Among people associated with Human Design, the Human Projector is called the manager of the future. This is the Type, which only recently (in relation to human history) began to develop, and is gradually gaining more and more authority among the other types. Naturally possessing the qualities of true leaders, they skillfully lead people, achieving success through collective labor. While the Manifestors continue to lead, relying on the methods of force, Projectors rely on mutual respect and deserve a reputation as very sensitive and attentive leaders.

The true value of Projectors is manifested precisely in collaboration, in and of themselves they are not distinguished by special abilities. Although, it would be more correct to say that it is extremely difficult for them to compete with decisive Manifestors or indefatigable Generators. By its nature, a Projector is a Type in which human dependence on being in society is manifested. Indeed, in itself, it does not have such a huge reserve of energy as the Manifestor or the Generator. But he compensates for this by the fact that he knows how to direct them and manage their energy.

Projector Human Design

From here difficulties arise in the life of the Projector. Trying to achieve success with their own efforts, or in vain “competing” with other Types, Projectors waste themselves, not understanding their true potential. What is easy for some people is impossible for others. Having understood this simple truth and concentrated only on what Projectors do really well, representatives of this Type can achieve incredible heights in the field of life. Then they, albeit not alone, will gain well-deserved success and get rid of the bitterness of dissatisfaction.

Projector Strategy

The strategy of Projectors is very easy to understand, but very problematic to use. The fact is that the Projector person can correctly interact with other people only if he receives an invitation. Invitation is a very abstract concept. Sometimes for this you need a letter, and sometimes just another person’s interested look is enough. The ability of the Projector itself to feel when it is really interested, and when not, is important here. This comes with the experience of living your Design.

Upon receiving an invitation, the Projector along with it receives a green light to access someone else’s energy in order to objectively recognize and correctly direct another person. In other words, when the Projector is invited to something, it literally means that they need help, and the inviter is set up for mutually beneficial cooperation. Only in this case, the Projector will be able to competently apply its managerial abilities, without causing the natural rejection reaction, which is so often observed in the absence of an invitation.

Strategy is a very powerful tool, but in the case of the Human Projector, its application is not always necessary. In particular, it should be used only in four cases:

  • Search for someone with whom to build relationships;
  • The choice of those with whom to work;
  • Selection of a place where to live / study;
  • The choice of those with whom to build friendships.

It is advisable to apply the Strategy only in those aspects that will have the greatest impact on life. Otherwise, it makes no sense to wait for an invitation from someone. Some Projectors go to the point of absurdity, trying to apply the Strategy to even the most “everyday” matters and worries.

But, correctly applying the Strategy to receive an invitation is only half the battle. It is important to learn to sift out incorrect options for yourself so as not to acquire unnecessary obligations. In this case, the Projector may well rely on its authority. He will always tell you the right direction in life, and will help you not to make wrong decisions.

Projector authority

Inner authority is the truth of the true “I” expressed in various ways. In the teaching of Human Design, internal authority plays the role of assistant and adviser – it helps to make the right decisions based on the voice of the body, instead of listening to the voice of the mind. As a rule, each Authority has its own way of expression.

Projector Human DesignEmotional Projector

If the Projector has Emotional Authority, then it is important for him to accustom himself not to make any decisions until the emotional wave subsides. If he receives any invitation, then he will definitely have some emotions associated with this event. Whether it is delight from anticipation, or, conversely, despondency from the thought of what is ahead of him if he agrees. It is important not to let emotions take over, and always have time to think. When the emotional wave passes, the Projector will be able to appreciate the invitation and, in a state of clarity, make the only right decision. If he agrees or refuses relying solely on the voice of emotions, he will certainly become their victim, having lost favorable opportunities or having taken upon himself superfluous.

Spleen (spontaneous)

For Projectors with Spleen Authority, it is more important than anyone else to learn to hear the “voice” of their body. Different people express it in completely different ways. Someone, as they say, feels that something is wrong with the “liver”, others feel that the “soul” is slipping into the heels, and still others may simply involuntarily depict a grimace for a moment.

The most interesting thing is that if the Projector does not miss this signal of the Spleen Authority and draws attention to it, then it will be able to determine exactly what this reaction refers to. Will accepting the invitation be useful / healthy for him or, on the contrary, he will regret that he agreed.


Using Self-Projected Authority will require the help of outsiders. The bottom line is that a Projector with this type of Authority should discuss the upcoming solution with someone it trusts. But here it is important to listen not to other people’s opinions and advice, but to your own words – what and how he says.

