The Human Design Generator is the most common Type on Earth, whose representatives make up about 70% of the total population. It is no exaggeration to say that this Type is among the most important ones. It has an amazing ability to independently generate energy, which is used for work and life. Generators are often…

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Manifesting Generator

Manifesting Generator is a combination of the classic Generator and Manifestor, a mix of the strengths and weaknesses of both Types in one person. Potentially, this is the most powerful Type, which is able to reach incredible heights thanks to the large supply of energy and the ability to initiate. But it is the MG…

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Among people associated with Human Design, the Projector is called the manager of the future. This is the Type, which only recently (in relation to human history) began to develop, and is gradually gaining more and more authority among the other types. Naturally possessed of the qualities of true leaders, they skillfully lead people, achieving…

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Manifestor Type – you can rightfully call them representatives of the Type of Power. They have the initiating ability of humanity. While others must wait for something or someone before taking action, They are able to simply take the bull by the horns and independently navigate life. Without asking anyone, they always put their opinion…

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Aura:  Tasting False Self Topic:  Disappointment Strategy: Waiting for the Lunar Cycle Signature: Delight In Human Design, the Reflector is the most unusual and distinctive personality type. All open Centers on the Bodygraph encourage such people to interact with energy in a unique way. Through open gates, they connect with other auras, forming strong channels for the exchange of energy. On…

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