The Human Design Generator is the most common Type on Earth, whose representatives make up about 70% of the total population. It is no exaggeration to say that this Type is among the most important ones. It has an amazing ability to independently generate energy, which is used for work and life. Generators are often called “builders of the world,” and this statement is not far from the truth.

As long as there are those who drive progress by the power of their creative being, there must be those who translate thoughts into reality. It is Generators, who, like no one else, are capable of turning any fantasies into reality by the strength of their hard work and zeal.

This Type has only one trouble. Like all talented people, Generators have no idea how unique they are. Not knowing how to use their energy correctly, they waste themselves idling, chasing after goals and desires imposed from the outside. Instead of doing something that is pleasing, they work and live for money or fame, completely ignoring the aspirations of their own souls.

No matter how much energy the Generator has, no matter how much effort he puts, he can never truly enjoy something he is not interested in. Among all Types, the Generator has the greatest potential to learn about the true nature of self, to understand the motives of his desires and actions.

He can live in constant self-deception, but then he will never feel satisfied with life. Only if he learns to hear and listen to himself, to put his deepest values ​​above all else, then he will live in complete harmony. If the Generator keeps ignoring the voice of his inner authority, listening to the Mind, then he will have to go through resistance and frustration in life, being unable to achieve inner harmony.

Generator Human Design

Generator Strategy

Strategy is the tool that will help the Generator gain satisfaction in life. This is the only sure way to align with your Design, get rid of the duality of your self. Applying the correct Strategy, the Generator will gain the ability to correctly use his unlimited energy, learn how to use it in the right direction. After all, Strategy is just a way for the Type to exist correctly. Existence in which the Man-Generator will cease to feel hypocritical in relation to himself and will find the unity of spirit, body, and Mind.

The Generator’s strategy is inextricably linked with the Sacred Center, the body that helps make the right decisions. This is a way to learn to ignore your Mind, relying more on your own body. And believe me, the body is a much more honest and wise adviser than what you call your Mind. If the body is ill, then it will immediately notify you about it. Has it ever deceived you? Hardly. Can you say the same thing about your Mind?

Strategy Generator Human Design

How often did your Mind wishful thinking, how often did it make you do what you subsequently regretted? Strange as it may seem, it is the Mind that is the main source of all human troubles. All your life you have only done that you obeyed the orders of your Mind, farther and farther away from your true nature. But we want you to understand that there is a much more reliable and effective method that will change your life for the better.

The strategy of the Generator in one word is the Response. The response is a body reaction that arises as an answer to a question. In the life of most Generators, the Response most often goes unnoticed. As a rule, it arises naturally, in the form of belly sounds, kind of “yep”, “naah”, “uh-huh”, “yeah”, “mmm”, and others. That is, sounds that your body makes instantly and independently when you hear a question.

-Do you want to go for a walk?

– Uh-huh.

-Do you want to stay at work for another hour?

– Naah.

The Response is the body’s way of turning your attention to its inner feelings and urges. This is the answer that arises even before the Mind has time to begin its work. And what the Response tells you is your true attitude to the question. This is what you really want to say, but often ignore it, getting involved in the wrong things for yourself.

And you can “tame” this tool, use it for your own good. The main condition of the Response is naturalness. Of course, you can provoke it artificially by forcing other people to ask you questions. But do not forget that at this moment you should not think about your answer. Let your body speak for you, and then you will be surprised how easy life will become! When you stop doing what you “need” and start doing what you “want”, then you will reduce the resistance in your life.

The Decision Maker based on the Mind is like a small boat caught in a storm. Each wave of mood swings throws the boat from side to side, introducing chaos and confusion. But when you learn to control your Response, you can calm the noisy ocean of your Mind. Then you will quietly and peacefully sail with the course of your life, enjoying your swimming freely.

Generator’s False Self

The False Self of the Generator is expressed as a sense of frustration. This emotion is the inevitable companion of any Generator that lives contrary to his nature, ignores his own desires, and does not comply with his own Strategy. As a rule, frustration arises in the life of the Generator when he goes against his Strategy and begins to initiate, instead of waiting for the Response. This is the so-called “Manifestor syndrome”, where instead of patient expectation a person runs headlong ahead.

False Self Generator Human Design

Although this is wrong, but unfortunately not surprising. In the modern world, every parent considers it his sacred duty to inspire the child with the idea that if he wants to achieve something, then he simply must act. It sounds like not the most stupid idea, but think for a second: is there really anything in this world that is equally true for every person? Of course not. And such populist worldviews only destroy the fragile nature of the Generator, forcing him to act in the opposite way to how he should behave in life.

When a Generator man acts without listening to the inner Response, he will almost certainly meet resistance. One way or another, he is just not physically able to initiate correctly. The Generator gets access to his indefatigable energy only when he directs resources to the task from which he will receive satisfaction through the Response of his body. But due to the upbringing or incorrect work of the Mind, Generators often grab hold of any opportunity without even asking themselves: “Do I really want this?”.

