People with The Gate 3 of Ordering want to work on something new. Their river has no banks and no channel. If they do not expect opportunities from life, but invent them themselves, by this they only intensify the chaos around them, and their innovative potential cannot manifest itself. In the channel of Mutation 3-60, it is the 60th gate that is the fire on which the mutation is being prepared. Therefore, it is important for the 3rd gate to learn patience and clarity that the maturation process has its own timing, which should not be accelerated artificially. Patience allows the 3rd gate to give birth to something that will have lasting practical value.

Gate 3 Ordering Human Design

Sometimes people with 3 Gate start to rush things too much. They want something to constantly change around them: people, situations, and environment. However, changes do not take place immediately and then people with 3 Gate feel worthless and lost.

The melancholy of the 3 Gate comes with the feeling that the physical plane is not changing in step with evolution, and that outdated systems hold back new possibilities.

To learn how to deal with melancholy, people with 3 Gate need to accept the fact that some changes happen without their participation. But here’s what they can do: order what is. For example, if they want to make repairs and change the decor in the house, first of all, they should put in order the existing furniture and other details. Put everything on the shelves, put things in order, see the big picture and only then realize what exactly they can change and how it can be done. Without ordering, no change will take place. This is why the carriers of the 3 Gate need to be patient. Otherwise, they will demand too much from themselves and from other people.

In the Gate 3 lives the intention to complete the mutation. The power of 3 Gate helps to find an application for the mutation that has occurred, to cope with the first chaos of misunderstanding – what to do with it.

Such people establish a new order out of chaos. They carry in themselves mutational potential, by what they are working on. Genetic mutation, cultural mutation, conceptual.

Harmonious 60 Gate discipline 3 Gate on the path of mutation maturation. They determine the moment of its implementation.

These people are agents of evolution. They bring radical changes to the world and are always under pressure to change the usual way of life. Both innovations and instability are born in their field. They know better than anyone that the only stability in life is change.

The potential of 3 Gate is to bring mutation to society. The challenge for them is to overcome the confusion when the mutation occurred and establish a new order. It is important for them to recognize that the birth of a new order out of chaos is a process that takes time.

The Gate 3 of Ordering on the Map

The Gate 3 of Ordering is located in Sacral Center which is responsible for life energy and working capacity. You can read about Sacral Center here.

Gate 3 and Gate 60 form Channel 3-60 Mutation. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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