People with Gate 12 Caution are cautious about whether other people understand them correctly. They are waiting for the right moment when they can influence others. And those who are susceptible to their influence.

It is important for such people to show restraint, meditativeness, inaction in the face of temptations. They influence the world with the power of their emotions. Their social caution is associated with the resistance of society to accept new things. People with 12 Gate express their emotional awareness and the power of the Spirit, with which they open others to new things, and then retreat.

Gate 12 Caution Human Design

People with these Gate articulate their feelings incredibly clearly when they are in the right mood. When they become clear about their feelings, they can express their feelings very clearly, and their words and actions have a strong emotional impact on others. The mutational potential of the gate is expressed through the tone and vibration of the voice, rather than the meanings of words.

Together with the 22 Gate, this voice expresses the depth of our emotional truth. Without 22s, they also know how to express themselves, but they may not know how they feel about this, they are not connected to the power of the emotional center. As a result, the strength of their influence may be less. It is important for them to wait for clarity about their feelings. When these people start talking, they may hear their emotional attitude to what they are talking about, and before that they may not know how they are feeling.

This is the gate of silence and silence. Such people can use the power of their silence to influence others.

They worry when there are no worthy candidates for the mutational power of their influence. In a good mood, they can be incredibly talkative.

People who are naturally wary of being understood correctly by others. Restraint, meditation and waiting for the right moment help them resist the temptation to get involved in other things than their own communication and affairs. “Own” people are the most open and susceptible to their influence.

Gate 12 Caution on the Map

Gate 12 Caution is located in Throat Center which is responsible for thinking and conceptualization. You can read about Throat Center here.

Gate 12 and Gate 22 form Channel 12-22 Openness. You can read about this Channel here.

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