The ability of making decision independently is a luxury that is becoming less and less available to people. We are influenced by society and in many ways must play by its rules. Take the banal rules of the road – are we going to ignore them if it puts our lives at risk? Hardly. And so it is in everything – from security to love, because in some countries children are not even able to decide whom and when they will marry, leaving the choice to their parents.

But, often, even in situations where a person really has the opportunity to make a decision, he does not, instead preferring to follow patterns. And such a “surrender” to society comes precisely from the Mind. But the right decisions for a person are not the task of the Mind. The mind can only analyze information and draw some conclusions. You need to make a choice based on the opinion of our body as a whole.

Making decision

What separates a right decision from a wrong one? An imaginary benefit to society? Or the realization that we have not deviated from the generally accepted course? No, the right decision is a purely personal feeling, when in every cell of our body we feel that we are doing what WE want. It is the feeling of being right that makes the decision right, not the list of pros and cons. 

In Human Design, based on the Bodygraph, the so-called Strategies are built, which are unique for each Type. Their observance ensures that a person will go through life on the course that suits him, and will be able to avoid the influence of society on his decisions. 

However, in order to correctly apply your own Strategy, you should study yourself and the processes taking place inside much deeper. Let’s start with Authority. We must clearly realize the individual characteristics of consciousness that are inherent in each of us from birth and understand who we really are. Also, do not forget about the influence of the planets – the same situation in different periods of time can be interpreted in completely different ways and lead to different choices. And, ideally, it would be good to know the nature of outsiders who influence the situation in which you make a decision. So we will be able to understand the conditioning that others “let loose” on us at a particular moment in time and their influence on our choice.

For example, if a person was born with an indefinite Ego Center. From birth, he has a rather weak willpower. However, under the influence of the transit of planets, this Center can be determined for some time, and a person will feel the strength in himself to fulfill his goals and promises. But you need to understand that this is a temporary force, and you should not rely on it all the time. The same is true in the case of certainty under the influence of another person. In the presence of someone, this person can feel great willpower in himself, but as soon as he is left alone, this “feeling” will disappear, and he will return to his normal life.

What does it mean making decision?

If we consider this issue from the point of view of Human Design, then making decisions means taking this right away from the Mind and transferring it to the inner Authority of a person. But Mind is afraid of it. He will never allow himself to be deprived of power and will by hook or by crook convince us that it is he who knows how to act and how not. He can impose illusions and fears, say that without him we will not succeed. And often, the Mind emerges victorious from this “duel”, forcing people to continue to live under its yoke. 

And in fact, there is nothing complicated in this. You need to make only one decision from the Mind, and the rest will follow the knurled. And that decision is to trust your inner Authority. That is, stop “inventing” solutions every time, and just follow your own nature. But, of course, this is a laborious process. Especially at the beginning, the Mind will resist in every possible way and try to dissuade us. That is why the Experiment is needed – becoming a witness of those positive changes in life that surrender to one’s nature leads to, the Mind will more and more easily listen to the inner Authority, gradually releasing the reins of control. The fears and worries with which the Mind used to frighten us will eventually become nothing more than assumptions, often unfounded. And you don’t have to “fight” with yourself every time. We make decisions from Authority, The mind “scares” us a little, we analyze this information, take it into account, but we still move along the chosen path. Everything falls into place. 

When we begin the Experiment with our inner Authority, we open up the possibility of loving ourselves anew. For no reason – simple, pure and absolute love. It becomes no longer necessary to “initiate” our life – we surrender to our own nature and just enjoy the journey. Only in this way can we reveal our true individuality – by getting rid of all the thought patterns that have been imposed on us for years. We transfer power over our life to our own body and gain a previously unknown feeling of awareness, when, for someone for the first time in our lives, we begin to go through life the way we really want, and not the way we supposedly need to. 

What are the centers talking about?

Whether we like it or not, emotions have the greatest influence on our decision-making. They largely determine our behavior, our characters, our views on the world and other people. Emotions are expressed for the most part with the help of the energy of the Solar Plexus Center, it is also called the Emotional Center . It presents all kinds of manifestations of our emotionality – from romantic love to despair and disappointment. But, being a “motor” by its nature, this Center carries a huge potential for awareness. With it, we not only allow emotions to pass through us, but also have the opportunity to be aware of them. 


