Human Design is a science that most of us have probably heard about, at least from friends. Its essence is to help a person know himself. The system was founded by Ra Uru Hu (formerly Robert Alan Krakover) based on knowledge from the fields of biochemistry, physics, astronomy and genetics. He said:

“Human Design is very simple. It’s about making decisions and how to make decisions by being yourself. You have strategy and credibility. Follow them. “

What is Human DesignRa Uru Hu himself called Human Design the science of differentiation. In other words, a science that shows each person his unique Design, his life goals and the essence of his mission. Imagine that each person’s design is truly individual! It’s hard to believe, but it is.

Human Design is the science of the human energy structure and how it “fits” into the matrix of the surrounding world.

Sometimes we do not understand ourselves at all: we do not know what we actually feel, or vice versa – we know, but we think that our feelings in a given situation should be opposite to others. Even more often we are faced with misunderstanding on the part of other people: it is often difficult for us to find an approach to this or that person, because he seems to be from another planet: he is silent, constantly in his thoughts. Human Design helps to understand what is special about us, what we need to pay attention to, etc.

Human Design is a system of knowledge about a person, which provides information about his Type, temperament, talents, hidden desires, vulnerabilities, etc. based on his date, place and time of birth. The system determines in what position the planets were at that very moment and how they influenced human life. That is, if you were suddenly born on February 11, 1998 at 15:35 in a certain place, then you are the Manifestor. You are characterized by sociability, interest in everything new, and your False Self is anger. These are just basic things. Believe me, the Human Design calculation can show you even your hidden characteristics.

What is Human Design

There are plenty of pros and cons of Human Design on the web. Basically, such articles complain about the “unscientific nature” of this system, but so far no one has been able to fully confirm their hypotheses. The only thing we can say is that Human Design can truly be trusted. Individual calculations are built on the basis of your data: compare the information in your report with real life and you will understand what we are talking about. Pay attention to what you fear and what brings you joy – and then compare with the results of the rave card calculation.

However, you should not consider Human Design as the only true path to success or happiness: we are different and each of us has his own unique path. Human Design is just a cheat sheet to help you find yourself. Human Design doesn’t do everything for you: it takes effort to be happy.

Calculating your card, as you understand, is quite simple – it only needs three components: date, time and place of birth. Already knowing this information, you can get:

  • Individual (personal) calculation: your personal pains, desires, character traits, as well as masks of the False Self. Calculation will help you start the process of deconditioning and a life without deceiving yourself, and in addition to this, it will show your strengths, including earnings.
  • Calculation of compatibilityit does not matter, calculation of compatibility with a significant other or a colleague. This calculation will give you the opportunity to understand your and your partner’s similar and different character traits, as well as tell you what to avoid in conversations or in a quarrel, and how to become happy in a couple.
  • Transit Calculation: This calculation shows what additional qualities you may have on a particular day. Maybe yesterday you felt an unexpected surge of energy, but today you suddenly started thinking about opening your own business? Well, this is quite possible. This is the influence of transits.
  • Calculation of planet returns. This calculation will help you pinpoint when the most important changes will occur in your life and will help you prepare for them. For example, you want to move, but still do not make up your mind – perhaps you will decide on this precisely during the period of the return of Saturn.
  • Sleep card calculation (otherwise – Dream-Rave). This calculation will help you understand why you sleep well or badly, why you may have nightmares, and sometimes you have such pleasant dreams that you do not want to wake up. Our dreams are an escape from reality, in other words, deconditioning, a moment when a person is not influenced by social norms. Accordingly, the calculation of the Dream card will help you understand what you are running from.
  • Calculating Human Design for children involves a special consultation on deciphering your child’s Human Design. The calculation will show what Type your child belongs to, what are the features of his upbringing, what needs to be paid attention to. Moreover, the calculation will show which mode of work and rest is right for your child and how to avoid conflict situations. In other words, how to make your child grow up in harmony with himself and others.

How is the Human Design card calculated? 

Everything is simple here: on the basis of your date, place and time of birth, the system creates an individual card of a person and deciphers its values. Otherwise, it is called the Bodygraph or Rave Card. This card shows everything: your Type, your Inner Authority, External Strategy, Signature, Certainty, even the Cross (If we are talking about calculating compatibility, in this case the data of both partners is taken). With the help of this data, you can get a huge amount of information about ulterior motives, and about a person’s behavior in society, and about his motivation in life. And now, in order.

What is Human Design

A type

There are 4 Types in Human Design: Manifestor, Generator, Reflector, Projector. Of course, there is one more: the Manifesting Generator, but more often it is called a special kind of Generator.