A mental monologue is one thing, but telling your plans to friends or family is another. It is important to listen to the sensations that arise during the conversation. If a Projector with a Self-Projected Authority speaks positively of its future decision, and at the same time feels the right choice inside, then it really is. If you don’t want to talk about a solution, or it doesn’t work out positively, then you need to think about whether it is worth agreeing or it is better to refuse before it is too late.


In the case of the Mental Projector, things are pretty much the same as with the Self-Projected. Only with Mental Authority, one should not limit oneself to a conversation with one person, but discuss their decision with other people until there is a feeling of confidence about the final choice.

After all, it happens that a Man-Projector can rush to conclusions to celebrate, but a little time will pass and the fuse will dry up. If you make a hasty decision, it can come back to life in the future, so it is important to “feel” your choice completely until the doubts completely disappear.

False Self of the Projector

The False Self in a person of the Type “Projector” is expressed in the form of a feeling of bitterness. Various things can provoke bitterness. For example, the realization that it cannot compare with the more successful Manifestors and Generators. Looking at them, the Projector may feel less talented and an outsider in life. From time to time trying to compete with his supposedly “rivals”, he becomes more and more disappointed in himself, plunging into the depths of bitterness.

On the other hand, the Projector can instinctively feel that it is capable of much more if it does something together with other people. Therefore, he himself will initiate friendship and relations with anyone who is at least somehow interested in him. So, the Projector surrounds itself with the wrong people from whom it will never receive the correct invitation. Or he will “offer” himself and his services left and right, hoping not to earn someone else’s recognition, but to literally beg him.

It cannot lead to anything good. Persistent imposition by the Projector is always perceived by other people with hostility, and it will be involuntarily, and sometimes even specially avoided.

Bitterness, unlike some Manifestor anger, is a cumulative feeling. It does not pass over time, but on the contrary, it tends to become stronger and stronger. And the longer the “manager” is under the rule of the False Self, the more bitterness accumulates in him, turning him into an eternally grouchy and displeased person.

False Self Projector Human Design Such an individual is like an old man who is ready to complain about everything in this world. He ceases to believe in himself and his strengths, “prophesying” defeat in any business in advance, getting used to his own impotence.

And the further the process goes, the more difficult it becomes for the Projector to get rid of the False Self. Therefore, the first thing to start the process of transformation is to try to let go of past defeats. Do not focus on what happened, and look into the future. It is equally important to clarify the truth about your uniqueness and stop comparing yourself to others. As Einstein said:

“We are all geniuses. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life, considering itself a fool. “

Therefore, it is so important to understand, and most importantly, accept yourself and your unique traits. Of course, you need to completely change the approach to life, applying the approach of Human Design in the life of the Projector. Stop imposing yourself on other people and accustom yourself to the correct expectation of opportunity. Once he stops initiating actions in his life, he will definitely have a chance to prove himself truly. Not a single initiation, even if it has somehow succeeded, will bring the Projector so much satisfaction that it receives from the right invitation.

Aura Type

Aura is a special energy field of a person that appears with him at the moment of birth. Any interaction of people affects not only verbal and non-verbal forms of contact. It is also important to consider the nature of auric contact, which is often much more important than the appearance and spoken words.

At Projectors, Aura has a very directional, very focused property. It is not sprayed in all directions, as for example in the Generator, but is aimed strictly at one object or person. This allows the Projector at a very deep level to “recognize” the one with whom it is in contact. This is where the special skill of this Type arises – the ability to see other people’s strengths and weaknesses is even better than a person himself could recognize. And with the help of his “advanced vision”, the Projector can easily guide and develop other people’s talents, playing the role of a mentor.

But there is also a flip side to the “attentive” Human Projection Aura. She is TOO focused on the other. When talking face to face, an inexplicable impression may arise that he is trying to cross his personal space. The impact of his Aura will be interpreted by other people as an invasion of “private property”, which will certainly cause a defensive reaction.

A projector can only truly interact correctly with other people when it receives an invitation. That is, it plays out its Strategy correctly. By inviting, a person seems to “agree” with a possible encroachment on his personal space, which excludes the possibility of a defensive reaction. The outcome will be the correct contact between two people, where the Projector is given the go-ahead to interact with someone else’s energy.

Projector Question

The main question of the Projector in life: “Will anyone notice me and my talents?”. For many people living in the XNUMXst century, it is very difficult to adopt a strategy that implies anticipation. Indeed, there are no guarantees that the abilities of a human Projector will be noticed by someone and they will invite him to something. Therefore, they, even knowing and believing in their Strategy, still continue to doubt.

