The creative potential of people with Gate 14 Power Skills is to passionately love their work and find application for their material talents.

The power to find your own unique direction in life lives in 14 gates. These people have the skills and passion for creative work. People with 14 gates want most of all to find what they love to do. They can get rich by being creative. The energy of the 14th gate pulls together material resources like a magnet.

The 14th gate needs the 2nd to get the direction in which their skills can be revealed in the easiest and most effective way. Without 2 gates, 14s can be trapped in a mouse wheel of endless work without feeling where they are going. In this case, gate 14 is the gate of slavery.

Gate 14 Power Skills Human Design

The energy of this gate fuels the creative direction of life. They are symbolically called “Keeper of the Keys”. They seem to promise that there will be material resources.

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These gates are able to accumulate and then retain strength through skillful interaction, love and self-control. In these gates lives sacred power in its highest manifestation, the power to follow its own unique direction. It is symbolic of it as the ignition key that drives your “car”.

These people have the power to go in their very unique direction, to move creative projects. It is important for them to find a job that they truly love. Then their creative skills will show themselves as successfully as possible, and they themselves will receive the highest satisfaction from their activities.

Gate 14 Power Skills on the Map

Gate 14 Power Skills is located in Sacral Center which is responsible for life energy and working capacity. You can read about Sacral Center here.

Gate 14 and Gate 2 form Channel 14-2 Heartbeat. You can read about this Channel here.

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Type Signature
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