For your Profile 1/3 Human Design, the most important condition for a comfortable life is stability. Wherever you are, no matter what you do, you will not be able to fully surrender to it if you are not sure that you will not lose everything overnight. This applies to both the life situation and the people around you. You cannot be attributed to the category of people who walk around with their souls wide open, always ready to open up to a stranger. Therefore, you have few friends. At least loved ones. After all, if you are not sure that your acquaintance will not leave you in trouble, then there can be no question of moving to a new level of relationship.

You also have some curiosity before life. You are happy to be ready to try something new for yourself, without fear of mistakes. And more often than not, it is with mistakes that you will begin. But the more time you devote to a new activity for yourself, the better you can “penetrate” it. The same goes for people. You do not close yourself from the world, hiding in your cozy comfort zone, limiting the circle of friends. You are ready to make new friends, but prefer to “test” the relationship for strength before shortening the distance. And if a person does not live up to your expectations, then it would be easier for you not to have business with him at all than to maintain superficial communication.

About Lines in Profile 1/3

As you know, the Profile consists of two Lines – conscious and unconscious. Specifically, in your case, this is a conscious manifestation of nature of the 1 Line of the Researcher, and an unconscious manifestation of nature of the 3 Line of the Martyr. Let’s discuss these Lines a bit more and how they will be expressed in your character.

Profile 1/3

Let’s start with 1 Line. It is expressed consciously, and therefore is directly related to the activity of your Mind. Therefore, the habit of getting to the bottom of things is your very conscious trait, which you probably noticed in yourself. It isn’t in your nature to believe firsthand without thoroughly researching.

You do not believe the rumors, preferring to understand everything yourself. It is important to note that such pickiness is a consequence of your hypertrophied instinct for self-preservation. The first Line is controlled by fear, it is its driving force. Remember this because it is the most important in the nature of the Researcher.

Where there is uncertainty, danger can potentially always be present. Approximately according to this law the Hermit Line works. Because of this, you cannot trust anything until you experience it yourself. It is literally about every aspect of life. Friends, work, relationships, buying something, personal preferences.

You belong to the category of people who always make purchases in the same store, because it is already checked and you can trust it. And if you bought spoiled goods somewhere, then in life you will not return to this place. The same thing applies to people. Before you become someone else, you should know the “candidate” well. Otherwise, you simply cannot trust him. Even if you try, in the company of a stranger you will always have a feeling inside, akin to animal alertness. Do not run away, but do not relax, being in a state of alertness.

You are particularly picky about matters of personal life. And here you need to understand the difference between a focused search for surface communication and long-term relationships. In the first case, you can slightly weaken vigilance, because you are not going to expose your true Self under attack. But if you are serious, then you need a very long and thorough study of a potential partner before moving on to serious steps. Such is the Line of the Researcher – it brings the quality of “meticulousness” to everything, trying to gain as much knowledge as possible in order to be sure of something.

On the other hand, the Subconscious Line of the Martyr is present in you, and this creates a very interesting picture. Due to the presence of 3 Lines in the Profile, you, perhaps without realizing it, will constantly be in search of new sensations. Whether work, residence, relationships or friendship – in every area you will be drawn to something unknown. Feel this contradiction in the nature of the 1 and 3 Lines? But in reality, everything is a little easier than it seems.

The nature of the Martyr is such that this Line determines the desire of its owner for a new experience. But this does not mean that you will simply take what is happening for granted. No, because any, even the most insignificant “novelty” in your life will always be subject to the uncompromising “judgment” of the 1 Line of the Researcher. And if the new experience does not meet the “security requirements”, then you can easily abandon it, rushing into a new search.

The bottom line is that if you had only 1 Line, you would have lived your whole life in your comfort zone, not able to leave it. But it is precisely the unconscious attraction of the 3 Martyr’s Lines to a new experience that will spur you through life, forcing you to gain new knowledge, experiment, broaden your horizons and just do not stay put. Combining, these Lines create a powerful bundle – faced with something unknown for yourself, you will study this until you are convinced of its safety / danger. And if the results of the “research” are unsuccessful, then be prepared to reject it. Do not dwell on what you have experienced, boldly go ahead and you will see that fate has prepared many more interesting things for you.

False Self Profile 1/3

Wherever there is the present, there is room for the False. The same goes for the Profile. It is important to note that the False Self is always manifested through the conscious Line. Your subconscious body itself understands what is right for him and what is not, and in fact, this is not about your choice. You will naturally fall into situations to which the subconscious Line of Profile leads you, in particular the Martyr’s triple. And no matter how you want, you can not influence it in any way.