  1. Manifestors are people who are open to everything new, they share their energy with others.
  2. Generators may seem a little closed: they may hesitate to do something for a long time. The reason for this is the expectation of an inner response, an inner “Yes” to this or that action.
  3. Manifest Generators differ in that they make decisions relatively quickly and go into battle.
  4. Projectors are born coordinators, directors. They love to control the process, and their hidden desire is to be approved, recognized.
  5. Reflectors are people who seem to reflect other people, their behavior, their mood. It is extremely important for them to be alone with themselves after a long communication with others – this is how they restore the resource.

Inner l Authority

Inner Authority is a kind of inner judgment. In other words, this is what gives you the right to do as you see fit and right. By following Inner Authority, you can understand your real self, as well as your true desires and motives. It hides in itself a huge amount of information: for example, the nature of your development and response. Think, for example, the situation when you acted according to intuition, not rules, and in the end you came out the winner. This is your Inner Authority. Mind and rational thinking play a huge role in the modern world, but the inner flair is often more true. Inner Authority in Human Design is different:

  1. Emotional Inner Authority : People with this type of Authority need to make informed decisions and avoid impulsive actions. This, incidentally, is the most common type of Inner Authority: it is found in almost every second person.
  2. Sacred Inner Authority: mainly found in Generators whose Strategy is response. In other words, they need to wait for an inner “yes” to certain actions, think it over, and only then do it.
  3. Inner Authority Spleen: For people with this Inner Authority, it is extremely important to trust their intuition – it will not let them down.
  4. Authority “Ego”: a kind of Inner Authority. It is important for people with this type to create their own close “circle” of communication and not go against their will. They do not need to wait for responses or suggestions, they want to be confident in their decision.
  5. Self-Projected Authority (G) : People with this Inner Authority are rare – only 2.5% worldwide. They often look for answers to questions, and the best way to find them is to listen to yourself when communicating with other people.
  6. Environment: that rare case of lack of Authority in Human Design. In this case, a person receives a direction for his actions from his environment: and the more accurate it is, the happier the person will be.
  7. Lunar Authority: It is primarily found in Reflectors, the Type in Human Design that follows the Lunar cycle. It is important for these people to live in parallel and in accordance with their Lunar cycle and not allow themselves to be forced in making decisions.

By the way, we get access to our Inner Authority through the External Strategy. About her below.

External Strategy

External Strategy is how we react to certain actions or situations; it is a kind of a set of actions, a kind of program inherent in us in case of certain situations. External Strategy in Human Design is your characteristic behavior and technique of living your Self. Depending on the Type, the External Strategy varies:

  1. Generator’s Strategy – wait for a response. In other words, wait for inner permission to spend your energy on certain actions. Being in a harmonious relationship with your Strategy, following it, you can learn to make decisions in your favor.
  2. Projectors’ strategy is to live in anticipation of approval and praise from the outside, as well as to wait for a special invitation and recognition. It is important for these people to feel that they are seen, known, remembered. Recognition for Projectors is akin to happiness.
  3. Manifestor’s Strategy – informing others about your decisions before taking any action. In short, first warn you that you will break the TV, and then break it with peace of mind. This Strategy helps Manifestoors stay afloat among others: with this skill, the Manifestoor “smoothes the edges” in communication. This gives him the opportunity not to be a black sheep in society.
  4. The Reflector’s strategy is rather unusual: wait for the Lunar cycle to make a decision. Like the Generators, they expect an inner response, but it comes exactly in accordance with the Lunar cycle. So, if your young man is a Reflector and he is still thinking about the wedding, ask him this question in the Lunar cycle. You are much more likely to get a clear answer.

False Self

The False self is how you identify yourself and your actions with moral or social norms. In other words, the False Self is how you should react, not how you want to do it. Remember how you were presented with a bad gift, but you still smiled, because it is so customary – you cannot offend the giver.

The process of deconditioning is also associated with the False Self – a process in which you abandon the imposed rules and act in accordance with your Strategy and Authority. You do what you think is necessary and right – and this is already a step on the way to understanding your own I.


The signature is that very warm, pleasant sensation in the body when you do what you like, without contradicting your Design. For example, you are the Manifestor, in this case your Signature is peace. It is a kind of reward for moving in the right direction and sticking to your Strategy and Authority.

Incarnation cross

According to Human Design, each person is born with a specific purpose. The incarnation cross is a kind of global theme for your destiny. It shows what your life can be like if you follow your Human Design.

