We often say that alcohol exposes the soul. What can we say about this in terms of Human Design?
Undoubtedly, drinking alcoholic beverages affects our behavior. Some people become very active, sing songs and dance, while others become withdrawn and immersed in heavy thinking. In this matter everything is strictly individual. And here it is important to understand that there is a certain gap, when alcohol is good for you, allowing you to relax your tense mind and throw off the masks of false self. That is, in certain situations and in strictly limited doses, alcohol can have a relaxing and beneficial effect on us. We become braver and more natural in our behavior.

In impropriety, however, alcohol can work as a magnifying glass for our fears, problems, and manifestations of the False Self in open Centers. This glass is needed for us to see all these things in a hypertrophied form if we are unable to discern our fears and vulnerabilities in our normal state. In this case, alcohol, as the kindest friend, quite frankly reveals and demonstrates our most hidden shadowy qualities, which in ordinary life we try to suppress in ourselves.

Under the influence of alcohol, a person with open Ajna may begin to prove his knowledge in various matters. If a person is in the False Self, it is important for him or her to appear intellectual and prove his or her worth through knowledge. It is worth understanding that if a person has powerful inner attitudes and limitations, in a state of strong intoxication he may completely lose the thread of the conversation, jumping from topic to topic. However, if you want to understand the person more deeply, try to hear where their pain is growing from. Even if a person with an open Ajna shows himself harshly and persistently.

A person with open Throat Center, may start talking non-stop or even singing. Such a person can talk about everything in the world. If there is a topic, he will certainly support it. If there is no topic, he or she will start talking about something insignificant, recounting his or her entire life in detail. It is people with an undefined Throat Center who, when intoxicated, most often call someone from their contact list to talk about life.

A person with open G Center may try to show off. This may manifest itself in showing endless pictures or videos, dancing on the bar, and other ways of drawing increased attention to oneself.

Alcohol and open Centers

A person with open Heart Center under the influence of alcohol may begin to recall all of their real and imaginary achievements, records, and merits. It happens that such people start throwing money right and left, demonstrating their prosperity to others. They can be very kind and generous to those who recognize their merits. But they find it difficult to say “no” to others, even if they understand that they will have to pay for it.

A person with open Splenic Center feels almost immortal under the influence of alcohol. Finally all his fears and mistrust of the world are gone and he can feel calm and begin to demonstrate courage and sometimes even recklessness. Due to the fact that the need for security and trust in the world is basic for every person, it is the carriers of the indeterminate Spleen Center who easily fall into various kinds of addictions.

A person with open Solar Plexus Center can completely stop controlling himself or herself and even become aggressive. Under the influence of alcohol such a person finally gets an opportunity to vent all his emotions out. Of course, this can become the cause of scandals, tears, and resentments. In normal life such a person may feel a lack of drive, feelings and emotions. But under the influence of alcohol, there is an abundance of feelings.

It is worth bearing in mind that in this state, people with open Solar Plexus Center are the most open to sexual experimentation, which they may later regret very much. Understanding the mechanics, in this case, is especially useful for married couples, as it allows them to understand the reasons for their partner’s behavior and motivation.

A person with open Sacral Center does not know when he or she has had enough. Not having the energy of the Sacral, they simply do not feel the measure, i.e. the moment when they should stop. Besides, the Undetermined Sacral Center absorbs and amplifies the other person’s intoxicated state.

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