Throughout their lives, people with Profile 3/5 go through an endless cycle of trial and error. You try something new for yourself, make a mistake, repeat the process. And so on until you understand how to do it right. Learning from your failures, you naturally, but gradually gain true wisdom, the experience of proper coexistence with this world. And the more often you fail now, the richer and more diverse your knowledge of life afterwards will be. Therefore, you should be prepared for the fact that your whole path will be littered with all kinds of “trials”, the purpose of which is to teach you something through error.

Life, you know, has a disgusting sense of humor. What can not be said about you! Together with the “magnet” built into you for errors, you have received from fate a limitless optimism that allows you to easily recover from failures. This is the only thing that helps you to move through life with confidence, not backing away at the thought of subsequent failures, but boldly meeting them face to face.

While other people are upset for weeks and months because of one mistake, you can make a dozen during this time, without despairing. A person gets used to everything – and so you, getting used to losing, over time learn to look at the world very easily and carefreely, without taking the negativity seriously. And seeing your frivolous attitude to life, the people around you are overflowing with positive energy, starting it is much easier to relate to your problems.

About Lines in Profile 3/5

Any Profile is first of all a composite of two Lines, each of which brings its own special characteristics to the personality. The number written first (that is, the triple of the Martyr) is manifested consciously, is a product of the mind. You can control the nature of the 3 Lines, even try to act against it. But this will only bring unnecessary resistance to your life, complicating it even more.

Accordingly, the second digit (the five Heretics) – appears subconsciously, being a product of the activity of your body. You can not influence it in any way – 5 The line will manifest itself in life regardless of your thoughts and desires.

Let’s see in more detail how the nature of these Lines will manifest in your life.

3 Line – Martyr

Let’s start the analysis with 3 Martyr’s Lines. Martyr is a very accurate word that perfectly describes the essence of this Line. It is she who is responsible for the fact that in your life there will be so many mistakes and failures. 3 The line forces you to constantly search for something that you have not tried / did not know / did not know how.

This can be called a natural curiosity, because of which you often fall into trouble. But the mechanics of the Martyr Line 3 cannot be regarded solely as something bad. A huge potential is hidden in it, which not every person manages to unleash.

The essence of line 3 is not to make mistakes, but to try new things. Everyone who has this Line in their Profile prefers to learn from their own experiences, rather than listening to others. And even if 10 people warn you that you do not need to do something, then you are more likely to disobey them and still try. What is important is your own, existential experience, tested in your own skin. Otherwise, you will not learn the lesson that life wants to teach you.

Profile 3/5You can talk as much as you like about what and how to do, and what and how not to do. But until you experience this, you will understand nothing. This is the first thing that 3 Line teaches. Secondly, any progress is possible only where changes occur. You simply cannot feel comfortable if nothing changes in your life.

It makes you sad and apathetic, as if life is passing by. Therefore, you always strive for various changes – be it a change of residence, new acquaintances or relationships, other work, and so on. The status quo is not for you. It is important for you to feel the dynamics of life, otherwise a boring, measured routine will gradually deplete you, turning you into a limp and doomed person.

The 3 Lines contain the need for a new experience along with the tendency to fail. If for someone life a red carpet is carefully spread out before your feet, then it unceremoniously throws you into the very chaos, giving you the choice to fight or put up with it. Everywhere and everywhere, fate will set traps in front of you, waiting for you to race again.

You may be indignant, you may be angry at an unjust life, but one day an understanding will come to you: everything that you experienced in your lifetime was good for you. An invaluable experience that no “lucky” person has, and the ability to recover from the blows of fate. This is the potential that lies deep in the nature of the 3 Lines.

It is worth recalling that since the 3rd Line is the first in your Profile, it will manifest itself consciously. This means that striving for a new experience is not just a “physical need”.

Ideas on how to try something previously unfamiliar will overwhelm your thoughts, pushing you to bring them to life. And as long as you consciously enter into a new experience through Strategy and Authority, you will be able to correctly execute the program of your Profile 3/5.

5 Line – Heretic

But now let’s switch and talk about how the 5 Heretic Line will appear in your Profile. If the 3rd Line could be described with the word “bad luck”, then for the 5 Line the key word would be “optimism”. Thanks to such a harmonious combination of Lines, you are able to not go in cycles in your failures for a long time, perceiving them in a positive way.

If you look from the side, then the owners of the 5 Line create the impression of very carefree and cheerful people. And you really have these qualities that help you withstand all the blows of fate, and at the same time support others. Your inexhaustible positive charge energizes people around, forcing them to forget about their problems or, at least, easier to perceive them.

