Hello again, dear readers of my blog! Today I want to further expand your understanding of your own Design. Within the framework of this article, we will talk about how to find harmony in life for Generator people. We are going to answer the question about Generator Response.

Generators are those people who have a Sacral Center. It is easy to define it in society – nowhere and will you ever see such a living and energetic person as a Generator, who lives in accordance with his true nature.

They are energetic beings, but unlike the Manifestors, they do not need to take the initiative. For a happy life, the Generator needs to be able to wait and find the strength in himself to feel his inner Response. He doesn’t have to start anything himself. The aura itself will attract the right people and the right questions. And only when the Generator begins to listen to this aura and follow its direction, he can truly find himself and the harmony of the inner world.

What is Response

Every day the Generator is given a huge supply of vitality. Some of them have no idea how great a gift they have. No, only those who are deprived of this treasure can understand this. For the Generator, everything is ordinary and familiar. The trouble with the world is that most of them do not even suspect that they are wasting all their potential in vain. And only a few can truly enjoy life, finding the right ways to realize their energy.

Generator Response

To find its true path, the Generator must learn to hear the response. A response is a reaction coming from the depths of the Sacred Center. He reacts to external events or questions, but not in the form of human speech. All these “yes” or “no” – these are just words that people have learned to deceive themselves. We can say yes when we want to say no. But the response cannot be fooled.

The response is unconscious reactions. They appear in the form of sounds: “aha”, “uh-huh”, “ah”, etc. With their help, children can communicate, not yet polluted and not corrupted by the human mind. Every time you hear a positive response in yourself, it means that the Sacral Center agrees. The opposite opinion applies when you hear a negative response. The most important thing for a Generator is to learn not only to hear, but also to trust your response. After all, if he resists him, he can never be truly happy.

How do you feel the Response?

To find its true path, the Generator must learn to feel and distinguish between the reactions of the brain and the Response. This is much easier than it sounds. This is manifested in those situations when the Generator needs to respond to an external stimulus or question. Very often I see that many people have an internal conflict. It occurs due to the fact that a person resists his true desire, and acts from the position of “it should be so”, and not “I want it so”.

You can try to do it this way: find a person with whom you are comfortable and have a short conversation with him. It should be built on a question-and-answer basis. Let him ask you questions of all kinds, and you, try to answer them with a response. That is, either a positive “yeah” or a negative “nope.”

You need to answer questions not with your brain, but with the reaction of your Sacred Center. You do not have to think about the answer to the question – your Response will speak for you. And believe me – the Response is much more honest than you or your mind. Conduct such a survey for 10-15 minutes, and you will feel that at some point you will completely relax. Then your inner wisdom will wake up, and you will hear the Sacred voice.

Transformation begins with the body

It all starts with the body. It is our constant companion in life, and if you do not trust him, then who can you trust in general? Listen to what your body wants to tell you. Try to understand what decisions you make by the work of your mind, and which are your Response to this or that event.

The more often you listen to the voice of your body, the easier your life will be. Believe me, it really is! Nothing is more satisfying than doing and reacting to things the way you really think about them! The brain in this regard is less plastic – it will always find you hundreds of reasons why you should do this, and this should not.

And what do you get by constantly listening to your brain? Stress, irritation, tension. These are natural reactions that occur due to the conflict between your mind and the Sacred Center. This path will only lead you to self-destruction.

Every time you feel tension in your soul and body, think about whether you are doing something that you really do not like to do? Analyze your feelings and learn to hear the Response in time. And only in this case can you achieve real harmony in life.

On my way, I meet dozens of people who seem to have everything to be happy, but they do not look happy. Their problem is that they themselves cannot understand where they are making a mistake. To solve many of their problems, I just had to point out to them the dominant role of the Sacral Center over the mind and connect this with other fixations in the Rave Map. This alone is enough to change their lives for the better.

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