People with the Gate 27 of Care are born to protect, protect and support themselves and others. They derive satisfaction from activities that enable them to take care of themselves and others.

It is important for people with the Gate 27 to learn to take care of themselves and others. In their potential, they are driven by the power of compassion for those who need support and care. They can even sacrifice themselves, their well-being for the sake of others. In fact, this behavior deprives them of the opportunity to provide real support. Caring for yourself is the foundation on which Caring stands. With Gate 27, it’s important to take care of yourself first, otherwise caring for others won’t do any real good.

Gate 27 Care Human Design

Since the 27th is a sacred gate, these people do not know who or what they should take care of, if they do not wait to respond, but rush to take care of everyone and everything, but in fact about no one. Without gate 50s, the urge to care lacks the intuition vector to establish healthy boundaries for caring. True concern for the other helps the other to become more self-reliant, independent, and able to take care of themselves. False concern makes the other more dependent.

The energy of upbringing lives here, the need to take care of oneself or another. The energy of caring is directed towards your community, family or team. It’s about food, protection, savings, education, material and physical independence.

The fuel of the 27th gate feeds and supports the tribesmen with its energy until the moment of their independence. Such people maintain the health of their “tribe”. They take care of those who need it. Compassion for the weak, sick and helpless.

Such people realize themselves through taking care of themselves and others. Their care is directed to the family, community or team. They have a craving to support others until they become financially and physically independent. Caring fills them with energy and joy.

The Gate 27 of Care on the Map

The Gate 27 is located in Sacral Center which is responsible for life energy and working capacity. You can read interesting information about Sacral Center here.

The Gate 27 and the Gate 50 together form Channel 27-50 Preservation. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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