People with Gate 59 Sexuality in communication with others easily and naturally establish trusting intimacy or intimacy. They are genetically disposed to reproduce children or create the fruits of creativity.

People with Gate 59 are seducers. The sacred power of sexuality is available to them. It can manifest itself in the desire to conceive children or unite in active alliances, building trusting relationships that are not related to intimacy.

Gate 59 Sexuality Human Design

They can break down barriers in relationships and achieve a sense of togetherness. Such people have a deep need to connect in fruitful alliances. Their sexual energy can lead to conflict. The conflict helps to get closer, to remove any innuendo and passivity from the relationship.

This Gate determine in a person his sexual strategy for attracting a partner. There are 6 main convergence strategies in total:

1 – Fill over the shoulder and into the cave. 2 – Shyness. 3 – Openness. 4 – Friendship. 5 – Casanova / Femme fatale. 6 – For life or for one night.

These people need to wait for a response to the right opportunity or offer before jumping into a new relationship. Otherwise, the relationship takes place on a very superficial, intimate level instead of penetrating deeply into the other and becoming one with him. Together with the Gate 6, the 59s provide a high probability of conception. By themselves, such people are more associated with sex and intimacy than with marriage.

People with Gate 59 value the selective availability of Gate 6 in order to feel when and with whom intimacy should occur.

The gift of people with gate 59 is to dissipate barriers in relationships with others and achieve a sense of togetherness. They create opportunities for establishing fruitful partnerships or intimacy. Their deepest need is to connect closely with others, to form workers’ and personal unions. Mixing of personal and work boundaries is possible. They are looking for such unions in which there will be fruits from joint activities – children, projects, results that can be touched.

Gate 59 Sexuality on the Map

Gate 59 Sexuality is located in Sacral Center which is responsible for life energy and working capacity. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

Gate 59 and Gate 6 form Channel 6-59 Intimacy. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

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