Today we are going to talk about streams of awareness in Human Design. What are they and how are they formed?

The formation of a stream of awareness consists of four basic steps:

  • the birth of the fuel for awareness in one of the Pressure Centers;
  • the emergence of the potential for the formation of awareness;
  • the emergence of the potential for the expression of awareness;
  • direct expression of awareness through the Throat Center.

There are a total of three Centers of Awareness in the Human Design:

The Spleen Center. Here we are talking about physical and bodily awareness, the awareness of our body that involuntarily causes us to manifest instincts, fear and do what we can for survival. This is the oldest kind of awareness that even animals have.

Ajna Center. The theme of mental awareness is present here. It is through Ajna that we comprehend our relationship to the world and become aware of the information coming into the brain.

Emotional Center. Here we are talking about emotional awareness or mindfulness of the spirit. This is the youngest of these centers, which has not even had time to fully form yet. And it is for this reason that it can be very difficult for us to work with our feelings and emotions and increase our emotional intelligence.

As we can see, the beginning of the stream of awareness is always one of the following two Centers:

And then this flow moves smoothly into one of the three Centers:

And then this energy strives to be expressed.

Let’s look at an example. We have Channel 4-63 Logic, which carries the energy of searching for logical answers to questions and skepticism. This Channel consists of two Gates: 63 Doubt Gates, which are located in Crown Center, and 4 Formulation Gates, located in Ajna Center.

Streams of awareness Human Design

The fuel for the formation of awareness in this case is 63 Gates of Doubt, because they are in Pressure Center, and this is where it all begins.

But the potential for awareness arises directly in Center of Awareness, namely Ajna Center and the 4 Gates of Formulation. It is here that a conscious and comprehensible formula can be born, as well as a logical answer to a question.

However, the point is that even if a logical formula is realized and formed, it does not mean that it can be expressed. After all, the flow of awareness is only potential, but not expression or manifestation. And any energy in one way or another strives to be expressed through Throat Center.

In order to express a certain energy, including the energy of awareness, it is necessary to strive for Throat Center. It is through it that we express all our awarenesses.

And thus from Channel 4-63 we smoothly pass to Channel 17-62 of Acceptance, which carries the energy of organizing information and thought processes and expressing them with the help of visual schemes and visual examples. In this case we are dealing with the 17 Opinion Gate, which is in Ajna Center, and the 62 Detail Gate, which is in Throat Center.

And this is what we have. The 17th Gate gives us the opportunity for awareness and its manifestation, namely the opportunity to see opinions, points of view, etc. And in the 62nd Gate, i.e. in Throat Center, this very awareness is expressed. And it is expressed through concrete examples, words and details.

Do you know how many Channels and Gates belonging to the stream of awareness you have? If not, follow this link and calculate your Bodygraph right now. Knowing your specifics will help you find opportunities for awareness and expression of a particular energy.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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