In the modern world of materialism and achievements, we all strive for something in one way or another. Each of us sets some goals for ourselves. Very insignificant, affecting only ourselves, or global, capable of affecting others and the world as a whole. Of course, we do not always do this based on our own desires and motives. Often, we are influenced by “hobbyists” and “achievers” who urge us to desire more than we really need and to strive for what we do not want at all. And sometimes even our longed-for goals, which we somehow miraculously managed to fulfill, bring absolutely nothing but disappointment. 

There may be another situation. We set ourselves a completely achievable and realistic goal, which, in theory, we can easily translate into reality. But for some reason, unforeseen and stupid obstacles constantly arise in our path. As if someone deliberately puts sticks in our wheels so that we cannot achieve what we want. 

Set a goal

Why is this happening? It would seem, well, what’s so difficult? I wanted something, set a goal for myself and after some time achieved it. Then he set a new goal and achieved it too. But for some reason everything in life turns out to be much more complicated. In this article, I propose to consider this issue from the point of view of Human Design, modern knowledge, which offers us a somewhat unusual approach to understanding human nature. The main idea of ​​this teaching is that each of us comes into this world with a certain set of talents and vulnerabilities, aimed at achieving success in some specific areas of life. And if you want to achieve maximum productivity, then you should definitely consider the peculiarities of your nature, especially when setting goals.

Goal Setting from a Human Design Perspective

Unfortunately, most of us are accustomed to living our nature in such a way that talents are undisclosed or completely unnoticed, and vulnerabilities are elevated to a cult or subjected to serious “corrective labor.” Human Design helps us realize that such a scheme does not work. There is another, much more efficient approach. And it boils down to the fact that we need to accept ourselves as we are, without trying to alter anything. 

For example, each of us consists of nine energy Сenters. In particular, each of us has a so-called Ego Center, which is precisely responsible for our ability to set goals and achieve them.

The Ego Center can be definite or indefinite. Generally speaking, the ability to achieve goals is more inherent in the carriers of defined Ego Center. If you do not yet know whether you have an Ego Center defined, follow the link and get your chart

If the Ego Center is defined in your Bodygraph, then this article will help you learn to set exceptionally correct goals for yourself – those, reaching which you will experience a feeling of deep joy. 

How to set a true goal for the carriers of defined Ego Center

What exactly is the correctness of the goal expressed? First of all, it is true for the person who wants to achieve it. If the goal is false, then we either cannot achieve it, or experience nothing but frustration from achieving it. 

Why do we so often pursue false goals? Because, unfortunately, we are often forced to do something from the outside. Beliefs, fears, stereotypes. Finally: desires and goals. Who can foist false goals on us? In fact, anyone. Parents, teachers, employers. And the peculiarity of the carriers of defined Ego Center is that it cannot live without a goal. Therefore, if he himself does not choose the right path for himself, he will definitely end up chasing other people’s goals.

In short, if you have defined Ego Center, before embarking on a new task, be sure to check it for truth. How exactly can you do this? Below are some life hacks that can help you. Check them out and start applying them in your life. 

Visualize your goal.

When you have a desire and you transform it into a new goal, try to visualize the end result – what you have to achieve. For example, let’s say you’re an editor for a book publishing company, but you’ve decided to try your hand at a glamorous magazine. Your goal: change jobs. Before you start taking active action, try to just close your eyes and imagine that you are already working in a magazine and editing texts on lifestyle, culture and beauty. What emotions do you get from this? Do you feel that this kind of work brings you joy and satisfaction? Or, on the contrary, the presented picture does not cause any special sensations in you? 

If what you represent thrills you, then the goal is truly yours. And you can safely begin to bring it to life. But if you remain indifferent to the imaginary picture, most likely the goal is not yours and you better change it. 

Think about how you wanted to achieve your goal.

Let’s say you were talking to a colleague one day and he mentioned that editors in glamorous magazines are getting good salaries and that he is considering getting a job at a major publishing house. Perhaps it was at that moment that you decided that you needed to change jobs. And before that, such ideas did not occur to you. This suggests that at least part of your new goal was imposed on you by your colleague. This means that there is a possibility that you are not wanting to achieve it. 

This mechanism of passive imposition of a goal is rather difficult to recognize, it works at the subconscious level. Especially when it comes to people you respect. Deep down, you think that since a person you respect and trust wants to achieve anything, then you also need the same. At the same time, your own, genuine interests fade into the background.

Follow Strategy and Aythority.

These versatile tools work in almost any life situation. And even when you need to check a new goal for truth. This means that if you are a Generator, your goal should respond to you. If the Reflector, you should wait for the full lunar cycle and only then make a decision. By following your Strategy and listening to Inner Authority when choosing a new goal, you will have almost no chance of being wrong.

As you can see, Human Design offers solutions for a wide variety of occasions. By studying your Bodygraph, you can not only discover new talents in yourself and learn to truly reveal yourself and your nature, but also get rid of false stereotypes, including those concerning what goals you need to strive for in life.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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