Subject: Mental Pressure

Function: Inspiration

Implementation: Questions, doubts, confusion

Biological compliance

Since the Crown Center is closely connected with the pineal gland (pineal gland), it is responsible for similar processes occurring in our body. The main function of the Crown Center is to provide a continuous flow of information between the neocortex and the gray areas of the brain. All of you probably know that our brain processes more than 90% of the information entering it at a subconscious level, passing it through the experience already accumulated in the past. We do not see this work, but we are clearly aware of its result – a desire to learn about the world arises in us. Guided by the Dark Center, we move forward, formulate our own thoughts and judgments, learn, and seek answers to burning questions.

Crown Center Gates

The energy of the Crown Center does not provoke immediate action, but only creates sufficient pressure to trigger the thought process. This is the pressure of questions that require adequate answers. The Crown Center redirects mental activity to the Ajna Center through three channels that originate from the Gates included in its structure:

  • 63 The Gate of Doubt asks questions about the security of our future. Logical pressure – the search for logic in yourself and the world around you;
  • 61 The Gates of Secrets process information that is relevant at the moment. Mutational pressure – recognition of the new, comprehension of the secret;
  • 64 The Gate of Confusion tidies up the ambiguous experience of the past and tries to find meaning in it. Abstract pressure – comprehension of the past, movement from chaos to order.

Thanks to the “fork”, all the energy of the Crown Center reaches the Throat with the least loss and distortion.

If you manage to free your mind from everyday problems, you will be greatly surprised by the emergence of new creative forces and inspiration. The opposite picture is observed when the false “I” takes on the functions of internal Authority. The Dark Center begins to generate endless questions that have no life value. Obsessing over “empty” problems can provoke chronic migraines, which are not so easy to get rid of later.

Defined Crown Center – 30% of the population

Defined Crown CenterPeople with a defined Crown Center have a fixed way of thinking. They are always full of energy and inspiration, they are always in search of the very essence. Their creativity and themes are determined by the energies of the gates and channels that have certainty in the Crown Center. As a rule, they are generators of ideas and directions for the remaining 70% of the population, who, under their mental pressure, begin to think and, accordingly, produce results much more intensively than if they were left to themselves.

Despite the abundance of thoughts and the strongest creative impulse, the owners of a defined Crown Center have difficulty translating their ideas into reality, they do not have enough energy for decisive action. This kind of dissonance leads to frustration, which leads to anger and irritation. However, when there are people who take on the responsibility of materializing their ideas, they experience great relief and limit their activity.

If by your Design you belong to such “thinkers”, then the primary task for you is to learn to accept mental pressure, passing it through your Authority. Then you do not have to seek refuge within yourself or waste energy in meaningless actions.

Open Crown Center – 70% of the population

Open Crown CenterIf the Crown Center is not defined in your Bodygraph, then you do not have a permanent way of processing information. Therefore, you are in danger of getting lost in your own mental dialogue, which prevents you from making correct decisions.


Uncertainty of the Crown Center pushes its “wards” to the cessation of intellectual activity, or, on the contrary, makes them rush from one riddle to another. Trying to solve not your own problems, you project onto yourself other people’s doubts and failures, overextend your brain and feed your false self. And you need, on the contrary, to distance yourself from your mental workload and, following your inner Authority and only with its prompts, choose topics for applying your mind.

The Open Crown Center has endless potential. Under his patronage is our interest in global problems of life and the secrets of human consciousness. It is the Crown Center that helps separate inspirational ideas from the background fuss.

Completely open Crown Center

It is difficult for people with a completely open configuration of the Crown Center to focus on any one object in order to thoroughly explore it. They do not understand what is important and what does not matter. Sometimes they simply refuse to think, which leads to gradual intellectual degradation. They are easily conditioned and give up their own inner Authority to please others.

For such people, knowledge of their Design can be a salvation, because knowledge about themselves will allow them to find balance and reveal their still dormant talents.

Conversation of the false Self of the open Crown Center

When the false Self takes power into its own hands, then the person involuntarily begins to conduct a specific mental monologue, asking himself certain questions, the answers to which he would like to receive in the first place:

  • Where can I find something interesting?
  • I need inspiration …
  • I cannot sleep well until I find the answer to my question …
  • I need to comprehend / understand this …
  • How would you find the right topic to think about?
  • Can anyone help me in finding the answers?

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