What they already know is never enough for people with the Gate 16 of Skills. They experiment with different skills, abilities and eventually achieve mastery in them.

People with the Gate 16 hone their creativity or technical ability through constant repetition and skill improvement. Inside them lives the spirit of the experimenter, which pushes them to repeat and repeat. This is how they achieve mastery in the business they undertake. It is important for them to fully identify with their work, to deeply understand it. Such a dancer becomes a dance himself one day. He goes beyond what technology can give and becomes it himself. The experiment leads them to express the depth of their talent. Without 48 gates in the map, people with 16s may not know what to experiment with, what is worthy of their attention. For all their skills, they seek a deep understanding of the process that the 48th gate carries. In the 48 gates of “The Depths”, people with 16 get the necessary foundation on which they build their skills, which should bring concrete benefits to others, and will not remain another skill in the collection.

Gate 16 Skills Human Design

The Gate 16 of Skills is about showing your talent. Creativity, speech, any technique, marketing are common manifestations of this energy. Without 48 gates, the expression of 16 gates can be superficial, shallow, changeable, useless. Together with the 48, they are able to reach true depth.

The quality of talent depends on repetition, experimentation, striving for the perfect manifestation of your skill. Once they have achieved mastery, they can make judgments about the skill level of others and also contribute to their growth.

Their skills and abilities are never enough for such people. The secret of their talent and skill lies in constant repetition and complete identification with what they are experimenting with. When they master a skill perfectly, they can make judgments about the competence of others and share their talent with them.

The Gate 16 of Skills on the Map

The Gate 16 of Skills is located in Throat Center which is responsible for manifestation of thoughts, wishes etc. You can read about Throat Center here.

The Gate 16 and the Gate 48 form Channel 16-48 Waves of Manifestation. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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