That resistance, which was mentioned in the previous paragraph, is essentially an internal conflict. This is a contradiction that arises between the Mind and the body when their intentions go in opposite directions. Hence the feeling of disappointment, incomprehensible frustration and stress are so familiar to many Generators.

But there is nothing wrong with the manifestation of the False Self. This is just a symptom, but not a cause. As a person has a fever when he has caught a cold, the Generator in vain initiating in his life feels frustration. You can consider this condition an indicator that you are not living as you should.

But as soon as you start applying your Strategy, resistance and disappointment will gradually begin to disappear from your life. You will stop doing what you don’t want to do, you will begin to hear much better the voice of your true self. Sacred Response is a universal tool that can be used to solve issues in absolutely any area of ​​life. Properly using it, you can always feel inner confidence in your decisions and minimize the manifestation of the False Self.


The Generator is considered one of the most vulnerable to the influence of other types for a reason. This is primarily due to his aura – the energy envelope surrounding each person. When two communicate, they interact not only through speech and eye contact. They also enter into a very deep auric interaction – their auras penetrate each other, exchanging energy. And the nature of such an auric contact depends primarily on what type you belong to.

Since we are talking about the Generator, let’s talk a little about his aura. I would like to note a few points. Firstly, the Generating Aura is the most “good-natured” among all. It incorporates everything that is in the zone of its direct access. Therefore, it is so easy to influence Generators – it is easy for them to instill some thought and idea, which is often wrong for them. Like a sponge, Generators absorb the energy of others, leaving the imprints of other people. And the only way to somehow limit the influence of others is to comply with the Strategy intended for the Generator.

Sacred Response is the wisdom of your body, a kind of “filter” that allows you to sift out unnecessary influence. Using the Response in his life, the Generator is able to choose for himself what and who will affect him and what will not. Otherwise, the alien energies will “overwhelm” the Generator, which will cause the False Self to dominate in his life.


The Signature is a favorable feeling that arises when a Type lives its Design correctly. In the case of the Generator, the Signature is satisfaction. If the Generator follows his internal Strategy and Authority, it ceases to waste himself on unsatisfying matters and concerns. Listening to his inner voice, he weeds out everything that would be wrong for him, wisely making a choice in favor of what would be right. The Signature appears as a symptom of a person who is honest with himself, who is attuned to his higher self, and knows for sure what is good for him and what is not.

Living a correct life / true self, the Generator spends his energy on doing only things, which bring satisfaction. This is the lot of this Type – to love what you do. When the Generator feels that everything he does is important to him, it gives a legitimate Signature of this type – deep satisfaction with life. Otherwise, any, even the most prestigious and highly paid occupation will only bring suffering. As Exupery said:

“The one who works with a pickaxe wants every hit that makes sense. When a convict works with a pickaxe, each of his blows only destroys the convict, but if the pickaxe is in the hands of the prospector, each of his blows elevates the prospector. Hard labor is not where the pickaxe works. It is terrible not because it is hard work. Hard labor where pickaxe blows are meaningless.”

Satisfaction is the flip side of frustration. Where there is one, there cannot be another. The Signature is the same signal for the Generator as the False Self. Only the Signature demonstrates that the human Generator is going in the right direction. Where there is no satisfaction, frustration will surely arise. Therefore, any Generator should carefully monitor his life and notice in time when the Signature or False Self appears.


Knowing the features of each Type and its aura, one can easily imagine how the relations of various Types will be built among themselves. Of course, one should not forget about other characteristics of the Bodygraph, such as Profile, or, for example, open/closed Gates. But in any case, even on the basis of knowledge of the Type alone, it is possible to notice the “main” aspects of the relationship with confidence.

Relations Generator Human Design

Generator + Generator

Such relationships can be called the calmest and most harmonious. If two Generators are combined in a union, then it is very easy for them to interact. They understand each other well, one can say he sees part of himself in another. With proper living, they can “spur” each other through life, stimulating the Response with the right questions and helping the other make the right decisions. The auras of the two Generators are in constant and deep interaction, which means that in many ways they are able to communicate even without words. If one of them begins to feel the frustration in his life, then another will immediately feel it. The most important thing in such a union is to know and accept your nature in order to be able to correctly guide yourself and your partner.

Manifestor + Generator

On the one hand, a Generator can be very comfortable living with a Manifestor. Unlike the Generator, the Manifestor has the ability to initiate in his life. In the union of the two Generators, a lack of initiative can very often be observed, and the relationship will be a little “sluggish.” With the Manifestor, this will not happen – almost always he will be the number one, taking the initiative on any issue. Therefore, in such a relationship, all that the Generator will need to do is just follow the partner with the Manifestor, not forgetting to listen to his Response.

