A person with the Gate 31 of Leadership is an influential leader who calls for systematic action, order, and discipline so that the future of his followers is safe and joyful.

The Leader’s Gate Man is easy to hear. It sounds exactly like that – smartly, commanding, inviting, mature, confident. Whether you hear an adult or a child is not the point. The leadership of a person with Gate 31 is realized successfully if supported by Gate 7 of “Vector to the future”. Otherwise, the leadership of the 31st will not have a clear and safe course. If there is a 31th gate in the Card of a person with 7, he understands where he will lead others when such a task arises and he will be invited to this role. If there is no 7th gate, then a successful and safe path to the future is born in partnership with someone who has a 7th gate. Otherwise, such people can chaotically rush between different directions and eventually lead to nowhere.

Gate 31 Leadership Human Design

Every word of Gate 31 sounds like a signpost on the way, a team call and a guide to action.

Without Gate 7 – the words of 31 may not have awareness and lead forward in the spirit of Susanin. Such leadership has a short lead time and disappointing results. If you don’t have Gate 7 and don’t have a partner with Gate 7, know that your own path and the vector you set for others can swing from side to side like a flagpole in the wind. In this case, wait for a direction that deeply resonates with you, in which you can lead for a long time and successfully. This will give you maximum recognition for what you do.

You sound like a Leader. Influence others with a call to follow you and the ability to organize others, awaken in another a sense of responsibility and discipline. Your leadership is truly successful when it relies on the inner 7-gate compass.

The Gate 31 of Leadership on the Map

The Gate 31 of Leadership is located in Throat Center which is responsible for manifestation of our thoughts, feelings etc. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

The Gate 7 and the Gate 31 together form Channel 7-31 Alpha. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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