Emotional Authority provides clarity during decision making, however, it does not come immediately. Often it takes some time to properly “taste” our feelings and feel what exactly they want to tell us. There is no truth in the moment—it is the truth inherent in the Emotional Authority. For those who have this Center defined, it is extremely contraindicated to make decisions in the moment. After all, emotions are an unstable process, it is a wave moving from top to bottom and vice versa, and it cannot be said that what a person is convinced of at the moment will be true for him after some time. Therefore, emotionally determined people, like no one else, need to give themselves enough time to live through the entire “wave” of emotions, and feel all states without succumbing to the impulse of the moment. Only then will they be able to make the right decision for themselves. 

Making decision

Every emotionally determined person has experienced a similar state at least once in his life. Here a question arose before him, to which he answered with absolute certainty “no”. Being at the bottom of the emotional wave, he was overcome by negativity, and almost immediately he gave up something, based on his state in the moment now. But time passes, his mood improves and he develops anxiety – but was it really worth refusing? Maybe everything could work out well? It happens, and vice versa, that he agrees, being on the crest of an emotional wave. He was overwhelmed by a positive attitude towards life and he didn’t even really give himself time, as he immediately agreed. A little time will pass, the mood will decline and he will start to get nervous – but was it really worth agreeing to? And so constantly, then one thing, then another. 


But there are other types of Authority that are completely different in their mechanics. For example, the Sacred Center, inherent only to Generators and Manifesting Generators (the vast majority of these Types among people). Unlike the Emotional Center, the Sacred Center cannot be called conscious. His work is very mechanical and should not be constantly analyzed. The Sacred Center gives its bearers the truth in the moment – a Response, as a reaction to a question or proposal coming from outside. And there is no “decision” in this by the Generators or the MG. This is just the reaction of the Center itself, which itself “tells a person” whether it is ready to provide energy for anything or not.

And the main problem for people of these Types is that they either do not know how to hear their Response at all, or they cannot fully trust him. Moreover, many of them do not even notice how they unconsciously use it themselves from time to time. For example, the Generator is called somewhere to spend time. He, unconsciously even to himself, begins to mumble “Mmmm” and his face wrinkles as he does so. Very revealing. If, despite such a reaction, he nevertheless agrees, he obviously does not expect anything good from such a decision. It is, of course, very easy for the mind to influence such a weak, almost imperceptible voice. The internal monologue haunts us 24/7 and in this case it is quite difficult to respond to such reactions that arise in the moment. But this is necessary if a person wants harmony in his life. 

In order for the Sacral Center to respond clearly and understandably, the Generator and the GM should receive questions and suggestions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”. Well, either affirmatively or negatively, because mooing and humming are also quite full-fledged answers of the Sacral. Therefore, the first thing that people of this Type need to do is learn to listen carefully to themselves in a conversation with other people. Once they realize what the real potential is in their Response, they can no longer begin to ignore it again. 

You can read more about the Sacred Center here:


In matters relating to physical survival (or, to put it more simply, the well-being of the body), the main emphasis is on the voice of the Splenic Center. His reactions have a very subtle effect, manifesting in the form of intuitive sensations, instinctive actions, and sometimes even “tastes” and “smells”. The case smells of kerosene – a very telling example of the reaction of the Splenic Center. 

It should be said right away that this type of Authority always manifests itself in the moment now. It is impossible to analyze it with the Mind – after all, the feeling that arose just a moment ago will disappear forever in a second, sometimes without even leaving an aftertaste. Therefore, we must be extremely attentive to ourselves and our body if we do not want to miss this signal. Otherwise, we can get into an unpleasant situation for ourselves, which we could have avoided by listening to ourselves. And then, already tasting the consequences of our decision, we will begin to say: “I knew that I should not have done this.” 

The Splenic Authority is the most perspicacious of all. But at the same time, the most elusive. He does not speak with words or emotions – only imperceptible, at first glance, reactions of the body. It manifests itself differently for everyone. Someone will twist in the stomach, someone will suck in the stomach, and someone will have the feeling that “the soul has gone into the heels.” But most often it arises in the form of a vague premonition, which cannot be somehow explained in words, but which every person definitely felt at least once in his life. 