But a truly intimate relationship with these two Types will be very difficult to achieve. It’s all about the closed and repulsive aura of the Manifestor, which does not let anyone get too close. The Manifestor always holds his opinion true, he rarely can get the better of himself and compromise. Therefore, the Generator in such a relationship will feel like being led or even a “captive”. Correct communication between the Manifestor and the Generator is possible only if the self-sufficiency of the Manifestor and the lack of initiative of the Generator are taken for granted by others. That is, do not try to shape your partner into anything, but accept him for who he or she is.

Projector + Generator

Combination Projector and Generator is the most favorable match. The projector has a very investigative, narrowly focused aura, which, as it were, “studies” a person nearby. Therefore, the Projector often knows his Generator partner much better than he does. In such a relationship, the Projector acts not only as a lover but also as a “mentor”. The Projector, asking the right questions, easily guides the Generator through life, helping him to better know himself and his motives.

But in this kind of relationship, there is some tension. The Projector has a very focused aura, which with prolonged interaction will begin to feel in the form of some mental pressure. The Generator can be quite difficult – it feels as if under the constant supervision of a video camera.

On the other hand, the Projector himself may suffer from the Generator’s excessive activity. The Projector does not have such a huge energy reserve as the Generator and therefore prefers a more relaxed and measured way of life. And a truly correct and “successful” relationship between these Types are possible only if both partners are aware of the features of their own and another’s Type, and most importantly, they respect each other’s features.

Then the Projector will be able to correctly guide the Generator through life, without creating excessive stress in that Generator. And the Generator, in turn, will learn to be more restrained with his partner, and will not “slow down” him once again.

Reflector + Generator

Reflector and Generator – perhaps this is not the most successful of all possible options for the development of a relationship. There is the complete opposite of Types: the Generator is active and constantly busy, and the Reflector, on the contrary, is slow and prefers to do nothing. It will be difficult for the Reflector to understand and accept the excessive energy of the Generator, and vice versa.

In addition, the Reflector has a very secretive aura, which is, firstly, directed inside itself, and, secondly, it has the ability to “reflect” someone else’s energy. That is, the Reflector is able to “mimic” another person for a while, copying his habits, characteristics, and unique features. With a short interaction, this can even be useful, but if it is a full-fledged relationship, then such ability of the Reflector will cause only hostility on the part of the Generator.

After all, he will have to face all his negative traits, which will infuriate him. Yes, and the Reflector will “lose” himself in relation to the overwhelming energy of the Generator. The Reflector will have to constantly live in the Generator’s pace of life, and sooner or later it will drive him crazy. There may be harmonious relationships between these Types, but there are several conditions.

Firstly, the Reflector should have personal space and time for loneliness, where he could get rid of the influence of someone else’s aura and “come to his senses”. Secondly, the Generator should not require something from the Reflector, otherwise, the latter will have to play for some time according to the rules of the Generator, but sooner or later he will not withstand the intense pace.

Money for the Generator

The most important thing that any Generator needs to understand is that his happiness is in no way connected with the salary level, the presence of luxury in his life, and other benefits of the material world. Satisfaction with life is only possible if the Generator lives and acts according to his Sacred Response. And work for the Generator is perhaps the most important aspect of life. This type is literally created in order to choose your favorite business and devote all your time to it.

If the Generator pursues money as a source of happiness, then he will never find satisfaction in his life. He really can have a good bank account, that’s just that he will not add to his joy. For the Generator, it is important for no one else that his work be as close as possible to his hobby. Believe me, if the Generator is engaged in something really important for himself, then he will be able to earn a living for it in any case. In the work where he finds the Response of his Sacral, the Generator will always reach unprecedented heights.

Baby Generator, childhood

The most important period in every person’s life is childhood. It is in the early years that the foundations of what subsequently forms in character and habit are laid in us. Forcing the child of the Generator to initiate through life, many parents, without realizing it, cripple the life of their children. Young Generators are growing up, firmly convinced that you can’t wait for anything, and if you want to get something, you need to do something for this. As a result, millions of people are plunged into bottomless abysses of frustration, having no idea how to be happy in this world.

If you want to raise a child-Generator so that he can get satisfaction in his life – let him choose. Do not force him to do something that you want. He should be able to try and make mistakes himself, in order to subsequently come to the right decision. Parents are not authorities whose decisions are undeniable. Parents are counselors who are required to guide their child.

Baby Generator Human Design

The key to upbringing the Generator lies in his Strategy. Teach and help your child properly manage the Sacred Response. Do not say, but ask if he wants to do this, or go there. Never impose conditions on him, do not limit his freedom to choose. If a young Generator learns the happiness of being himself from a very early age, not chasing after goals imposed by someone, then he will grow up to be a grateful and satisfied person.

Famous Generators

  • Generator Dustin Hoffman
    Dustin Hoffman

And also: Luciano Pavarotti, Walt Disney, Carl Gustav Jung, Elvis Presley.

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