There is a creative streak in all of us. We are all capable of being creative in one way or another. And Human Design, as well as many other systems of self-knowledge, is quite a vivid proof of it. If you look at the Bodygraphs of various people, no matter what they do, who they work for, what their professions are, you can find some creative notes or at least creative potential in absolutely every one of them.

In particular, any activations in the Individual circuit carry the potential of melancholy, and melancholy is almost always connected with creativity. If we live melancholy correctly and do not look for the reasons of this state, we can express our feelings through some creativity. And what we create during melancholy is most often very powerful.

It is important to realize that under the occupation of creativity does not necessarily have some kind of art. Creativity is not only music, poetry, literature, dance, theater, etc. Creativity is everything we do in our own individual way, without looking at other people.

Let’s say someone can be very creative in serving food and setting the table.

Is that creativity in the traditional sense? Definitely not. However, with an individual approach, even this activity can be made creative and unusual.

Or for example, a person can organize the space in the house in a very creative way. This can also be a certain kind of creativity, because here there is a potential for individuality and creativity.

Types in creativity

Why is it very important for each person to reveal the creative potential in himself?

There are several reasons for this.

Creativity develops creative thinking. And creative thinking can be very useful in everyday life, in work, in life in general. Say, a person who in his spare time draws pictures or writes computer games, and a person who does not consider himself creative enough and therefore does not engage in creativity at all, can absolutely different approach to such a banal issue such as the organization of rest. The first can turn a vacation into a real adventure, which will be remembered for a lifetime. And the second will choose a ready-made tour package and just spend a vacation at sea, like most people.

Thanks to creativity in our head on a permanent basis new neural connections are formed. In any creative process must constantly generate new ideas, look for unusual approaches. And this contributes to the formation of new neural connections. And the more neural connections we have in our head and the more often they are updated, the easier it is for us to live, because we can solve some problems in an unusual way and go through life in non-standard ways.

Creativity promotes flexibility of thinking. This quality is very useful in all areas of life.
Thanks to creativity, you can constantly learn about the world. A creative person, as a rule, experiences inspiration. And inspiration in turn contributes to the development of curiosity. And this quality very much increases the standard of living.

Creative people have a more emotional and fulfilling life. When we engage in creativity, we experience a variety of emotions. This means that our life becomes more interesting and rich.

Thanks to creativity, you can constantly meet new people. The fact is that most of the time a person is in a familiar professional environment or family circle. And thus every day we communicate with the same people. Creative endeavors, on the other hand, allow us to meet people from other professions who do not belong to the usual circle of acquaintances. These people may have other hobbies, interests, and through communication with them you can also expand your horizons.

Engaging in creative activities helps to develop concentration. When we are engaged in some interesting, creative activity for a long time, whether it is painting a picture or creating a script, we somehow concentrate on what we are doing. And concentration is a very useful quality, especially in work.

By engaging in creativity on a regular basis, one can minimize stress in one’s life. During the creative process, one concentrates on the task at hand and sometimes even enters a state of flow, forgetting everything else. In this way, anxious thoughts disappear and along with them, stress levels decrease.

Through creativity, aesthetic intelligence can be developed. Aesthetic intelligence in a broad sense is the sense of taste and the ability to understand how to achieve aesthetic pleasure. Creative activities contribute to the development of this sense of beauty.

As you can see, it is very useful to be creative.

Now let’s see how different Types can show themselves in creativity.


The main strength of Generator is that for a long time to engage in some process. At the same time, he can simply enjoy what he is doing without thinking about the result. This is why it is vital for Generator to engage in creativity! After all, creativity is the very process from which one can enjoy without thinking about the result.

However, it is very important for Generator to do exactly what he has the response and approval of the Inner Authority. Generator should not engage in creativity simply for the sake of finding a use for his energy. In this case, he will not get pleasure from the process.

It is also important to emphasize that Generator has a powerful creative force. This means that it is in his nature to constantly create and generate something. And this is another reason why Generator should be engaged in creativity.

Manifesting Generator

This Type is characterized by the fact that it can almost never sit idle. In addition, he is very much result-oriented. In terms of creativity, this is both a plus and a minus. On the one hand, the desire to achieve the result as soon as possible contributes to productivity and active generation of new ideas. But on the other hand, sometimes Manifesting Generator can miss very important points. In this case, the result of the creative process can be unpredictable.

Imagine that an artist starts applying paint without having drawn an outline. It is quite natural that this may not have the best effect on the result.

That is why in the creative process Manifesting Generator should be more attentive and diligent.

However, in any case, creative endeavors are very useful for him, because so he will be able to release his energy.

It is important to emphasize that the Manifesting Generator (as well as the usual Generator) does not necessarily have to start the creative process from scratch. If there is a response, he or she can join a process that has been started by someone else.


Manifestor’s main strength is in starting something new. And it will manifest in creativity as in any other sphere.

He can initiate new processes and get other people involved. At some point Manifestor can even become the founder of a global creative campaign.

The main thing in this case is not to forget to inform his environment about what he is going to do.


The power of Projector is to channel the energy of others. And this power of his can be especially in demand in creative processes. He can sense what kind of creativity a particular person’s energy can be useful for.

And of course, he can also engage in an independent kind of creativity. However, for this he needs to get an invitation. Even if not figuratively, but still there should be an invitation.

Let’s say, he may receive an informational mailing from a gardening club with an invitation to join the club. And with the approval of the Inner Authority, gardening can become the kind of creative activity that Projector will engage in his free time.


Reflector’s strength is in giving feedback to a group of people and seeing what breaks out of the accepted patterns. This means that the Reflector is better than anyone else to appreciate creativity that is truly individual and has the potential to grow into something greater.

Reflector is very good as an evaluator.

But of course, under the influence of transits and other conditioning, he can also do his own creative work at a rhythm that is comfortable for him.

As you can see, each Type has creative potential. The only difference is that each Type can play its own special role in the creative process. And if each of us knows what his or her strength is, creative processes will become more and more vivid and interesting!

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