“Is it worth it to take action and take all your hands? After all, if I hesitate now, then it may be too late ”…

As a result, they begin to initiate things in their life, succumbing to their fear. But initiation is the destiny of the Manifestors; the Projector cannot cope with what it is not adapted to. Trying to “impose” himself on other people, exposing himself and his talents for show, he is unlikely to be able to achieve anything other than rejection. His focused aura will play a bad joke with him, forcing others to shun him, or even ostracize. This is the irony of the life of Projectors – the more they try to initiate themselves, the more difficult it is for them to succeed.

Question Projector Human Design Therefore, for this Type it will be much more effective not just to take your Design on faith, but to experience everything during the Experiment. Sometimes they are not able to accept the truth about their Strategy until they feel enough suffering and pain caused by their desire to initiate. Only those few who, in their own skin, have felt the complete failure of initiation in their lives, can fully trust their Strategy, ceasing to doubt.

So the Projector needs to dive as deep as possible into the study of its Design, casting doubt on everything. Testing the knowledge of Human Design in his life, conducting his own Experiment, he will sooner or later be able to believe in this teaching. Having felt how easy and right life is becoming from observing your Strategy and Authority, no Projector will ever want to return to following the path of the False Self again. After all, no matter how many stories were heard from the lips of others, nothing can inspire like an example from one’s own life.

Type Signature

Type Signature is a favorable feeling that comes with the correct living of your Design, replacing the manifestation of the False Self. If the Projector will live according to its Strategy and Authority, then instead of the bitterness of the False Self, a feeling of success will become its companion. Success is a “symptom” of the proper use of one’s gift. When other people invite him themselves, then the Projector can take full advantage of his outstanding leadership abilities. And where he is considered a welcome guest, the team will always be doomed to success.

Accustomed to constantly giving way in life to proactive Generators and decisive Manifestos, the Projector becomes incredibly greedy for success. This feeling literally intoxicates him, allows him to believe in his own strengths. But success cannot be achieved by initiation. Only not to the Projector. For this Type, success is a very natural feeling that arises only when its abilities are recognized and needed. Then he can take control into his own hands and confidently lead others behind him, without imposing himself or asking for recognition.

Projector Relations

The way relations between different people will develop depends primarily on the characteristics of the Type. It so happened that some ligaments a priori look more harmonious than others. Therefore, in this section we will briefly see how the Projector will be combined with other Types.

But, it’s worthwhile to clarify in advance: Type is far from the only aspect that affects people’s relationships. In Human Design, there are many other components that affect the future of a couple. Therefore, the examples proposed in this article are not the only possible truth, but only describe the combination of “naked” Types among themselves.

1 + 1

The relationship of the two Projectors may look somewhat ridiculous, but at the same time effective. Both partners will “peer” at each other through their Auras, helping to find their strengths and weaknesses. Due to this, one of them will always be able to support and cheer up his beloved when he is in a bad mood. This is a very entertaining relationship, where each of the two members of the union knows the second much better than himself, and therefore in a relationship rarely there are quarrels and conflicts.

But two Projectors may show a lack of initiation. Ultimately, this Type is designed to guide others, and not act independently. In addition, he does not have a large supply of energy. Therefore, from the side, the relationship between the two Projectors may look as if they have known each other for many years, even if in fact it is not.

One cannot “force” to initiate the other, and as a result, both of them may be a little bored together. Therefore, in such pairs, both partners often have their own “interest groups”, where they “escape” for a while from boring and monotonous relationships. At least temporarily touching someone else’s energy, the Projector, “recharged”, returns home, where again it can return to its usual languidly comfortable leisure with his beloved.

Projector + Generator

Potentially, this is the most “promising” alignment of relationships of all possible combinations. This is a couple in which the Projector takes the role of presenter and Generator follower. But there is no compulsion. It’s just that the Projector sees perfectly all the strengths of the Generator, and therefore can help the latter to direct its irrepressible energy in the right direction. Where these two Types are connected together, a very successful union is always possible – often, it is in such a bundle that such a concept as “family business” is born.

But it will not be superfluous to say that, in a romantic sense, the Projector and the Generator will all be very smooth. The projector, knowing and respecting the nature of the Generator, will ask him suggestive questions that provoke his Response. The generator, in turn, will always be ready to “share” its energy, allowing the second to feel energetic and full of strength. These two Types complement each other, making full use of strengths and closing the weaknesses of both.

