People with Gate 42 Growth have pressure to complete what they started, to strengthen others, and through this to achieve growth, development and wisdom.

The energy to finish the experiments and businesses started. Bring processes to results. In this gate lives the wisdom that the next step can only be taken after completing the previous one. And that the main value and lessons of the experience are revealed after its completion.

The powerful Gate 42 are capable of maximizing potentially progressive endeavors. Cycles go through until they are complete. If they give up what they started and do not allow ripening the fruits that this experience brings them, they remain immature even in old age. They bring the matter or experience to the point where it can be let go, when there is no need to continue further. Such people grow up cyclically if they go through different experiences and complete them.

They are under pressure to follow through. Feel the very moment of completion. Their energy simply stops flowing in the direction of what is finished. If they do not have gate 53, they may be anxious and uncomfortable meeting the difficulties of new beginnings.

Gate 42 Growth Human Design

People with Gate 42 may feel stuck in a loop or enter the same life scenarios, meet similar people. This symbolically shows them that the cycle was not completed in full, its theme was not lived through, the lessons were not learned. It is important to let the cycle mature and end naturally. Each experience as an unborn child will be born when the time is right. Premature birth can lead to undesirable consequences. Therefore, what seems to be protracted may be a natural development of the process. Take a closer look and you will notice why the cycle is still going on, why it does not let you go.

The 42-gate person is attracted by the energy of the 53, which provides the necessary pressure to begin a new experience. On their own, they rarely start new.

Gate 42 Growth carry the strength and power to complete the experiments begun and through this come to development, progress and wisdom. Leaving what they started, they remain immature even in old age and attract the same situations and people to themselves, walk in the same circle all their lives.

Gate 42 Growth on the Map

Gate 42 Growth is located in Sacral Center which is responsible for life energy and working capacity. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

Gate 42 and Gate 53 together form Channel 42-53 Ripening. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

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