What is Human Design

In Human Design, there are many options for Incarnation crosses (about 768 types), but in general they are divided into three types:

  1. Right-angled crosses: such people are usually quite lonely, and they go through life without having a companion nearby. Surprisingly, such people are more than half of the total population of the planet – about 64%. A distinctive feature of people with such a cross is excessive selfishness, unwillingness to share and divide.
  2. Left-Angled Crosses: These people are the exact opposite of those of the first type. There are about 33-35% of such people in the entire population. They think about others, they are rarely alone. Their feature is the ability to communicate with people from any stratum of society – be it a homeless person or Elizabeth II. However, these people often form families with people with a right-angled cross. And this is a mystery.
  3. Juxta crosses: they are found in only 1-2% of the world’s population. Their fate is predetermined, they are often surprised at amazing coincidences. They are not left with the feeling that they themselves are not walking the road of their lives, but that they are following someone. The fate of such people is often determined by previous karma: someone can get a fabulous life, and someone – only problems.


This indicator in Human Design will tell you the most favorable periods to earn more. At the same time, Human Design will tell you which professional area is best for you, and, accordingly, how (in other words, with what motivation) you can enrich yourself.

What is Human Design

What are the disadvantages of calculating such a plan? The fact is that it is impossible to obtain accurate information. We are all different: this is the main problem. We can believe in astrology as much as we want, but our horoscope for today may not coincide with the events of the past day. Calculating a rave card is a cheat sheet that helps you understand yourself, but there are exceptions everywhere: for example, circumstances in which you cannot afford to throw off the mask of the False Self.Either way, we emphasize once again: Human Design is a science, which cannot be blindly believed. Actually, like any other.

Decryption options

If you are already ready to know yourself, get a Rave card calculation on a specialized website. There you will be offered a free demo picture (that is, you will study your Human Design yourself) and a paid consultation. What will you choose?

Self study

Choosing the option of independent study of your rave card, you still get a fairly large amount of information: a schematic rave card with brief information about your Type, Inner Authority, External Strategy, Signature, Certainty, Cross, even about Money – more precisely, about how to earn them. Of course, already knowing this information, you can pick up all the sources on the network, sit down to study all aspects separately and try to decode your Design yourself – this is not a problem if you have about six months or a year of free time.

To understand Human Design, you need to delve into it: to understand how numbers, planets and other meanings are interconnected, what influences what. A mistake in such analyzes is akin to death: you do not want to make an analysis of your Design in error, otherwise, following it, you may fail. Design is a system that still needs to be explained and shown. For this, there are consultations of specialists who have been studying Human Design for a long period of time.

So, the pros of self-study: is free;

Cons of self-study: It is easy to make mistakes in self-analysis.


Consulting on Human Design is, firstly, saving your time, and secondly, a complete and clear deciphering of your Human Design: what may bother you, why sometimes you do not feel the desire to do something and procrastinate, why with some people you you can communicate easily and naturally, and you feel discomfort with others. A specialist who conducts consultations of this kind usually has more than one completed course in Human Design behind him, as well as experience in decoding tens of hundreds of rave cards.

If you want to get a complete, maximally detailed transcript of your Bodygraph, you need a consultation. You will be surprised how much new information that is not obvious at first glance can be obtained during a consultation.

Human Design analysts study for years and see things that the average person cannot. The analyst knows reading techniques and hierarchy, which are also inaccessible to the average person.

Human Design Training

As we said earlier, studying the map on your own will not only take a lot of time, but can also lead to serious errors. Imagine: you study your nature and make an oversight that can then have a detrimental effect on your whole life. Agree, such an outcome of events is highly undesirable.

However, there is a way to learn how to analyze rave cards yourself – this is specialized courses in Human Design. They will help not only understand yourself, but also learn to decipher and understand other people.

Newbies i.e. people who are just starting their way in Human Design can start with basic courses. For example, “Living Your Design”, “Rave ABC” or “Rave Cartography”. It is important to understand that teaching Human Design will not pay off if you only study for a certificate or diploma of teaching. Human Design is a journey to be lived.

After completing the basic courses, you will most likely be “addicted”. Do not be surprised if you suddenly want to search for more and more information, dive into the topic and analyze. For already prepared students, there are PTL I (Professional Training Level I) courses . Already with this knowledge, you will not need any paid decryption: you yourself will be able to analyze your rave card and you will know your strengths and weaknesses for sure. But that’s not all.

The world of Human Design is very diverse and interesting. Study it with the help of our website, and contact professionals for professional help.