As we know, Projector lives in anticipation of an invitation. And waiting is the most difficult process imaginable. And in that sense it can sometimes be very difficult for Projector in the sense that he has to wait a very long time to be called upon to do something. But that’s not all. Even if Projector does get a call to action, it’s quite likely that it’s not really a call to action at all. The point is that in the long wait, sometimes Projector can take any opportunity that comes into his life as an invitation.

Another option is possible. To somehow compensate for the long wait, sometimes Projector may accept absolutely any invitation that comes to him.

Let’s say that Projector can’t find a job for a very long time. He finds no interesting vacancies and no one invites him for an interview. Eventually he is invited to a job that he is not at all happy with, but he accepts simply because he can’t wait any longer. However, this strategy of behavior is not correct.

This raises the question: how can Projector learn to read invitations and how can he learn to distinguish between a correct invitation and one that is not really meant for him.

Let’s look at what kind of invitation an invitation can be in principle?

Main types of invitations for Projector

Direct invitation. Such an invitation is the easiest to recognize. It usually takes place at home or at work. In a direct invitation, especially if it is something official, the verb invite is most often present.

Let’s go back to the job search example. A person receives an e-mail with the following text.

Dear job seeker!

We invite you to an interview for the vacancy of sales manager.

It is quite natural that such a letter is a direct invitation for Projector.

Or let’s say another person writes to him and tells him that he invites him to go to the theater in the evening. This, too, is a direct invitation, which is not at all difficult to recognize.

But we should not forget that it is not enough to recognize an invitation. It must also be passed through the filter of Inner Authority. It is quite possible that an invitation that seems attractive at first glance may actually be worth rejecting.

So, we’ve looked at direct invitations. But the problem is that in life, invitations do not always come to Projector in a direct form. It is often the case that the other party has no intention of inviting Projector anywhere. Nevertheless, from the point of view of the person’s Design, his words can carry the meaning of an invitation.

An invitation in the form of a request. Let’s say Projector is approached by an old friend who has some problems. He asks for his advice or help. That is, he tells Projector about his problems, expecting to get something in return. Yes, this is not an invitation in the usual sense of the word. Nevertheless, if the friend expects to get some help from Projector, then he may well read it as an invitation.

But again, don’t assume that Projector must help absolutely everyone who approaches it. In order to recognize a correct invitation, he has Inner Authority.

Invitation in the form of recognition. This is perhaps the most difficult and at the same time the most important form of invitation for Projector. Why? Because Projector comes into this world also to be recognized. That is, people have to recognize some of his qualities or talents and for these qualities they have to invite him. And when Projector is recognized, he feels successful. And it is success that is his Signature. That is why it is so important for Projector to hear recognition from others and to recognize it as an invitation to action.

The simplest example is a declaration of love. If Projector is told that he loves someone, it means to him that he is being invited into a relationship. And he can accept or reject the invitation.

Types of Projector invitations

Or for example, someone wants to invite Projector to go to the movies. You don’t have to invite him directly. Sometimes it is enough just to say to him something like: I am very pleased when we go to the movies together. And this will also be an invitation or at least a sublude to it.

In short, if you are Projector, you should be very attentive to what people around you say to you. The invitation may come to you at the most unexpected moment and in an unusual form. The main thing is that you should not forget to pass it through your Inner Authority.

And of course, the most correct invitations will always emphasize your talents and strengths.

This is especially evident in work. The most correct invitations are those that will emphasize your professionalism.

As Projector, it is very important for you to be sensitive. And in the process of waiting for an invitation you can quietly do what you are good at or what your Inner Authority points out to you. After all, you need to understand first of all what your talents and strengths are. And for this purpose it is necessary to study yourself, to try yourself in different areas.

If you know what exactly you can and should be recognized for, it will be much easier for you to recognize the invitations you will receive, and to distinguish correct invitations from incorrect ones! So even though you are most often honed in on learning about other people, sometimes you should take time for yourself!

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