Subject: Willpower

Function: Material World

Implementation: Ego

Biological compliance

The Heart Center unites under its protectorate only four gates, which are connected with the heart (21 Hunter’s Gate), the stomach (40 the Gate of Solitude), the thymus (26 the Egoist’s Gate) and the gallbladder (51 Shock’s Gate). Those who neglect the work of this Center, as a rule, are prone to heart and gastrointestinal diseases.

The Heart Center is our Ego, Honor and Dignity. The direct connection to the Throat Center allows us to manifest for the Tribe, which essentially gave birth to the foundations of our current lifestyle. The Gates of the Heart Center determine the ways of connecting and communicating all members of society, because only joint actions can provide the Tribe with food and resources necessary for the survival of the offspring.

Heart Center Gates

There are four gates in the Ego that speak about specific features of your character and behavior. In Human Design, a gate is considered a potential, something that you can and should use in your life. The gateway to the ego is connected to the heart, gallbladder, thymus and stomach.

  • 21 – Hunter’s Gate . Control of life, actions, the ability to sit in ambush to wait for opportunities. It is inherent in the desire to become a dominant force. If the partner has 21 gates activated, there is a constant struggle.
  • 51 – Shock Gate . The ability to make people work, the ability to provoke and use shock for good, the ability to push people to enlightenment.
  • 26 – The Gate of Selfishness . The desire to squeeze out the maximum result with the least effort, the value of your contribution to others is important. The tendency to exaggerate their abilities. Prestige matters a lot in life. There is a natural ability to advertise anything.
  • 40 – The Gate of Solitude. Satisfaction with any work performed, the ability to provide others with anything. The need to reboot and update after the completion of important matters. Forgiveness and the ability to forgive is part of nature and leads to a happy future.

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Defined Heart Center – 37% of the population

Defined Heart CenterThe Ego Center is associated with self-identification at the material level. That is, in order to achieve results, understanding of your body is necessary here. Discipline and endurance in the Heart Center is responsible for the outcome.

Only 37% of people can make promises and fulfill them of their own free will, and not because it is necessary or because these are good form rules. A defined Center gives a healthy egoism, the ability to handle money with pleasure and enjoy material things. For the same people who have a certainty in their Design in the Heart Center, but nevertheless lead an absent-minded lifestyle (they do not strive for anything, are not interested in anything), I strongly recommend to pull themselves together, train willpower, keep their word and confirm their significance. If on your own you cannot deal with your laziness, come to my trainings. Together we will cope with any task!


People with a certainty in the Heart Center know how to enjoy their work, they are distinguished by a fair amount of enthusiasm and confidence in the positive result of their work. They can obey, although initially they consider themselves superior to those around them. They are tenacious and competitive.

Affirmative statements in the first person warm the “soul” of a defined Center. Such people use their Willpower to achieve the desired result, most often it is they who take on the responsibility of supporting the family and community. However, they need to be careful in evaluating partners, especially with an open Heart Center, they should not pin high hopes on them, believe the promises, since they are simply not able to fulfill all the obligations they have undertaken under the influence of the moment.

Open Heart Center – 63% of the population

Open Heart CenterPeople with an open Heart Center are not able to exercise their Will and prove their competitiveness. They should not make promises, since they will have to step over themselves to fulfill them. The owner of an open Ego constantly suffers from a lack of an inner core, as a result of which he tries to prove his own significance in a double size. Making promises (to themselves, to others) is their favorite way to increase their value, but then the promises start to crush and you have to work hard to keep them. It is important for such people to remember the following commandment: “Never give promises to anyone. You don’t have to prove your worth. You are exactly what nature created you. You are unique. ”

If the Center is not defined, then it will be impossible to engage in systematic practices, it is better to direct the energy to relaxation and stay in the flow.


An open Heart Center often borrows the energy it lacks from the possessors of certainty, but as soon as it remains alone, all confidence disappears as if by magic. In my trainings, I have repeatedly come across this effect. In the classroom, a person with an open Center can be very active and productive, he has hundreds of ideas and desires that he is going to fulfill, he is just going to move mountains, but when he comes home, he begins to doubt his abilities and postpones the implementation of his plans on the back burner.

Open Ego in Human Design is the ability to understand people with healthy self-esteem, the vision of people who are able and unable to keep their word, it is the ability to perceive the vibrations of others and build pleasant relationships with them.

Fully Open Heart Center

With the full openness of the Heart Center, a person lacks an understanding of the very concept of “value” and what needs to be done to achieve it. Such people tend to become obedient executors of the will of those who help or simply promise to add value.

However, if a person knows his vulnerabilities, does not rely on other people’s opinions and judgments, but on his inner Authority, he attains wisdom and becomes an excellent expert who instantly determines the degree of trust that certain people, plans and ideas inspire.

Conversation of the false Self of the open Heart Center

To get out of the zone of influence of the False “I”, first of all, get rid of the need to prove your worth. It is the obsession with your value that makes your mind constantly ask the same questions and topics:

  • I have to do it, otherwise I will be worthless;
  • you need to keep yourself high in order to feel valuable and make others appreciate me;
  • if I am in control, then I am worth something;
  • I have to justify the trust of others.

Knowing your Design will help everyone to adjust their behavior and even thoughts and desires. You can calculate your Bodygraph yourself, you will see many “speaking” elements on it. Each of them has its own functions and affects your attitude. You will be able to make a short analysis based on the information received and the materials that you find on this site.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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