Relations Projector Human Design Projector + Manifestor

In Human Design, the Projector is rightfully considered the one who must bear the burden of leadership. But The Manifestor this approach does not suit, because he is used to always be on his mind. He may not be interested in managing others, but he will not let anyone push himself. Therefore, conflicts between the Projector and the Manifestor can often erupt on the grounds that the Manifestor does not tolerate any attempts to establish control over itself.

In such a pair, it all depends on whether both partners apply the knowledge of Human Design in their lives or not. A projector aware of the violent nature of the Manifesto will never go ahead, demanding something and trying to achieve what it wants by force. He will act very delicately, trying to guide the Manifestor beloved through advice and guidance. The main thing is that the Projector does not try to impose its opinion, but expresses it only when asked. Otherwise, the Manifestor may consider the excessive initiative of his companion as an encroachment on personal space, which will become a ground for conflict.

Projector + Reflector

Being in a relationship with a Reflector can be a bit difficult for the projector. It’s all about the features of the Reflector Type – it itself does not have any stable traits and qualities, instead, “borrowing” others for a while. However, this Type is better than anyone who understands people. If the Projector can see other people’s strengths and weaknesses, then the Reflector is not limited to this only, reading its entire partner, like a book. At the same time, the Reflector itself always remains a mystery to another person, no matter how much time they spend together.

Hence difficulties arise. The projector in life gets used to consider himself an expert in the field of understanding of other people, but before the eyes of the Reflector he feels himself in the role of a “defenseless” child. Not understanding what is actually happening in the Reflector’s head, the Projector, instead, sees only its own “reflected” qualities, which only reinforces the misunderstanding.

For the Projector itself, such relationships can be very informative – because through contact with the Reflector he will be able to see many of his weak and strong features. But there is no certainty that he will be able to give something to the Reflector in return. After all, both of these types are characterized by a weak energy supply, and spending time together is unlikely to be able to “ignite” each other. In fact, this is a very controversial bunch, because there are only 1% of people on Earth. To meet even one is already a great success, and to predict the results of their relationship is completely impossible.

Projector and money

The Human Projector has only a few scenarios when it comes to work and career. Either he falls into the trap of the False Self, starting to initiate harm to himself, or he patiently waits for his opportunity, and finds an occupation to match his talents.

When the Projector starts to initiate, it rarely thinks about choosing the best option for itself. More often than not, he recklessly clutches at any opportunity that only comes to hand in order to occupy himself with something. In fact, this is a very sad sight – when the born to lead and control, the Projector plows like a horse, struggling to compare with others.

A completely different situation is when he follows his Strategy and does not run headlong through life. It’s not about that he should lie down on a sofa, hang his legs and wait until someone calls and calls him to become a director. No, the Projector must choose for itself a sphere that would be interesting to him and develop in it. Not to become a manager, but for your own pleasure.

This invitation comes to the Projector when its merits are recognized by others. And if people see how diligent the representative of this Type is in the subject of their interest, then sooner or later they will turn to him anyway. Although the Projector does not have enormous energy reserves, it, instead, boasts a very vibrant and flexible Mind that helps it achieve certain heights in any matter that interests him.

It is good learning that is the feature that invites Projectors to. And having received a proper invitation, they can demonstrate their excellent leadership qualities, having earned authority among their colleagues, and becoming one step closer to the desired success.

Baby Projector

Speaking of children, Projectors, the first thing to mention is their great curiosity. Not differing in incredible activity (especially in comparison with other Types), they, nevertheless, spend a lot of time studying something new for themselves. As a rule, young Projectors enjoy spending time in the company of books and encyclopedias, discovering the delights of this wonderful world.

Childhood Projector Human Design For the same reason, they may experience some pressure, both from peers and their parents. They are in vain compared with other children, noting low activity compared to the rest. And what is most sad: the children of Projectors themselves get used to these comparisons, and noticing this, they begin to feel their own “inferiority”. Until there was a reason, they are pleased to do what is interesting to them. But as soon as comparisons begin, they immediately want to become “the same as everyone else”, abandoning their hobbies and trying in vain to compete with others.

Parents’ contributions to Projectors are incredibly important. If they themselves compare their children with others, noticing their weakness, this will have a devastating effect. If parents, on the contrary, will support young Projectors in everything, cultivating their uniqueness, then they will find incredibly happy, successful and most importantly – grateful people who will certainly reach incredible heights in their lives.

In the end, knowing your Type is just the basis for a long, but interesting Experiment. An experiment in which you will find out who you really are and what your true happiness is.

Famous Projectors:

  • Projector Karl Marx
    Karl Marx

Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, Osho, Mig Jager, Merlin Monroe, George Clooney, Stephen Spielberg, Alexander Pushkin, Brad Pitt and others.

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