Each Type plays a unique role in this world. And this applies to absolutely any sphere of life, be it work, life, creativity or relationships.

In this article we will analyze what role each Type plays in relationships: what are the strengths and weaknesses of each Type, what lessons they can bring to their other half, what is the uniqueness of each of them from the point of view of relationships.

Of course, how a particular Type manifests itself in a couple depends not only on the Type itself, but also on the partner.

Type in relationship

For example, a Manifestor may behave completely differently depending on whether he is in a relationship with a Generator or a Projector.

Nevertheless, the essence will be the same. And the strengths and weaknesses of each Type will also remain the same.

If in a couple, each partner clearly recognizes their strengths and the role they can play, the couple’s relationship can be built in a productive and harmonious way. Of course, this does not mean that there will be no conflicts between partners. There will be conflicts. But people will at least be able to solve them relatively painlessly.

Let’s consider each Type separately.


Generator is a powerful life force. Not only in work, but also in relationships. Being near his partner, the Generator can continue to act in the most comfortable and habitual way. Namely: being in constant action and movement. He may be doing something around the house, gardening, taking a new class, working, etc. This is perfectly normal for the Generator.

His strength is to be constantly busy. He can take on much more than a partner in the household. At least if he is dealing with a non-energetic Type. And if he does everything oriented to the inner response, there will be no problem for him in this.

The Generator is very interesting to travel with. Most likely, he will not sit still for a single hour. Will go on excursions. And on the weekends, he will most likely want to go to interesting events or meetings.

This can be very cool from a relationship standpoint if the second partner is also a Generator. If the second partner is a non-energetic Type, this is where things can get tricky. The Generator may be one step ahead all the time. But if he wants a happy and harmonious relationship, he should also take into account the energetic features of his partner.

It is also important to realize that in the case of a relationship between a Generator and some other Type, the former may work much harder and more actively. He may be away from home a lot, he may be working late. And this is normal for him too. Especially if he gets satisfaction from his work. It is important that the partner understands this.

Another feature of the Generator: he can enjoy the very process of the relationship, without thinking about what it will lead to. And therein lies their important positive trait that manifests itself in a relationship.

Manifesting Generator

Manifesting Generator in relationship behaves in much the same way as ordinary Generator. However, his difference is that he can be even faster, even more active.

In addition, he is much more result-oriented. The relationship process itself doesn’t play such an essential role for him. He is more interested in what the relationship can lead to.

Another feature of the Manifesting Generator: sometimes in a relationship he may skip important steps in order to come to some result sooner.

For example, he may propose marriage before he has gotten to know his partner well. To avoid the pitfalls of hasty decisions, the Manifesting Generator has to slow himself down on purpose sometimes and pay attention to details.

Each Type in relationship

It’s also important to realize that most of the time the Manifesting Generator is focused on himself. He is thinking about who he is and what his energy is for. And when this issue comes up too much, the Manifesting Generator may stop paying attention to his partner. All he cares about is: what to spend his energy on.

At such moments, the partner should treat the Manifesting Generator with understanding.


Projector in relationship is the ultimate counselor. However, his advice can be life-changing in a good way. Or it can be annoying. Projector can give a lot of advice to his partner. But only if he asks for it. He should definitely wait until the partner himself asks for his help.

The projector is also often the main generator of ideas. And in fact, this is his strength. But only if again the partner is interested in his opinion.

It is important to realize that in everyday life and recreation partner may not be as active and productive as say the Generator. His strengths are shrewdness, the ability to look deep into the situation and read the partner.


Manifestor in a relationship is the main initiator. He can start new processes, make marriage proposals, propose to move or change something else. This is his strong point.

Getting into a relationship with Manifestor may not be easy, as his aura is very closed. But if it happens, his partner has a very interesting life ahead of him.

Sometimes Manifestor can push his partner through or forget to inform him about something important.

In this case, conflicts and misunderstandings can arise. And to avoid all this, the Manifestor needs to follow his Strategy.


Reflector is a direct reflection of his partner. It can reflect both positive and negative aspects. For the partner himself, this can be quite unexpected.

However, one must learn to look at oneself from the outside.

Also, the Reflector can give interesting feedback in terms of deviation from given forms and patterns.

If his partner is different in some way Reflektor will be the first to notice it.

It is important to realize that in a relationship, the Reflector can never be quick. He cannot make important decisions here and now. And the partner should be sensitive to this.

As you can see, each Tip can play a very important unique role in a relationship. The most important thing is to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and try to treat your partner with understanding.

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