To be always in high spirits is literally the duty of each carrier of the 5 Line. Even despite all the setbacks, the essence of the Heretic will not allow you to “tune” yourself to negative, forcing you to perceive everything that is happening in an ironic way. And you know, such a quality is a damn attractive thing.

You are not one of those whiners who are ready because of any problem to drop doomed sighs and complain at the first opportunity. Your optimism is very difficult to shake, and you are always ready to please other people with your radiant company, receiving universal respect and love.

Profile 3/5Another property of the 5 Heretic Line is that it always attracts other people’s projections. They see in it a “general,” a savior — one who can solve all problems. Each person with the 5th Line is perceived as an unconditional authority, even if there are no objective reasons for that. Therefore, other people will often turn to you with their problems, believing that no one except you can help solve it.

You, as the owner of Profile 3/5, should always know exactly what you are telling others. Otherwise, if in spite of all the “expectations” you let people down, they can hate you with the same enthusiasm with which they respected you before your mistake. Therefore, it is so important for you to observe your Strategy and Authority, or instead of helping people, you will put them in an even worse position. Instead of salvation from the crisis, you will create this crisis on the contrary.

Foreign projections assigned to the Heretic have a very provocative property. You yourself can believe in that image of yourself in which others perceive you. If people consider you self-confident, then it will not be difficult for you to maintain this false assurance, fueled by other people’s expectations.

But if suddenly you make a mistake or “jump off” the image, then all the illusions will immediately dissipate, and you will begin to be perceived already in a completely different way. This is what the Heretic’s “heresy” consists of – starting to believe in false qualities imposed by others, you can play too much in this role, allowing people to literally manipulate themselves.

Do not forget that the 5 Line in your Profile appears subconsciously, which means you can not control it in any way. In fact, this means that you are naturally endowed with an amazing sense of humor and projections will always be superimposed on you. Therefore, to be a cheerful role model is your cross, which you will have to bear throughout your life. Do not resist this.

False Self

What I talked about in Lines is only potential, but not 100% likely. It depends on you whether you will adhere to your path. Profile 3/5getting his advantages, or try to go against him, not getting anything for it except unnecessary suffering. Now, first things first.

It is important to say that the False Self is manifested only through that Line, which is expressed consciously. That is, in your case, through the 3rd Line of the Martyr. Because you can use your Mind to try to avoid the “program” of the Profile by choosing the alternative path yourself. Therefore, we will talk about her. But the subconscious Line cannot be fooled – it will always appear, at the level of the body, no matter what you do.

The most difficult thing for people with the 3 Line is to accept their nature without trying to resist it. Few people are really capable of perceiving all the failures that happen as a useful experience. This skill comes with time. But some carriers of the 3 Lines manage to “burn out” even before this wisdom comes to them. And on the contrary, they strive to surround themselves with a blissful routine, where nothing stably happens. They begin to shun any new experience that might unsettle them.

But this is necessarily preceded by certain events. Reluctance to make mistakes does not come on its own, but more often it is a response to the feeling of shame imposed from outside by other people. The child is not ashamed of the fact that he cannot walk – he falls, but rises again and again, focusing on the goal.

But be sure, if you laugh at the “failures” of a small child during his next fall, then sooner or later he will give up his attempts. He will feel as if he is doing something wrong, so one day he will just sit on the floor and never try to get up again.

So are the owners Profile 3/5, sometimes they focus too much attention on the opinions of others, experiencing shame and wounding their pride at the first failure. How often do you think of someone else’s assessment before you start something? Seriously think about this issue and recall cases from life. People rarely think about such things unless asked directly. And many are surprised when they come to realize – how often other people’s opinions hinder the fulfillment of desires.

Thoughts of the type: “If I don’t succeed, they will make fun of me” and others – this is informational garbage clogging up your consciousness. It won’t work, it won’t work. Try again. Life does not end there and you do not get worse. And even more so, someone else’s opinion does not detract from what kind of person you are.

Therefore, you need to learn to abstract from other people’s ratings, and even more importantly – from your thoughts about other people’s ratings. Even if you cannot force yourself to ignore the opinions of those around you, then at least do not try to “think out” for them.

Profile 3/5Types in Profile 3/5

To learn about the nature of your Profile is certainly important, but without understanding the “base” of Human Design, this will do more harm than good. In order to correctly apply the knowledge obtained from this article, you should find out how the Profile program will realize itself depending on the Genetic Type. Two representatives of the same Profile, but with different Types, will go on completely different roads. Therefore, now we will talk about how your Heretic Martyr will look in the shade of each of the Types.

