Subject: Power of Fertility

Function: Life Energy 

Implementation: Sexuality, Accessibility, Responsiveness

Biological conformity

The Sacral Center is closely connected with the reproductive system of the human body, which maintains the survival of our species through the reproduction of offspring. The Sacral Center itself obliges us not only to “multiply and multiply”, but also to take care of our offspring, feed them, protect them from dangers, educate and educate.

The sacral is not just a Center, but a primary motor with tremendous power, and its energy can be directed both into a creative and a destructive channel. If we live our experience without fulfilling our destiny, then the sacral motor shifts to its degenerating function ahead of time. A person starts to get sick, lose strength, grow old earlier. The sacral has built-in cycles of work and rest, while resting, it recharges, accumulating the energy necessary for our vital activity. This is why it is important to follow its rhythms. The peak of Sacral activity in men is observed at 18-20 years, in women – 30-34, then there is a gradual extinction.

If we get involved in a whirlpool of events without a response from the Sacral (we choose an unhealthy lifestyle, unbearable loads …), then we ourselves deplete the safety margin of our energy motor.

A very interesting feature has been noticed, all people with a certain Sacral tend to answer questions not through words, but with uterine sounds “a-ha” / “yes” and “e-a” / “no.” This is how the inner response coming from the Sacral Center manifests itself.

Sacral Center Gate

The Sacral includes 9 gates, which are responsible for the accumulation of energy and the availability of life force and regulate many processes that originate in the Sacral Center.

  • 34 Gate of Power  – Pure Power
  • 5 Gate of Fixed Patterns – Guaranteed flow continuity
  • 14 Gate of Power Skills – Energy of resources (money) to enhance / improve the standard of living
  • 29 Gate of Perseverance – Experience for the sake of opening
  • 59 Gate of Sexuality – Energy for Pairing
  • 9 Focus Gate – Energy to Form a Sustainable Pattern
  • 3 Ordering Gate – Pulse of mutation. Frequency of change
  • 42 Gate of Growth – End of Cycle and End of Experience
  • 27 Gate of Care – Feeding and caring for survival

Each of these 9 gates make their own individual contribution to the work of the Center. Depending on the specificity of the gate, you have certain personal characteristics. You can find out what preferences, talents and shortcomings you are rewarded by nature by the fact of your birth by studying your Bodygraph.

Defined Sacral Center – 66% of the population

Defined Sacral CenterAll people with a certain Sacral Center are Generators by their Type. They have a powerful source of energy functioning inside, which is felt as a constant hum or buzz, requiring an exit. For such people, it is more than important to find an application point for their ebullient, all-time renewable energy.

The sacral is strong in response. If, when asked about your readiness, you involuntarily pronounce your inner “a-ha”, then the Sacral is ready for action and the result will not be long in coming. When you get down to business with a feeling of internal protest, then nothing good can be expected in the end, you cannot be responsible for obligations without a response. People with a certain Sacral need to wait for a response. Their life motto is: “Do not initiate, let alone force events.”

The most difficult thing for you to understand is that your internal response is just a mechanical process that does not have awareness and rationality. It is life itself that makes decisions for you, and you, according to your inner Authority (Sacral) and Strategy (respond), must trust her.

Open Sacral Center – 34% of the population

Open Sacral CenterAll non-sacred Types – Projectors, Manifestators and Reflectors are devoid of an internal source of energy, but they can perfectly be recharged by the Generators, absorbing and even amplifying the energy they emit. However, their energy system is not adapted to work at such a high level, so non-sacred types cannot independently determine when they need to complete any activity and indulge in restorative rest, when to enter into a relationship, and when to postpone. They go ahead, and even feeling tired and dissatisfied, they continue to initiate.


It is among them that we can see workaholics who have forgotten about everything, students who have learned to insanity, obsessed nymphomaniacs – they simply do not understand when they need to stop.

Most people with an open Sacral admit that in reality they do not want to work, but the field generated by certain alien Sacrals draws them into an endless race. Knowing his Design, a person with an open Sacral Center will trust not circumstances and other people’s calls, but his inner Authority, which will balance their work and rest regime.

Completely open Sacral Center

On the one hand, people with a completely open Sacral are threatened with energy depletion due to their continuous activity, and on the other hand, they have an inexhaustible potential for knowing themselves and the world.

The wisdom of the open Sacral is that its owners can understand the purpose of certain energies in a person, for what needs it is better to spend them, and when it is better to restrain them. It is such people who are subject to great insights about the nature of life – Krishnamurti, Osho, Ra Uru Hu. But such a vision is available only when living your openness through your inner Authority and Strategy, and for this you need to study and understand your Design, to understand your true purpose.

Conversation of the false Self of the Open Sacral Center

The false Self of the Sacral Center makes us take on a bunch of unnecessary obligations and neglect our health, pushes us to unreasonable actions and irrepressible activity. Whether you are guided by common sense and rationalism, or you are being ruled by a false Self, you can find out by analyzing your inner monologue. The false Self of the Open Sacral Center is always preoccupied with the same themes:

  • This work needs to be completed.
  • Let’s continue, the rest will wait.
  • I must not let this chance pass.
  • No problem, now I will deal with my work, I will do this one too.
  • Let me do it for them / you.
  • Who else could I help? Who else to take care of …
  • Knowing of limits? What is this all about?

To live a full and vibrant life, we must first of all love ourselves. If we neglect our health, interests, feelings, we exhaust ourselves, turning into a thoughtless mechanical machine without desires and emotions. When the Human Design with its centers, gates and channels ceases to be a secret for you, then a miracle happens, you begin to better understand all the specifics of human relationships, avoid deadlock situations in advance, calmly avoid excessive obligations, correctly assess potential friends and enemies – you grow and morally and spiritually.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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