People with the Gate 29 of Concord can trust a new life opportunity, surrender to it directly and irrevocably, completely not knowing where it will lead them.

In terms of its strength, the Gate 29 is very powerful. This is the energy of determination and resilience. If such a person says “Yes” to a new experience or task, he is able to follow them relentlessly. Gate 29 responds to a new life cycle, which can be from several months to several years. Therefore, it is important for them to be careful where they direct their energy, what processes they enter, what obligations they take on. Their real possibilities find them themselves. Life literally makes them an offer, opens up a new opportunity. And then they can already tell her their weighty “Yes” or “No”. If you feel like you want to plunge headlong into this new opportunity, the energy of Gate 29 will support you along the way. Waiting for their opportunity for such people is a way to attract their true opportunities into their lives, which bring a lot of valuable discoveries, satisfaction and joy.

Their task is to learn to distinguish between which agreements should be accepted and which should not. Their inner “Yes” to the opportunity that has come is a guarantee that they have the energy to persevere in their work, to bend their line and not give up regardless of the circumstances. It is important for them to learn to totally trust their “Yes” when they enter a new experience. To go into it without bias and expectations – where this experience will lead them.

Gate 29 Concord Human Design

The harmonious 46th gate guides the 29th gate on their adventure. They are in the role of a bright light at the end of a gloomy tunnel. The energy of gate 46 is felt as love and a thrill to continue the business you have started, to go forward not for the sake of a specific goal, but for the sake of the process itself. Without Gate 46, 29 are ready to work, but they do not know why they are doing it, they do not feel where life is leading them.

You can say “Yes” more often than you yourself want and thus end up in undesirable experiences for yourself. The very energy seems to urge you to say “Yes” to every opportunity. Remember that quality is important to you, not quantity. Otherwise, you can enter such processes that you are not ready to go through. Such people have the perseverance to continue where others retreat, surrender.

If people with Gate 29 show steadfastness and determination to continue what they started, life rewards them with a sense of satisfaction, buzz, and valuable discoveries along the way. They know how to be decisive where others give up, retreat. This is their path to success.

The Gate 29 of Concord on the Map

The Gate 29 of Concord is located in Sacral Center which is responsible for life energy and working capacity. You can read interesting information about Sacral Center here.

The Gate 29 and the Gate 46 form Channel 29-46 Discovery Channel. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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