Profile 3/5 Generator

The Generator stands out with three distinctive features. Firstly, huge reserves of internal energy, due to which people-Generators are able to work for days without obvious signs of fatigue. Secondly, the presence of the Sacred Response – a unique tool that helps to make the right choice in life. This is a kind of voice of the inner “I”, which appears from time to time with proper stimulation from the outside. With the help of their Response, Generators are able to circumvent incorrect activities for themselves and people, giving preference only to healthy things.

Thirdly, the inability to initiate correctly. To do something, the Generator must initially “ask” its Response. If the answer is yes, then you can try. If the answer is no, then you should not even waste time, because all the same, it will turn out to be wrong for you. Unhappy Generators – those who ignore the voice of their Response and go through life through and through.

It might seem to you that the strength of the Help “kill” the unfortunate nature of your Profile 3/5, and avoid many unpleasant moments. But, I hasten to disappoint you – even the correct application of the Response will not save you from dozens of errors that will fall on your head. But at least with the help of this tool you can not get involved in a priori the wrong things for yourself that will not bring you absolutely any benefit.

The response is needed first of all so that you can understand whether you really want to try to do something, or if you really do not have such a desire. That is, from the very beginning, even before you try something, you kind of turn to yourself and wonder if the game is worth the candle? If it is worth it and the Response will say “yes,” then you have nothing to fear, and you can taste a portion of a new experience.

It doesn’t matter if you fail or not – at least you were interested in trying, which means you can learn from this useful experience. If the Response says “no,” then you initially did not have any desire for a specific business or person. And the only experience that you will gain in this case is the understanding that it was not even worth the time to try. Therefore, it is very important for 3/5 Generators to follow their Strategy and listen to the internal Response.

Profile 3/5 Manifestor

The Manifestor has a unique gift among all Types – the ability to initiate correctly for himself. That is, there are no barriers in front of you: you can do whatever your heart desires without using any additional “tools” like the Response. At the same time, the Manifestor is rightfully considered the most self-sufficient, even self-centered Type, who rarely listens to others. If you understand the advantages of your Type, then other people’s opinions will never stop you from doing what you want. Then you can fully implement the program of your Profile Heretic Martyr.

But in one you should be careful. The fact is that the excessive independence of the Manifestor very often provokes resistance from other people. What it looks like – you decide for yourself to try something new in your life, for example, to change a relationship partner. Of course, we can talk about more “mundane” things. And as a rule, when the Manifestor decides something, he immediately begins to implement his plans.

That is, for no reason you can leave your partner, without explaining the reasons, as if you had not met for a long time. Of course, such a decision will cause a flurry of resistance – both from the side of the one you leave, and from the side of your friends and acquaintances. They simply do not understand your decision and try to dissuade, running into your angry reaction.

The result is simple – follow the Manifestor Strategy. It is quite simple and consists in the usual informing. You must warn those who might be affected by the consequences of your decisions. That’s all. Do not ask permission, do not consult (this is at your discretion), namely, to warn, not allowing others to influence their decision. And then you can get rid of unnecessary resistance and nothing will stand in your way.

Profile 3/5 Manifesting Generator

The Manifesting Generator (or MG) combines the features of both the Generator and the Manifestor. From the Generator he acquired the Strategy – to listen to the Response, and from the Manifestor the ability for healthy initiation. With a proper understanding of its nature, MG has the potential to surpass both of these Types and get much more from life compared to them. But it will be important to note that by its nature MG is still more a Generator than a Manifestor. It is extremely necessary to remember, otherwise you run the risk of starting to live and act differently than you should.

Profile 3/5It’s all about the decision-making mechanics of MG. He, like the Generator, must initially hear his Response before taking action. The difference, perhaps, is only that the Generator should “fix” on one thing at a time, concentrating all the energy on something. On the other hand, the MG is able to “disperse” into several affairs and tasks at the same time, if only to manage to listen to its Response. This is his problem.

Most Manifesting Generators sin by running ahead of the engine. They get used to living in 6 speed mode, constantly doing something, not even having time to look around. And at times, because of such a fast-paced life, they completely forget about their Response, preferring to simply initiate, as Manifestors. And then the MGs with Profile 3/5 fall into the trap, getting involved in unhealthy things and tasks that were not even worth the time wasting on them.

That is, the main problem is that you can start to ignore your Response by trying to go through life the way you think you want. But if you just hear the voice of the Response again, many illusions will immediately dissipate, and you will be able to soberly look at your life.

