat Center is fully defined, people with an open Throat may feel uncomfortable, which is expressed in increased talkativeness or, conversely, silence.

Open Throat Center

People with an open throat need to relinquish control over their speech. It is better to speak spontaneously and enjoy the forms and intonations than to give out boring platitudes by rote. As a person who understands the energy and psychology of people, I know for sure that it is not necessary to do or say something in order to attract attention, you can remain a laconic interlocutor, but maintain interest in your person. In addition, people with an open throat have an intuitive ability to recognize the sincerity and hypocrisy in the words of their counterparts, and this is already a great advantage in any conversation.

Completely open Throat Center

A design where the throat center is missing any of the specific Gates is very rare. Children with full throat openness start talking late and have speech problems throughout their lives. When their false Self requires attracting someone else’s attention, they do not use their images and thoughts, but someone conditioned language full of borrowings. Believe me, even such people can learn to speak beautifully – trusting their Inner Authority will return their speech flexibility, unpredictability and reveal the potential wisdom of the Open Center.

Conversation of the false Self of open Throat Center

Very often the false Self tells us its own algorithm of actions: what to tell us, what to do, how to act, what to strive for. For instance:

  • Where should I go, where am I sure to get the attention I need?
  • How do others treat me, do they notice me?
  • If I touch on this topic, then I will certainly be noticed and appreciated …
  • What to talk about, because silence is unbearable …
  • It would be nice to be distinguished by something …
  • Who can I become in this life?

The ability to recognize the voice of the false Self is the first step to deconditioning, but you can hear it only by carefully studying your own Design.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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