Subject: Physical adrenaline pressure

Function: The driving force of life

Implementation: Stress

Biological compliance

The Root Center is closely connected with the adrenaline system, together with which it performs one of the most important biological functions – the production of stress hormones. As much as we would like, but it is impossible to avoid stress. Any event or action necessarily causes a certain response of our entire organism. Moreover, without the adrenaline charge that we get with every stress, life would lose its sharpness and piquancy. Humanity would stop moving forward and stop in its development.

When we suppress our feelings and emotions, stress builds up inside the body and adversely affects both the psyche and the physical condition in general. A balanced distribution of stress (energy) brings a feeling of satisfaction, a desire to live and enjoy each new day.

Adrenaline pressure and motor energy

Although both the Root and Crown Centers are responsible for delivering energy to the Throat Center , they each do it in their own way. Crown Center creates in our minds doubts, inspiration or confusion, which need to be voiced to express. The Root Center, as far as possible, helps us in difficult situations: it gives energy for development, learning, and endows with adaptive abilities. And all of the above is impossible without language interpretation.

The root center not only exerts pressure, but also plays the role of a motor that generates nine energy processes, each of which is necessarily filtered in one of the other Centers: in the Splenic, Sacral or Solar Plexus, and only then rush to the Throat, where it finds its expression.

Root Center Gates

  • 58 Gate of Vitality. Joyful – Pursuit of the ideal, improvement
  • 38 Fighter’s Gate. Opposition – Search for a life purpose. Wrestling
  • 54 Gate of Ambition. Maidservant Getting Married – Achievement, Growth, Transformation
  • 53 Gateway to Beginnings. Development – Beginning. Start
  • 60 Gate of acceptance. Limitations – Change, Overcome, Limit
  • 52 Gate of Immobility. Remaining Still – Focus, Concentration
  • 19 Gate of Need. Approach – Sensitivity to basic needs
  • 39 Gate of Provocation. Obstacle – Finding the spirit of life, manifesting emotions
  • 41 Gates of Compression. Decrease – Search for new experiences, feelings and emotions

Root pressure literally makes us move, pushes us to act and feel. How we use the energy provided to us depends on the Root Center, or rather on its definite or indefinite gate.

Defined Root Center – 60% of the population

Dedined Root CenterThe channels connecting the Root Center with the Sacred are called format energies. They are responsible for the way we think and act.

  • Channel of Concentration (52–9) – logic and focus are at the heart of the comprehension of experience.
  • The Maturation Channel (53-42) divides life into numerous cycles, in which the beginning, development and completion are clearly traced.
  • The Mutation Channel (60–3) launches an individual program, where there is a place for increased activity, periods of forced rest, and abrupt changes in course.

A specific channel between the Root and the Spleen invites its owners to seek their own way of survival, advancement and correction, and thus, creates an individual mindset and allows you to feel truly alive. The connection of the Root Center with the Solar Plexus allows you to develop a fixed way of dealing with stress, thirst for the unknown and intimate experiences.

Very often, a defined Root Center is a stimulant for the growth and flowering of a false Self, which tirelessly initiates its life, forcing events and making decisions that are far from ideal, which in turn leads to the emergence of new stresses. If you do not coordinate your actions with your inner Authority and Strategy, then life will gradually turn into a series of conflict and destructive situations.

Open Root Center – 40% of the population

Open Root CenterPeople with an undefined Root Center often fall under the pressure of those who have a Root Center. They seem to absorb stress from the environment. This is expressed in increased fussiness, inability to refuse additional responsibilities, sharp emotional breakdowns. Very often, this condition develops into uncontrollable anxiety and hyperactivity.


Only the understanding that the pressure they experience is not a product of their nature, but coming from outside, allows, if not to get rid of, then at least to move away from stress. A normal life for people with an indefinite Root can come only through understanding their Design and knowing their Bodygraph.

When a person lives his experience in accordance with his inner Authority and Strategy, the uncertainty of the Root Center does not harm him, on the contrary, it helps him to gain wisdom and confidence.

Completely open Root Center

Life is even more difficult for people with a completely open Root Center. They are tested on themselves the entire spectrum of his pressure, not understanding why suddenly their off-scale activity is replaced by complete immobility. They live unconsciously, allowing adrenaline to push them into rash decisions with one goal, to free themselves from pressure, thereby causing themselves great harm. I know from experience that many of these people are prone to panic attacks and neuroses. Only alone with nature can they find peace and come to a completely adequate state.

Conversation of the false Self of the open Root Center

Understand. That we have become a “victim” of our own false Self is possible if we pay attention to our internal monologues, which in the case of an indefinite Root Center will sound like this:

  • How can I improve my life?
  • I need to start something new …
  • I must hurry …
  • I want to be needed. Who is interested in me?
  • Where can I come in handy?
  • I must have time, reach, find …

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