Subject: Mental awareness

Function: Conceptualization, interpretation

Implementation: Answers in the form of opinions, concepts and theories

Biological compliance

At the mental level, the Ajna Center duplicates the biological functions of the visual cortex (processing visual information), the neocortex (the formation of complex forms of behavior) and the pituitary gland, which is responsible for the growth and development of the body and regulates metabolism. That is, the pituitary gland controls the entire body through the endocrine system and from the position of the strongest imposes its “opinion”. Therefore, the world in which we live is subject to the brain, despite the fact that the level of consciousness of the body has long since risen above the level of the mind.

Mental awareness, mind and decision making

We receive and become aware of our life experience through three Centers of Awareness:

  • Ajna – mental conceptualization, mind consciousness;
  • Splenic – primal survival instinct, body awareness;
  • The Solar Plexus is a living on the emotional spectrum, a source of pain and pleasure, the potential for mindfulness.

Ajna is responsible for the quality of the interpretation of inspiration coming from the Crown Center , but does not manifest it. Ajna is connected with the Throat and Parietal Centers and is the only one in the Bodygraph that does not have access to energy sources (motor centers). But it is the consciousness of the mind that is responsible for our current perception of the world. Splenic awareness deals exclusively with the present moment, while Ajna covers the entire timeline.

Any decision that comes from our openness and made by the mind has practically no statute of limitations and can be thought over for a long time and repeatedly, since Ajna scrupulously selects options and evaluates them according to the degree of usefulness, finding many sometimes contradictory arguments “for” and “against”, but does not help to make the right choice. Hence the conclusion that the mind can no longer help you to get out of this situation. Only by trusting your inner Authority and Strategy will you select the necessary algorithm of actions that will lead you to victory.

When we manage to overcome our own fear (Ajna Center generates mental anxiety about ignorance and misunderstanding), with a light heart we receive awareness and skill as a reward, and when fear intensifies, anxiety and nervousness.

I was convinced from my own experience that knowledge of Human Design more than successfully helps us to deal with our inner fears. When we know about the reasons for one or another of our experiences, actions or just thoughts, it is easier to get rid of the pressure of the false Self.

Ajna Center Gates

  • 47 Gate of Realization . Suppression – Comprehension. Fear of the futility of being
  • 24 Gate of Rationalization. Return – Answers in the pulse. Fear of never getting inspired, not knowing the answers, not explaining your knowledge
  • 4 Gateway of Formulation. The folly of youth is Logic. The need for answers. Fear of Chaos
  • 11 Gate of Ideas. Peace – Desire to share new ideas. Fear of darkness and ignorance
  • 43 Gate of Illumination. Breakthrough – Prospects. Making sense of it. Fear of rejection and misunderstanding
  • 17 Gate of Opinion. Follow – Opinions based on facts. Attention to details. Fear of the Challenge

Defined Ajna Center – 47% of the population

Defined Adjna CenterFor people with a defined Ajna Center, themes for conceptualization and preferences are formulated in their specific gates and channels, and are little dependent on external influences. Over the years of practice, I became convinced that such people, on the contrary, have a strong mental influence on others, inspire them and encourage them to think.

The certainty between Ajna and Throat allows people to clearly and clearly express their thoughts and convey them to the understanding of the audience. However, when the subject matter and direction of the speeches are not coordinated with the internal Authority and Strategy, that is, the person does not believe in what he is talking about, a strong waste of energy occurs.

Open Ajna Center – 53% of the population

Open Ajna CenterThe Open of the Ajna Center also speaks of the uncertainty of the Dark Center, in this case, topics for mental reflection are supplied by the existing activated gates.

People with such a Design have an open and flexible mind with an abstract type of thinking and a kind of intellectual gift that is fully manifested when a person is freed from conditioning. That is, to become a decorator of your life, trusting its script. This is a great art that everyone has to comprehend.


When thinking over their ideas, people with an uncertain Ajna Center are able to filter out valuable concepts from the slag, and accurately find those who are able to answer their questions.

Completely open Ajna Center

The completely open configuration of energy centers creates difficulties in conceptualizing and interpreting the information received. Such people cannot properly adjust their thought process. They do not have a fixed point of reference, which gives rise to a state of loss and meaninglessness of mental activity as such. And this is fraught with renunciation of the true Authority.

Conversation of the false Self of the undefined Ajna Center

The false Self very often leads us away from the true understanding of our purpose, therefore it is very important to distinguish when you speak and act precisely from its prompting. An example of a monologue of the false Self of the open Ajna Center:

  • Where do I go next?
  • What else can you do in this life?
  • If the meaning is in my existence?
  • You need to think about the meaning of life …
  • I have so many questions, I need to find answers to them …
  • Should I tell people about my plans and ideas? Will it not seem ridiculous and ridiculous to them?
  • I am afraid to share my opinion with others, as I am afraid of a challenge …
  • I must prepare for the challenge … What can I say to this?

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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