What is Generator in relationship?

Generator’s Bodygraph identifies the Sacred Center, which gives him limitless sources of inner energy. If properly managed, he is able to reach any heights and enjoy life no matter what he does. But if the Generator does not follow his Strategy of following the Response, his life will be filled with perpetual dissatisfaction and frustration.

Strangely enough, one should also follow Response when it comes to relationships. If Generator decides out of his mind with whom he will be paired, such a relationship will inevitably bring him frustration. And as much as one would like to ignore this rule, Generators should by no means enter into relationship before they have received a positive response about this or that person.

Very often, in their desire to please their partner, Generators begin to “score” on their own affairs and interests. They stop doing what they love and concentrate entirely on the person they love. But, of course, this practice does not lead to anything good. By ignoring his own hobbies, the Generator obviously goes against his nature and stops noticing the voice of his Response. He channels his energy into pleasing his partner even in situations where he doesn’t want to.

When he goes against his nature, he will inevitably become frustrated, which is an indicator of the manifestation of False Self in life. And this feeling does not go away – it is very clearly reflected on the partner as well. Projectors will avoid the frustrated Generator, Manifestors will be angry at him, and Reflectors will simply reflect this negative energy. In none of these cases is it even worth talking about a favorable home environment.

Generator who does not listen to his or her Response receives no positive reinforcement from a relationship, but instead only destroys himself or herself in it.

Generator in relationship

The nature of all Types is very different, and what is right for one may be perceived as a weakness or a flaw by another. Each of the other Types has its own “charges” against the Generators, which will manifest themselves in one way or another in the relationship.

Manifestors may see Generator partners as non-self, infantile, and weak. Like, he wants to do this and he does not want to do that, he has a heart for this and he does not have a heart for the other. Such excessive “intelligibility” causes outbursts of rage in purposeful Manifestors, which can often provoke conflicts.

Projectors perceive Generators as hyperactive, while they themselves prefer a more measured life. The Generator can be “too much”, as if he fills the Projector with his irrepressible energy, forcing him to forget about himself. And the Generator tends to disagree with many “precepts” of the Projector, which makes the former bitter at the impossibility to execute his assignment correctly.

Reflector suffers even more than the other Types paired with the Generator. He simply cannot physically cope with the pressure of such colossal energy pulsing and reflecting through him constantly. Such a lifestyle of constant activity quickly depletes the Reflector, and the relationship begins to tire.

In any case, when building a correct relationship between representatives of different Types, it is important to know the peculiarities of not only your own nature, but also the nature of your partner. Otherwise, you may simply not understand when you are too much in the relationship and you suppress your partner, and when, on the contrary, your participation and closeness is required.

And it is important for the Generator himself to understand that the relationship is only a part of life for him. With this understanding comes the obviousness that it is necessary to devote time to what he himself likes, even if he does not meet any interest from his partner. When the generator dedicates his free time to his hobbies, he stops being too “clingy” to his partner, which creates a kind of distance in the relationship. This distance helps the relationship not to fade and creates attraction to each other.

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