In each person’s Bodygraph there are 9 Centers – places of accumulation of life energy. Depending on the conditions (date, place, time of birth, etc.) the Center may be defined or undefined (open). Undefined Centers show exactly where and how those around us can influence us. Conversely, if the Center is defined in our Bodygraph, we will already be influencing others in one way or another. Let’s take a brief look at exactly how we can influence those around us.

Crown Center

A person with defined Crown Center has the amazing ability to be a mentor and in some way an inspirational mentor to others. People come to him for advice and guidance, and discuss pressing matters and problems with him. Without noticing it, people with an open Dark Center are ready to open up to him and tell him everything that lies on their souls, in the hope that the conversation will help them find the right answer for themselves.

Root Center

People with defined Root Center have an ability to handle stressful situations well, getting out of them on the fly. But what is familiar and easy for them, for people with an open Root will be perceived as pressure. Stress will spread around like a mental fever, infecting everyone who got in range. And it won’t be long before there is real chaos all around, coming literally out of nowhere. People with a certain Root Center are popularly called “suetologists” – for there is always an aura of restlessness and movement around them.

Ajna Center

Having defined Ajna Center in his Bodygraph, a person becomes a good advisor for others, but in a more “down-to-earth” sense than in the case of the Dark Center. And he literally attracts to himself those who need his help. Except that the Ajna Center is more logical rather than inspirational, and helps to solve more material issues and problems. Therefore, it is much more often called for the solution of everyday problems and difficulties.

Splenic Center

People with defined Splenic Center are unwittingly attracted to those with the Spleen open due to their ability (or ability to make a suitable appearance) that things are going their way. Such people are perceived as very responsible and mature, as those who are in complete control of their lives and any situations that occur. That is why they are very often chosen as a couple to create a marriage, because with them one feels like “behind a rock wall”.

Influence of defined centers

Emotional Center

In the case of defined Emotional Center, this is as simple as possible. Those with defined Center have a dominant emotional impact on those with that Center open. They literally “force” to live through the same emotions and feelings that prevail in themselves.

Throat Center

The key “thing” of defined Throat Center is an amazing ability to express themselves through speech and action. They are unwittingly handed leadership responsibilities no matter what company they are in. They are followed, they are listened to, they are obeyed. It is this ability that helps them move forward in life, forcing open-mouthed people to lower their eyes and listen intently for fear of putting in the extra word.

G Center

People with defined G Center inspire those with an open G Center by their example. When you look at them you have the impression that they know exactly why they were born into the world, and they are systematically striving towards their goal. In their company one can’t help but wonder, “Am I really doing what I want to do in this life?”

Sacral Center

Sacral Center is first and foremost about energy. If a person has a definite Sacral Center, he has a huge energy potential, and it’s not just about work, but life in general. Even just by being with him, people with an open sacral can very easily forget themselves, as if imbued with this energy, but at the same time forgetting about their own limits, overworking themselves for nothing.

Ego Center

People with defined Ego Center are usually very respectful of themselves and their word, and are used to living up to the promises they make. And, of course, such a life credo can be very inspiring, encouraging those who have this center open also to cultivate self-respect and the ability to see things through, rather than looking for reasons why they might not be able to accomplish what they set out to do.

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