We all know that the benchmark of our correctness is Signature of our Type or False Self. But what is really Type Signature Human Design?

Indeed it is a pleasant feeling that each of us experiences when we live our nature correctly.

By following the Strategy and Authority, the Generator feels a deep sense of satisfaction. The project feels successful. The Manifestor is at peace, the Reflector is surprised.

How can we recognize Type Signature?

We all subconsciously strive for that very feeling that is our signature. But here’s what can happen.

Our mind can cling to that subject and begin to manipulate us. In this case, whatever you do will be evaluated in terms of Satisfaction/Frustration, Success/Feelings, Rest/Anger, or Surprise/Disappointment. These are the strings through which your Mind will try to guide you and steer you in the right direction.

That said, we all know that achieving absolute nirvana is simply impossible. None of us can feel successful or satisfied twenty-four hours a day.

If frustration or anger were to disappear altogether, then what would we be guided by? How can we experience joy and fullness of life if we do not experience unpleasant feelings and emotions? After all, he who does not experience unpleasant feelings in his life will not be able to feel happiness…

Type Signature Human DesignYes, our False Self signature is a reliable guide to where we are going in the wrong direction, somewhere we’ve initiated, somewhere we’ve strayed from our nature.

But it also provides a sharper experience of correctness. Gives us the opportunity to compare, anchoring us in the right positions.

So when you are in the Experiment, first of all, unhook yourself, lower your level of demanding of yourself and expectations. Just be in the process, not thinking about what awaits you at the end. Enjoy every minute, giving up the results as much as possible. Otherwise your Mind will manipulate you endlessly, straining more and more and poisoning your life day after day.

Detach yourself from yourself and allow yourself to be wrong, incorrect, and mistaken-you are a living person. And it’s okay to have a False Self in your life, too. You can never get rid of it once and for all. Unhook yourself from your expectations and demands and enjoy the richness of life’s experiences.

Even the frustrating ones, because after that you, by making the right conclusions, can find satisfaction. Even bitter, because it will enable you to enjoy success more gratefully. Even angry, because it will teach you how to initiate correctly. There is no light without darkness. Without disappointment, there can be no exciting surprise of life.

Disconnect from yourself and give yourself a chance to just be human. The person who came to a screening and watches a movie about themselves so that at the end they can say, “That was a thrilling movie. Only then will you be able to live your nature in all its manifestations and enjoy your being, without evaluations or specific attachments, but simply because your life is what it is… Your task: to give yourself to it without the rest and without trying to control it.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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