Profile 3/5 Projector

The Projector is very interesting primarily for its Strategy. It reads: “Wait for the invitation!”. The generator waits for a response before acting. The manifest only listens to himself and decides what to do and what not. But the Projector cannot act correctly until it receives an invitation from another person. We are not talking about domestic or “minor” issues. You should turn to the Strategy when something important is being decided or the question is related to contact with other people. If the Projector will “impose” itself on others, it will most likely be repelled. But if he initially receives an invitation, then interaction with people will be healthy.

And at this moment, we smoothly return to your 3/5 profile. I can say with confidence that you forced most of your mistakes yourself. Stories about unsuccessful acquaintances, betraying friends, or something like that – this is just about the Projector 3/5. When these Type and Profile are combined together, we get very unlucky in terms of human communication, which from time to time comes to the same rake, but still cannot understand what the problem is. 3/5 Projectors often have very few acquaintances and a few friends, and all because of the notorious Strategy of this Type.

The problem is that you too often “offer” yourself to other people instead of waiting until they themselves come into contact with you. This is the complexity of Projectors – they climb into trouble, not having enough patience. Therefore, they create very unreliable and short-lived relationships with other people, which they themselves later regret. Therefore, here is a piece of advice for you – do not bother about others in vain, even if you really want to. Perhaps you will be called without it, but by initiating yourself, you will only spoil potentially successful and successful relationships.

Profile 3/5 Reflector

Reflector is the most unusual of all types. Its main feature is the absence of any stable personality traits that could characterize a human Reflector. Instead, he perfectly imitates other people, temporarily “transforming” into them, adopting other people’s qualities of character. Reflectors, like born psychologists, are well versed in people and easily notice when others are telling a lie or what is really behind the words.

The vulnerability of Reflectors is that many representatives of this Type suffer from an inferiority complex. They believe that they have no outstanding qualities, and it is rather unpleasant for them to compare or to be compared with other people. Therefore, Reflectors sometimes “flirt” with their reincarnation games, trying to “tidy up” the image of another person forever. That is, they see someone they respect, and try to become the same themselves. Of course, such attempts are doomed to failure.

Returning to the topic Human Design 3/5. If you were born as a Reflector, you probably very often suffered from the fact that you are not like other people. You tried to mimic them, you tried to become like them, but each time you realized that you could not wear someone else’s mask for a long time.

And in the context of Profile 3/5 – this is a very correct experience! If you do not strive for something permanent, and just start to enjoy the process of temporary “reincarnation,” you will be able to experience as many different sensations as no person can. You are like water – take the form of the person with whom you are.

If you learn to live with your own, so to speak, “formlessness”, then in your life you will have time to be in the guise of hundreds of people, to try hundreds of different roles. This is an incredible wisdom of life that nothing in this world can replace you.

But in any case, you need to follow your Strategy. The strategy of the Reflector is to “insist” a solution until the lunar cycle passes (about 29 calendar days). If you have doubts about any serious matter, do not solve it until the cycle has passed. During this time, you must make contacts with different people in order to tune in to their Aur frequency and consider your problem from different points of view.

Profile 3/5 Relations

And now, regarding the relationship. It’s worth starting with the fact that the owners of the Profile Heretic Martyr – real womanizer. It is almost impossible for you to “get enough” of one person, no matter how beautiful / interesting / good he is. For you, the fact of diversity is more important than the specific qualities of a particular person. And do not try to fight this feeling.

The desire to gain new experience lies at the heart of your nature, no matter how you fight it. If you deny it for the sake of the “monogamy = good” social patterns, you will have to live with a person with whom you may be completely uninterested. And I hope you still remember what was said earlier about the opinions of others.

Therefore, throughout your life you can often be thrown from one person to another, and in each of them you will not be able to find what you are looking for. After all, you are not looking for one person, namely a diverse experience from many relationships. But do not think, there is nothing reprehensible in this!

You are free to live the way you want. And in fact, a much more shameful act is to endure a person to whom you do not feel anything just because of the fear that they will think badly of you. Is your happiness really so dependent on what they think of you?

Do not be afraid to make mistakes in people and enter into a variety of relationships. Sooner or later, your need for a new experience will gradually come to naught, and even then you can soberly understand who you really need. Think for yourself – who will make the best choice: the person who spent his whole life in only one relationship, or the person who has tried dozens (or even hundreds) of different connections? There is nothing to compare the first with, so why would he think that he really found what he was looking for, and not what just came to hand?

Be proud of your illegibility, love your inconstancy. Ultimately, this is your unique way to get to know the world in which we live. While someone is timidly looking up at the whole diversity of life, you cаn look at him with wide eyes, reveling in every moment.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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