Subject: Body Consciousness

Function: Maintaining immunity and intuition  

Implementation: Health and Wellness, Values, Immune System

Biological compliance

The spleen with its T-lymphocytes is the basis of our immune system, which is responsible for our health with you, and the Splenic Center, closely connected with it, is the mental control panel for all systems of the human body, which is responsible for the survival of both the individual and the entire species as a whole. …

The spleen is one of the three centers that give us awareness. It allows us to be aware of our life experience, draw conclusions from past mistakes, plan subsequent actions with the overarching goal of surviving and adapting. The spleen continuously picks up any factors that threaten our lives. It works in the mode of fear that awakens vigilance – this is the oldest instinct for self-preservation. However, when fear, fueled by our fantasies, prevails over other feelings, a person loses his independence and turns into a weak-willed creature, afraid of his shadow.

Knowledge of your Design is an additional support for the still imperfect human mind, helping to look more confidently into the future.

Splenic Center Gate

48 Gate of Depth – Mindfulness of “yes” or “no” decisions. Fear of Inadequacy
57 Gate of Intuitive Clarity – Awareness of the value of the present moment. Fear of the Future
44 Gate of Vigilance – The ability to recognize someone else’s potential. Fear of the Past
50 Gate of Values – Conscious protection of others. Fear of Responsibility.
32 Gate of Continuity – Ability to determine the potential for change. Fear of Failure
28 Player Gate – Fight for the goal. Fear of Death or Life without Risk
18 Gate of Correction – Vision of non-viable patterns. Fear of Authority. Self-condemnation

All your inherent fears and talents depend on the presence and activation of certain Gates in our Design. In order to better understand their specifics and deeper to reveal their own individuality, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the very interesting and informative course “The Golden Way – Gene Keys” , where all the main gates (archetypes) of a person are described in an accessible form, with their advantages and pain points, as well as recommendations are given that are necessary for a more successful self-realization.

Defined Splenic Center – 55% of the population

Defined Splenic CenterThe Splenic Center allows us to survive in an unpredictable world around us. It is the control center of our instincts. It is thanks to him that we discern what can be dangerous for us, and what, on the contrary, will serve for salvation. But the information obtained in this way is spontaneous and never repeated twice. If at the first attempt we did not want or could not hear its signals, then we risk missing an important warning for our life regarding our health or survival, which is relevant at this very moment.

Children with a Specific Center are not very susceptible to infections, they rarely get sick, they remain healthy during large-scale flu epidemics, but if they are still unlucky and they get sick, then they have a hard time. For recovery and full recovery, their bodies require more time and stronger drugs.


People with Specific Splenic are used to trusting their intuition. I myself have more than once been convinced from my own experience that neglecting her signals does not lead to anything good. If a person perceives the Splenic Center as his Authority (provided that this is an authority in your Bodygraph), then he will always be able to keep his false “I” from reckless actions. For such people, the appearance radiates well-being, they are always in a good mood, they have many friends and they are lucky. However, their mind is on the alert. It is much louder and more logical (by human standards) than the intuitive Splenic. When the body receives a signal – do not eat it, do not act so, be careful, danger – a person, first of all, must trust his intuition, and only then begin to analyze the information received.

Having in your hands the decoding of your own Bodygraph , you will be warned in advance about the problems and malfunctions that may arise in the body as a result of your lifestyle.

Open Splenic Center – 45% of the population

Open Splenic CenterPeople with an open splenic center have a much harder time. Not only does the voice of their intuition sound much weaker, their openness provokes a constant intensification of all their inherent inner fears. In order to achieve a prosperous and healthy life, such people need to personally face each of their 7 fears and overcome them, otherwise they will become hostages of their false self.

The Open Splenic Center gives rise to its owners the most important fear that they will not be able to survive on Earth, that they have insufficient strength, health, knowledge, skills, and the like, so they easily fall into dependence on more advanced individuals. People with an open Splenic are easily conditioned by the surrounding society. However, it is this dependence on friends, partners, parents that gives them a sense of security. As an example: eternal mama’s sons and daughters, until old age obediently fulfill the will of despotic parents, “devoted” wives of tyrant husbands, steadfastly enduring beatings and humiliation, “scapegoats” in collectives, enduring constant ridicule. They are united by one thought that without their tormentors it will be even worse for them – this is how their fear of the constantly changing external world manifests itself.


Of course, not all people with an open Splenic Center are destined for such a fate. Most of them cope with their problems on their own, live, develop, achieve their goals. They managed to face their fears and overcome them. Such people make good psychologists and diagnosticians, they subconsciously feel what is wrong in the patient’s soul or body.

The commandment for people with an undefined Splenic should be: “Never make spontaneous decisions.” You need to wait, think, then decide.

No one is immune from mistakes, but studying, or at least thoughtfully familiarizing yourself with your own Design, can help reduce their number. Knowing about your conditionality, you will no longer succumb to the first impulse and will not follow the lead of the environment manipulating you.

Fully Open Splenic Center

As a rule, complete openness leads to an avalanche of all kinds of fears. People with a completely open Center, in theory, should be afraid of everything in the world. But more often the opposite happens. They, not understanding what exactly they need to be afraid of, since the whole world around them bears a “mortal” threat, completely lose touch with their fears, decide on rash, risky and even stupid actions that require a high level of fearlessness.

The ability to rely on your inner Authority endows a person with great potential. In my practice, I came across such people, despite their complete openness, they overcame fears and reckless fearlessness, and reached decent heights of self-realization. After all, they are given to catch the subtlest vibrations of the intuitive and instinctive mind in themselves and those around them, to understand their loved ones at a glance, to feel the mood and emotions.

Conversation of the false “I” of the Open Splenic Center

The false “I” sometimes greatly interferes with us on the path of our self-realization. Therefore, it is important to recognize in time what or who is the initiator of our thoughts and actions.

Here are the rough topics and questions that the false self of the Open Splenic Center leads us to ask:

  • Not that, I’m afraid …
  • Let’s put this off, I’m not sure I can handle it …
  • Let’s not talk about it, such topics inspire fear in me …
  • Let’s not say such things, they can upset this person …
  • I will not take up this case, because I am afraid of the consequences, criticism, responsibility …
  • I will not do this, because I am afraid of losing this person …
  • If I do this, he will leave me …

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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