Profile 1/3The conscious Line of the Investigator, vulnerable to conditioning, is another matter. So, if you have been influenced by the False Self on your way, then all your caution inherent in the first Line begins to be suppressed by the Mind. You stop being a researcher, instead becoming a tester. And to replace your usual behavior, where you prefer to “measure seven times, cut once,” you can simply start to rush at random into incomprehensible adventures that lead to negative consequences.

For example, with regard to communication. It happens that in a common company of friends, you can meet new people. For a correct Researcher-Martyr, everything would be according to the usual pattern – he would spend one evening with his new acquaintances, and the next day he would forget about it. Rather, he would not have naively considered people with whom he had been familiar all day with his friends, and the distance would have remained the same. But it’s a completely different matter when it makes its own changes the False Self. Then you, inspired by the impressions of a beautiful evening, could begin to consider new friends as your friends, forcing new meetings and continued communication.

And well, if they are decent people. Then most likely they will simply mark the border between you, not allowing you to get too close. But there are also people who can easily take the trust of the naive Researcher-Martyr, who believes, but does not test the “friendship” for strength. The consequences can be very different, but the result is always the same – a disappointment in their credulity and a sense of shame for the inappropriate speeding up of acquaintance.

Falling under the influence of the False Self, the Researcher-Martyr can become a fearless person, thereby losing his driving force. If you will not be limited by fear, then you will clutch at the first opportunity you have, without thinking about the consequences. Sometimes, such an approach can take a ride, which will only strengthen self-confidence. But sooner or later, the lack of proper care will play a trick on you and you will get into trouble.

Types in Profile 1/3

Depending on which Type you belong to, the nature of the Profile may manifest itself in slightly different ways. Let’s briefly look at what distinguishing features each of the Types will have if the 1/3 Explorer-Martyr Profile is defined in his Human Design.

Generator Profile 1/3

The nature of the Generator harmonizes very well with Profile 1/3. When used properly, the Generator Strategy allows you to compensate for the impulsiveness of the Subconscious 3 Martyr Lines. You can often be drawn to try out something new in life that you have not encountered before. And most of these things / people / events will be a priori incorrect for you.

But the essence of the Researcher’s Line 1 is precisely to experience something on their own experience, to study it on their own before making a verdict. As a result, you will spend a lot of time in life “conducting field” trials, which, ultimately, will show you the failure of a new idea.

This is what the Strategy is for. By listening to your Sacred Response, a 1/3 Generator can save a ton of time by immediately sifting out what is wrong for him. Let me remind you that Type Strategy is a much more powerful tool for self-knowledge than Profile mechanics. And learning to trust your Strategy, you don’t even need to learn something incorrect for you. With the help of the Response, you will be able to “renounce” your venture at the stage of dating in order to continue the search and find a more suitable option.

Manifesting Generator Profile 1/3

A similar situation is with the Manifesting Generator, which owns a Strategy similar to the Generator. Relying on the “opinion” of the Sacred Response, the MG from the very beginning can weed out the unnecessary in order to concentrate on finding more appropriate things / deeds / people for themselves. The only difference between the Generator and the Manifesting Generator is that the second does not have to concentrate all his forces on only one thing. Due to the dual nature of its Type, MG has the ability to give all the best in several things at once, managing to do several times more than a regular Generator.

The main thing is not to get carried away, and do not forget to use the Sacred Response. The Manifesting Generator is too hasty Type, and in the flow of life tends to be distracted from the important. Therefore, if you are an MG, then you risk being too carried away by your fast-paced rhythm of life, and forget about your Strategy. In this regard, it is likely that under the influence of your impulsiveness, you will gain a bunch of incorrect obligations for yourself, the consequences of which will then have to be sorted out.

Projector Profile 1/3

The Projector, being a non-energy Type, is constantly faced with the fact that it cannot compete with more active Generators and MGs or purposeful Manifestors. Due to the presence of the 3 Martyr Lines in the Profile, you will be tempted to try your hand at previously unknown things, where you will be defeated over and over again. Such is the nature of this Line, and it is, in principle, quite close to the Type-Projector mechanics.

Projectors are not intended to succeed in everything at once – as a rule, they have only one and only thing in which they are really good. And your task is to find this very thing, go deep into it, and then you can achieve real success in life. Just for this purpose decryption of the Rave card Design of the Person serves.

