The gift of people with Gate 8 Facilitation is to draw attention to the truth, to the creativity and love of the Creator.

These people make their unique contribution to society or help others to make their work visible and successful in the role of creative agents. They find those whose creativity they can promote. In turn, those who need it are drawn to people with 8 Gate. They can attract the attention of many. But even if no one follows them, they will continue to follow the path of creativity and will not leave it. Without 1 gate, people with 8 Gate are looking for a creator or leader in themselves. However, their role is not so much in leadership as in promoting something truly new.

Gate 6 Facilitation Human Design

If they have the courage to go through life in an unconventional way, they become role models, they have followers. The energy of the 8 Gate makes creativity visible and sets an example that others can try this new style.

They lead, inspire and strengthen by example. They do not seek to bind others to themselves, they do not care whether you follow them or not.

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Harmonious to the 8th gate – 1st Gate of Self-expression. It is in the 1st gate that the flow of Creativity is born. In the whole channel 1-8, such a person can more effectively promote their own creativity.

Gate 8 are most effective when they achieve not personal goals, but the goals of the group. Such people know how to draw attention to creativity, truth and love. They know how to promote creative people or themselves.

Gate 8 Facilitation on the Map

Gate 8 Facilitation is located in Throat Center which is responsible for manifestation of our thoughts, wishes etc. You can read about Throat Center here.

Gate 8 and Gate 1 form Channel 1-8 Inspiration. You can read about this Channel here.

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Type Signature
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