The signals given by the Spleen are very short-lived. They cannot be relied upon in the long term. Let’s imagine that we are walking along the road, and suddenly there is a feeling of danger. We turn around and see a car rushing towards us, and abruptly run off to the side. Such a feeling can be very strong at the moment, but it can hardly be used to plan any long-term projects. It can be said that the Splenic Center is the will of life itself, which manifests itself in us from time to time, which must be trusted if we want to take care of our health.


The authority of the Ego belongs to the Heart Center or the Ego Center – this is the energy of willpower, the desire to achieve one’s goals and fulfill oneself in this world. And its energy has nothing to do with awareness. The mechanism of this Center is very rough, in comparison with others, but nevertheless the easiest to understand and apply. Ego energy is necessary for each of us to follow our own path without giving up in front of obstacles and not giving in to difficulties, continuing our activities no matter what. 

On the one hand, one might think that the Ego and the Mind are essentially the same thing. If I want something, then I have to achieve it no matter what. But in reality, things are a little different. Here we are not talking about what a person “wants”, but about what is “natural” for him. These are very different concepts. On the one hand, I may think that I want to become famous and rich. These are the tricks of the Mind conditioned by society. On the other hand, I feel that all my life I wanted to be a cook and I enjoy the simple but creative process of cooking.

As a rule, people with a certain Heart Center know exactly what they want from life. They have a sense of direction, predestined for them from birth. And all they need is to follow their path, even if it goes against the desires of the Mind. Literally, people with a Heart Center need to be able to trust their heart more than their mind. Then in their life everything will turn out naturally and easily, as if fate itself is pushing them forward.

This Center also generates the energy of self-identification in the world. What this means – in many ways, who we consider ourselves to be is connected with our words, deeds, promises. People with a certain Ego Center are very scrupulous about what they once promised, and strive by all means to put it into practice. By and large, this is a way for them to prove to the whole world and to themselves that they are who they think they are. Like, if I made a promise, then I must fulfill it, otherwise I will cease to be MYSELF. 

G Center

Ji Authority is the ability of self-identification in the world, but on a much more existential level. People with this Authority do not try to identify with their deeds, positions or promises. For them, the understanding of their own nature lies in the deepest synchronization with their deep, one might say animal “I”, and is expressed directly through their voice. Moreover, it is very important to note that we are talking not just about everyday, everyday conversations, but about those things that are said spontaneously. As they sometimes say: “He said without thinking.” This “without thinking” is the true expression of the G Center in a person’s life. 

It is very important for such people to listen and hear what they say. After all, you never know for sure when the G-Center will want to cast its vote against the Mind. Many of us are too accustomed to playing the social game and rarely risk saying what is really on our minds. But all the same, this truth now and then seeps into their speech, which, unfortunately, they try to forget as quickly as possible, referring to what they said “without thinking”. 

To successfully use G Authority, you need to make contact with different people. Let’s say there is a problem that needs to be solved. You cannot rely on your own momentary decision – people with G Authority should discuss this issue with as many people as possible. And then the magic happens. It will be possible to see how what they say changes depending on who they are talking to. And, often, from person to person, the true attitude will come out more and more, no longer hiding behind the words of the Mind. 


Lunar Authority belongs to the Reflectors, the rarest of all Types. They have a very difficult decision-making system that takes a long time. In order for the Reflector to draw the right conclusion for himself, his choice must stand the test of time. Namely, the passage of a full lunar cycle. Considering your decision from all sides during this period of time helps the Reflector to get to know his own preferences much deeper and make the only right decision. 

But all of the above does not mean that you should completely disconnect the Mind from your life. It must be put to good use—to make a conscious decision to align with your nature and follow a given course. However, do not forget that the body, at times, can deceive you. Improper nutrition, being in the wrong place for yourself and other factors – all this can affect how the body will feel, and with it the work of inner Authority. Therefore, it is very important not to blindly rely on your Authority, but also to continue studying Human Design in order to increase your awareness and knowledge of the true nature of your Self.

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