The rhythm of modern life forces almost all of us to be in a constant state of energy. We work, study, engage in interesting projects, travel, make repairs, build houses, buy real estate, etc. All this requires a lot of energy and strength from us. Besides, each of us has some important goals in life. And their realization also requires energy, strength and efficiency.

What to speak of work. Each of us comes into this world with a certain purpose. Everyone has talents and abilities and our task is to bring them to life, to make them a part of our realization.

It happens that a person works in one area, but at the same time we are engaged in a mass of other projects in parallel. And all this invariably requires from us increased efficiency. We need not only energy, our brain must work on a constant basis. And our energy must be constantly regenerated. If we only expend energy and do not regenerate it in any way, our efficiency automatically goes up.

And vice versa, if we manage to regenerate our strength in time, we maintain our efficiency at the proper level.

In this regard, the question arises: how to increase efficiency? It is very relevant for almost every person.

To begin with, let’s analyze the main reasons that can reduce our efficiency.

We’re doing something we don’t like to do.

Imagine the situation. You’re doing something you don’t enjoy doing. Every day you come to work and think about doing something that annoys you again.

You come to work tired. You leave even more tired. You’re in a constant state of exhaustion. What level do you think your performance would be at? The lowest, of course.

We have no way of restoring energy.

Even if you are doing what you love, enjoying your work, you still have to replenish your energy at some point.

How? It all depends on your preferences. The main goal is to do something that gives you energy (not including work).

If you are only expending energy and not replenishing it in any way, even if you enjoy your work, your performance will decrease, even if it is not noticeable at first.

We only work and don’t rest.

This is pretty much the same as described above. In life, balance is very important. Including a balance between work and rest.

We overestimate our strength and take on more than we can pull.

This happens quite often in the modern world. We want to have time to do a lot of things, earn as much money as possible, realize all our goals. And sometimes we take on too much. As a result, we overwork and our working capacity decreases.

We rashly spend our energy without realizing what exactly it is spent on.

Very often we waste energy without even noticing it. We think that if we pick up our phone and start browsing the news feed or reading social media posts, we are not wasting energy. In reality, though, that’s not the case.

Now let’s look at how we can restore performance from the Human Design perspective.

In this system Sacral Center is responsible for efficiency.

Ways of increasing efficiency can be different depending on whether your Sacral Center is defined or opened.

Do not know if your Sacral Center is defined? Follow the link and calculate your Bodygraph right now!

If your Sacral Center is defined, then you need to follow one simple rule: follow your Response. This applies not only directly to work, but to any other endeavor.

How to improve workability

Select jobs by response. Schedule by response. Take vacations based on feedback. Response is your everything.

But if your Sacral Center is open, here everything is a bit more complicated. The thing is that an open Sacral is not initially adapted to work a lot. Which means you can have problems with performance. Especially if you are trying to keep up with those who have defined Sacral Center.

In order to regularly increase your efficiency, you need to follow certain recommendations. And here are some of them.

Listen to Inner Authority. This is the most important thing you should do.

Take breaks while you are working. Work a little bit at a time, then take a break. Believe me, your performance will only get better from this. Even if you feel like you’re not working enough.
Make a schedule of not only work, but also rest.

Give your body a little physical activity as a break from mental activity. Studies show that after a short athletic workout, it is easier to think and work accordingly.

Create a work environment. Ideally, you should work in a place where you do nothing else, so that the place itself evokes an association with work. This way you won’t be distracted by anything else.
Work less, rest more. This advice is really relevant for workaholics. And among the carriers of open

Sacral workaholics are quite a lot.

Rest before you get tired. This is necessary to avoid burnout.

And most importantly: don’t think that open Sacral is any kind of problem. Every feature of your Design is a highlight that makes you unique! You just need to know how to work with it all.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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