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You can see more deciphering of the elements of your Bodygraph at this link or get help from analysts.

You have probably noticed that everything around us is a multilevel system. From the microcosm inside each person to the macrocosm of the celestial bodies of the solar system. Everything moving along its way around us is intertwined and interconnected. We only have to find out how exactly this interconnection works and how we can benefit from it.

As for the path of a person, their development also follows its own trajectory, and for many centuries various types of knowledge, religions, and teachings have contributed to this. However, the Human Design system is a very unusual tool which people have obtained not so long ago. According to many of those who practice it, it is a very effective self-development tool.

Rave Chart

The Design Chart calculation is an accurate diagram of your biochemical structure and the path destined for you by the archetypes of the celestial bodies (planets). This is only a small part of what can be revealed by fully decoding and interpreting your Rave Chart. Sometimes this chart is also called Bodygraph or Personal Design Chart.

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The Bodygraph calculations accurately coincide with your personal life information and events, which gives you a chance to reconsider and fix it. But first, let’s find out what this calculation is based on.

Basic Design Elements

Learning about the advantages of Design Rave Chart over other existing types of knowledge will make you feel even more inspired. You’ve probably already guessed that it’s a mix of all of them.

Two main distinctive features of Human Design are:

1 – People used to think that humans had 7 energy Centers, but in 1781 a new planet was discovered. And it was discovered by astronomer William Herschel. This planet is called Uranus and it carries the archetype of renewal.

2 – In classical astrology, personality is decoded using a natal chart which is compiled from accurate birth time data. The Human Design system which appeared in 1987 brought something new. The founder of the system Robert Krakauer had a mystical experience and had a contact with the “Voice” that told him that the human body also had its own program and gave knowledge about how it can be calculated, and this was the beginning and the basis of the most progressive tool of human self-development.

The design that combines ancient human study systems works almost like a smartphone as it functions combining those things that already existed before: mail, phone, maps/GPS navigation, and many other useful elements.

The other side of the coin


Programmed at the moment of birth and records certain qualities of a person. These qualities are experienced consciously.


Programmed 88 days before your birth and records the qualities that you don’t have conscious access to, although people around you can see them.

With this knowledge, you can calculate your Personal Design Chart and your Compatibility Chart as well.

Types of calculations

Dream Map helps to understand why you are having a particular dream and tells you how to interact with it properly.

Map of Compatibility at the biochemical and energetical levels helps to understand the practical prospects of relationships (friends, business, etc.).

Planetary Transit Chart combined with your Bodygraph. You can track changes in your consciousness every day and make timely decisions or refuse to make them. A very useful tool.

Animal Map helps to understand the character of your pet and observe it with interest.

How is chart calculated?

The mechanism is rather simple. You enter your data: date, time, and place of birth. Using an astronomical database, the system calculates the exact degree of each planet’s position in the solar system at the time of your birth. After a few seconds, you will get your Bodygraph.

The secret is that the solar system with its planets and laws has a direct impact on society as a whole and on each person in particular. That is why it is so important to know the position of the planets at the time of one’s birth, because it determines their life and character to a great extent.

There are 64 positions in Human Design. And they are called Gates. They are responsible for our potential qualities and specifics of body functions, which can be constantly manifested or activated from time to time.

Red and Black in the Bodygraph

Speaking about Gates, it should be mentioned that there are only 26 of them in the Human Bodygraph. And they are also divided into two different types:

1) Conscious ones.

2) Unconscious ones.

The conscious in the Bodygraph is marked in black. This is the level of our personality: those qualities and characteristics that we know we have and that are most often not a mystery to us.

The unconscious in the Bodygraph is marked in red. This is the level of our Design: those qualities that we may not realize and notice in ourselves.

It is highly important to understand the difference between the conscious and the unconscious. It affects how one lives their Design and perceives information about oneself.

Sections of the Bodygraph

Our Bodygraph consists of several sections, each of which is very important. These sections form the overall picture, which as a whole describes a person’s character and potential.


This is one of the main sections and the first thing a person discovers when they begin to study their Bodygraph.

Human Design has four main Types: Generator, Projector, Manifestor, and Reflector.

Generator Type can be subdivided into Classical Generator and Manifesting Generator.

Your type largely determines your behavior and shows how you should use the opportunities that life provides.

Type determines your principal power. Some come into this world to initiate, some to respond to new opportunities and be involved in processes, while others guide people or give feedback.

Type defines the following characteristic of Design: Strategy.


Strategy is the manner of behavior that one must follow in order to live their true life.

Strategy is defined by Type.

The Generator’s Strategy is to wait and respond to what life offers.

The Manifestor’s Strategy is to inform others about what they are going to do.

The Projector’s Strategy is to wait for an invitation.

Finally, the Reflector should wait a full lunar cycle before making important decisions.

All of this information is contained in your Bodygraph.

Inner Authority

This is a set of clues that help you in your life.

We make important decisions based on Inner Authority.

Here are the main types of Inner Authorities in the Human Design:

1) Emotional

2) Sacral

3) Splenic

4) Ego Authority

5) Self-Projected Authority

6) Lunar Authority

7) Environmental Authority

All of this information can be found in your Bodygraph.


The human Bodygraph consists of 9 Centers.

Each Center is a certain lump of energy, a place of gathering and processing information, which is responsible for a certain area of our life.

  1. Head Center: this is the pressure to ask questions, mental inspiration.
  2. Ajna Center: these are our thoughts, judgments, and theories.
  3. Throat Center: this is our self-expression and manifestation in life.
  4. G Center: this is love and the directions we choose to take in life.
  5. Heart Center: this is our ego and willpower.
  6. Emotional Center: these are our emotions, feelings, and sensations.
  7. Spleen Center: this is our safety, health, and intuition.
  8. Sacral: this is our vitality, sexuality, and performance.
  9. Root Center: this is the adrenaline and pressure to move forward.

All of this information can be found in the Bodygraph.


The Gate is the potential that each of us has. Each Gate is responsible for a specific characteristic of a person.

Strictly speaking, it is a potential quality that may or may not be manifested depending on certain circumstances.

There are two main types of Gates: dormant and hanging. The type depends on the Center in which the Gate is located.

Dormant Gates are located in a particular Center. Any certain Center provides you with the energy of constancy, inner confidence, and stability. Therefore, a Gate located in a certain Center will be expressed steadily and constantly.

But there is a very important detail here. Despite the stability, the qualities of the Hanging Gate are not our main qualities, because it is not a fully-featured Channel, but only a part of it. In general, the qualities of the Hanging Gate complement the way a Channel located in a particular Center will work and be manifested.

The Dormant Gate is located in an undefined Center. The qualities, character traits, and modes of behavior that they carry are in some kind of a dormant mode. But this remains true until this Gate is turned into a Channel through interaction with another person or if affected by a transit. As soon as this happens, the dormant quality awakens for a while, and the person is much more tempted to express.


Each Channel carries a certain talent, a person’s predisposition. This is our basic life force.

If you know about the qualities inherent in the Channels, you can realize your potential much easier both in your professional life and in life on the whole.

All of this information can be found in the Bodygraph.


This is the role that we play in society and in life. It’s a certain set of characteristics that make up our portrait.

Profile gives us the opportunity to fulfill our main task in life.

As you can see, the possibilities of Human Design calculation are huge.

As you have already understood, the calculation of the Human Design Chart is a truly unique tool for self-fulfillment, and everyone should try it. The Human Design Chart is a real guide to your development based on accurate data. It is your body’s neuron circuit with a unique creative frequency. Understanding it and learning how to apply it correctly in your life is the main benefit of learning about your Design.

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