People with the Gate 56 of Stimulation use the experience of their past to express it as an idea or concept and to stimulate others with it.

People with the Gate 56 bring meaningful ideas into the world, which are often expressed in the form of stories. They are fascinating storytellers and teachers who are able to make sense of information or events and extract from them the very essence, and then share it with others. What they say is easy to remember.

They are in constant search of what catches their imagination. They weave the most disparate events or ideas into a coherent picture. They transform empirical experience – personal or all of humanity – in the form of words or images. The essence of their development is to seek, but not to find. They collect the hidden meanings of the past as fragments into a single picture.

Such people weave lace from those ideas that they have come into contact with and witnessed. They are only interested in the emotional response of their listener. They convey the idea so that it hooks. Therefore, they can exaggerate, make the story more colorful and catchy, give it scale (religion). They are not interested in evidence, facts, details. They are not interested in logic. They draw on experience and draw conclusions from it.

The Gate of Stimulation are hungry for new ideas that come to them from the 11 Gate. Without 11s in their own map, they talentedly use the ideas of other people, draw attention to them. It is important for them to be invited to the conversation in order to be heard. Otherwise, they will share ideas inappropriately and not with those to whom they will be useful. Such people draw images in the heads of others, they can heal or harm them. Those who recognize the gift of a storyteller in a person with Gate 56 are open to his stimulation. And they can benefit from their stories, expand their consciousness, see life from a broader perspective.

Gate 56 Stimulation Human Design

Such people transform individual meanings and ideas into an integral world description, into a single semantic picture (religion, philosophy, concept). They are constantly looking for new sources of stimulation – information, experiences, visual impressions, and they stimulate others in the form of ideas available to many. It’s easy to get involved with their ideas. They free one from destructive, depressing thoughts. They bring peace to the minds of people. The essence of their search is to search, not to find. When they realize that there is no ultimate goal of the search, they enjoy the process itself. They are not interested in logic, facts, details. They capture the whole meaning of what is happening and share it with others.

The Gate 56 of Stimulation on the Map

The Gate 56 of Stimulation is located in Throat Center which is responsible for manifestation of our thoughts. feelings etc. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

The Gate 56 and Gate 11 form Channel 11-56 Curiosity. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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