The recognition and success of people with The Gate 23 of Assimilation depends on the timeliness of what they say, on their skill in word, communication skills.

People with Gate 23 have the potential to explain just the most difficult concepts. The goal of the Gate 23 is to strengthen others with their insights, and thereby transform the thinking of others. Such people may not be understood, considered fools or outsiders. Their vision may strongly disagree with the generally accepted, it may seem out of place.

It is important for them to learn patience, to wait for an invitation to a dialogue in order to clearly express their unique inner knowledge.

Gate 23 Assimilation Human Design

Such people bring their unique creative insights into society and thereby transform it. They express new concepts, ideas and concepts to the world. Communication helps them to understand better, to hear their own insights, to organize their thoughts. Such people in their speech often use the phrase “I know” or its different contexts. And when they talk about their knowledge, they sound quite convinced. However, they may or may not be right. The phrase “I know” is uttered by the mind. Convinced mind. In some situations it is beneficial and effective, in others it is not.

Harmonious to the 23rd gate – the 43rd gate of “Illumination”. Without Gate 43, people with 23s usually comprehend or voice someone’s insights, help them take shape and express themselves in the world.

People with Gate 23 are great at formulating creative ideas. These ideas are recognized when they are timely and lead to practical results. The society considers the thoughts of such people to be eccentric. When they confirm their insights with results, they are recognized as geniuses.

The Gate 23 of Assimilation on the Map

The Gate 23 of Assimilation is located in Throat Center which is responsible for manifestation of our thoughts, wishes etc. You can read interesting information about Throat Center here.

The Gate 23 of Assimilation and the Gate 43 together form Channel 23-43. You can read interesting information about this Structuring Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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