Subject: Love, Identity, Direction

Function: Your Life Compass

Implementation: Higher Self

Biological conformity

Physiologically, the G Center mentally duplicates the activity of the liver and circulatory system and plays an extremely important role in the incarnation process.

Magnetic Monopole, being one of the main components of the G Center, has a single pole that is tuned to attract the energies, events, processes intended for us. Before incarnation (incarnation), the Magnetic Monopole completely envelops our future Design, but as the body is formed, it shifts to the
G Center, and the Ajna Center receives leading powers. This gives rise to the duality or separation inherent in people. Magnetic Monopole leads an eternal search for love, and a cold mind tries to algorithmize this process, exaggerating our passions and interfering with knowing ourselves to the extent that it could be available to a human being.

G Center is the cradle of our true self. Magnetic Monopole is responsible for our Identity, and also creates an inner magnetism that points us to the Direction to our destination. Thanks to him, we come to understand our uniqueness and learn to settle the inner conflict between separation and the mystical attraction called love. And if we trust our inner navigator, then through Strategy and authority we will come to an ideal life and ideal love.

Gates of Center G

The G Center consists of 8 gates, 4 of which define the theme of love, and 4 others set the direction of our search. Studying your Rave-card you will be surprised how much your actions are not “yours”, but stem from the preconditions already inherent in your Design.

Direction gate

  • 1 Gate of self-expression – an expression of their faith through art district honors. Place in the present
  • 13 Hearer’s Gate –  Direction through the past. Knowledge of other people’s secrets
  • 7 Gate to the role of “I” in interaction  –  Leadership. Direction through the future
  • 2 Gate of Direction “I”  –  Receptivity, vision, direction

Gate of Love

  • 15 Gate of Extremes  – Love for humanity. Tolerance
  • 10 Gate of Behavior “I”  – Self –  love. Originality
  • 25 Gate of Spirit “I”  – Innocent, universal love
  • 46 Gate of Determination “I”  – Love for the body. Assertiveness and determination

Defined G Center – 57% of the population

Defined G CenterDefined G Center rewards its owners with a stable self-identification and the ability to give and experience love, both sexual and universal, for the entire world around them. Such people, regardless of the circumstances, feel happier than others.

Love gives them a sense of their own direction. They always know what they should strive for and inspire others with their knowledge.

However, subconsciously sensing a purpose, they can go astray when conditioned by a false Self, they pin excessive hopes on their loved ones or loved ones.


Open G Center – 43% of the population

Open G CenterAlthough people with an Open Center live without a sense of identity, they have good adaptability. They manage to fit into any community, if, of course, they have such a goal. They acquire a comfortable state only when they are in correct relationships with the right partners, this applies to both love and business relationships. In relationships, they are more vulnerable than the owners of a Defined Center.

As a rule, opposites attract, so the open Ji always seeks to get closer to the closed one. If the carrier of an Open G Center is not in tune with his Design, then gradually he becomes almost a mirror energy reflection of his partner, completely falling into dependence on him.

The false Self of the Open Center G pushes such people to a widespread search for love and recognition. Because of this, they are often obsessed with the idea of ​​their worth and importance. Titles and titles are important for them: professor, doctor, lawyer, honored, national. When introducing themselves, they make sure to mention their most significant achievements. Sometimes it doesn’t seem entirely appropriate.

People with an open center have their own inner “seeker” of direction, who, by trial and error, finds the correct places and surroundings for them, where they are happy to return.

The motto for an open G Center should be: “Being in the wrong place, you inevitably associate with the wrong people – this must be avoided by all means.”

People with an open Center are able to quickly find allies and assistants, as they involuntarily mirror those around them, adjusting to their energy. Among the speakers of the Open G Center, there are many excellent film and theater actors. They manage to quickly and naturally identify with their role and achieve tremendous realism.

Completely open G Center

Owners of a fully open G Center almost always have a problem with their own identification. They are constantly in a state of uncertainty, find it difficult to choose: with whom to be friends, how to act, where to go – for them these are insoluble questions. Most often, they follow the lead of others, allow themselves to be manipulated. They simply transfer their authority to another person and obediently follow her orders.

The completely open Center in correct conditions provides its carriers with inexhaustible opportunities to comprehend themselves and the world.
For people with an open G Center, learning about their Design is not just a way to usefully spend their free time, but an urgent need. Knowing and understanding their Bodygraph, they will be able to free themselves from someone else’s conditioning and finally heal with their own lives, and not someone else’s projections.

Conversation of the false Self of Open G Center

The false Self always tries to complicate the simple and lead away from the true purpose, throwing up for this its own, often irrelevant topics.

  • Who am I?
  • How do I know who I am? Where can they tell me about this?
  • Who will I love?
  • Where can I find reciprocal feelings?
  • How can I live? What is the meaning of my existence?
  • I need this person, only he will explain to me who I am …

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