Aura:  Tasting

False Self Topic:  Disappointment

Strategy: Waiting for the Lunar Cycle

Signature: Delight

In Human Design, the Reflector is the most unusual and distinctive personality type. All open Centers on the Bodygraph encourage such people to interact with energy in a unique way. Through open gates, they connect with other auras, forming strong channels for the exchange of energy. On Earth, only 1% of people with this type of personality. It is a truly unique character, lifestyle and strategy. Such a person is distinguished by an increased sensitivity to the world around him and other people. What is their unique role in the universe?

Reflector description

The name of this personality type speaks directly to their essence – they are created to reflect. Reflectors can analyze the state of the environment and people, they immediately understand when something bad or “unhealthy” is happening around them. They can tune in so accurately to the frequencies of the world around them that they see any disturbances in the psychological or emotional sphere, even in other people.

Human Design experts argue that this personality type may have been one of the first on Earth. In ancient times, people knew how to communicate with nature, feel its joy and anger. But now in a world of change and the hegemony of other aggressive personality types, empathetic Reflectors have receded into the background. Although there is an opinion that everything will return to normal, and justice, for which the Reflectors are subconsciously fighting, will triumph, raising them to the top of the hierarchy of types.

But it is a mistake to believe that the role of this type of personality is insignificant. In any group process, in any society, there must be such a person. It enhances the interaction of the energies and auras of others, with their unobtrusive presence they tell other types what their thoughts and actions lead to.

In Human Design, it is believed that the Reflector is the only one belonging to the Lunar personality type, directly reflecting the other three Solar ones. The main task of the Lunar personality type is to bring the world to universal harmony and justice. Projectors, Generators and Manifestoors must learn to listen to the assessment of the Reflectors and see in them a reflection of the true state of the world that they themselves have created. If the Reflector learns to feel himself, then he will be able to make his own and other people’s lives as an incredible composition with a divine principle inside.

Reflector Human Design

But unique Reflectors have a problem – their open Centers. Although they are not so strongly influenced by the outside, their aura must learn to choose those people who are ready to live their true Design and become an Authority for themselves. This requires learning to work with other types, learning to identify and guide them. The first step for a conscious Reflector is to study your bodygraph. Even if the Reflectors do not like it very much, it is sometimes vital to look into yourself.

Place is the key to a happy life for the Reflectors

It is important for such people to find their place, an environment in which they become a marker of good and bad. It is the nine open Centers that make it possible to understand who requires their reflection, and who can become a model for each of their open Centers.

If the other three types in Human Design obey the external laws of society, then the Reflectors float in their flow. It is important for them to be flexible and dynamic, to be able to easily change their environment or social circle. Only in this way will open Centers always build new energy channels and build connections with other people along them.

Reflector Human Design

Reflector strategy

Inside, the Lunar personality type does not have an internal compass and stable Authority that would tell them the correctness of actions or decisions. The strategy depends on the Lunar cycle (28-day journey of the Moon along the Mandala). Each Reflector has its own cycle. It starts from the moment you receive an important proposal or the need to make a decision on your own. After 28 days, you will be ready to answer Yes or No.

Studying the Bodygraph will help you understand how to act during the active Lunar cycle, what to do in order for the decision to come at the end of 28 days.


A close relationship can be both the highest value and a painful endeavor for the Reflector. They are often very easy to fall in love with, but sometimes they do not immediately reveal themselves, but simply reflect their partner. By associating with a strong Authority, the Reflectors allow you to make all decisions for yourself. Such a relationship turns into an unhealthy union that does not allow the Lunar personality type to reveal its uniqueness.

In a family it is very easy for Reflectors to find a common language with children. Only a partner with whom they are always surprised and learn something new can reveal their personality.

Reflector’s False Self

Reflectors feel good only in their place. Not finding his environment, the Reflector asks himself questions about whether his uniqueness will be accepted, is it really possible to remain yourself under the pressure of other energy types and people? Such questions lead the Reflectors down the wrong path – to the search for stability and fixity.

But the main feature of this type is flexibility. You need to learn to find comfort in instability, to ask yourself more often who you are at a particular moment.

The reflector only feels comfortable when successfully finding those people who are living their strategy. The correct Moon type always finds its “place”, and experiencing real delight becomes a pointer to the right path for people who are freed from the shackles of the False Self. It is also important to take into account your profile in human design, it will also say a lot about you.

Population of the planet: only 1%

Famous Reflectors: Richard Burton, Sandra Bullock, Fyodor Dostoevsky, HG Wells, Michael Jackson, Rosalyn Carter, Edward Mericke, Thorvald Detlefsen.

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