You do not need to despair and concentrate on failures. If you lose interest in something after the first defeat and immediately switch to another, then this business was not for you at all. Some Projectors are lucky to find their calling very early, while others spend their whole lives doing this. But sooner or later you will definitely find something that you want to succeed in spite of everything. This is “something” in which the true nature of your 1 Explorer Line will manifest. You will continue to “research” until you become a true expert in your field.

But, even as an expert in anything, do not rush to “impose” your knowledge on other people. Even those Projectors who are fortunate enough to find their calling, sometimes can not achieve something in their life. The reason for this is banal – ignoring your own Strategy. Literally “forcing” other people to evaluate their skills, such Projectors invariably face resistance.

They are repelled, they are avoided, they do not want to let them in. Finding something to your liking is only half the battle. It is much more important after that to learn patience and wait for the moment when your skills will be in demand by someone. And then you will be able to truly implement the program of your Type, becoming a mentor for others.

Manifestor Profile 1/3

The Manifestor, unlike other Types, can afford to take the initiative. In fact, he must take the initiative, otherwise his potential will remain untapped. Given the characteristics of the 1/3 Researcher-Martyr Profile, you, as a Manifestor, should try yourself in everything for which there is at least the slightest interest. Do not limit yourself to thinking that it is “difficult,” “impossible,” or “not for you.” As long as there is a desire, then practically any business will be possible for you. Restrictions on yourself are imposed only by yourself – please remember this.

Another thing is that the decisive nature of the Manifestor often provokes resistance from other people. Even if you are confident in the desire to try something new, before you start, warn about your decision those people who are near you. The nature of the Manifestor is very close to the manifestation of the 3 Martyr’s Line – they prompt you to something, and you can begin to act without thinking about anything else.

But the people around you may not understand your intentions, and therefore try to stop or demand explanations, which will provoke the emotion of the False Self of the Manifestor – Anger. So, following the Strategy and warning in advance, you will be able to do whatever your heart desires without too much resistance without fear of control from other people.

Reflector Profile 1/3

The Reflector is water, and the people around it are vessels. The reflector takes the form of the person with whom he comes into contact, adopting his habits, character traits and habits. Therefore, the manifestation of the nature of the Researcher-Martyr in this Type will be for the most part connected with people. In life, you should build as many contacts as possible with strangers for you, allowing nature to manifest 3 Lines of the Martyr. Rather, if you do not resist your nature, then your life will be formed – naturally, without your direct participation.

Much more important is how your conscious side, your Mind, in which the Researcher’s 1 Line appears, will react to this process. The bottom line is that gaining a new acquaintance, you should not limit yourself to superficial communication. It would be much more beneficial for you to get to know this person as best as possible, to “examine” him at the deepest level. Reflectors are distinguished by their ability to “read” others, and if they want to, they can understand another even better than this person understands himself. And then you will either find a faithful friend that you will know everything about, or, if his inner world “does not suit you” – simply leave, in search of a new “candidate.”

The process of studying another person, as a rule, takes about a month. To be more precise – 29 calendar days. This number is related to the Reflector type Strategy – to wait until the full lunar cycle has passed. During this time, the opinion of the Reflector can repeatedly change, as he will change. And if after 29 days you find that a new friend can become your friend or someone closer, then most likely it really is.

Profile 1/3 in a relationship

The topic of relations has already been touched upon in passing in the previous sections, so here we’ll summarize it here. Knowing the nature of your Profile, it will not be difficult for you to correctly use your unique features to build the most prosperous relationship. First things first, decide whether you want at this particular moment something real, or just want to satisfy the “need” for communication with the opposite sex. There is nothing shameful here – every person periodically needs a discharge. But if you are not honest with yourself, it will lead to false expectations and ultimately to disappointment.

Profile 1/3If you need only a short affair, then there is no point in building “strategies” and inventing superfluous. Just check the box for yourself and do not try to get closer to your potential partner once again. After all, you do not need it. Be clearly aware of your goal, do not allow yourself to spray on unnecessary revelations, and do not expect anything supernatural from another person. It will be easier – both for you and for him. No one’s hopes will be destroyed and you can enjoy each other with a light soul, without wounding and without getting a wound yourself.

The situation is different if you want not just superficial contact, but a serious relationship. Then you should definitely consider the nature of your Profile in order to find a suitable partner. But keep in mind – the process can be long and painful. The Three Martyrs in your Profile will stimulate the constant search for the “right” person, and the Researcher’s unit will weed out anyone who does not pass the “selection”.

Of course, we don’t know anything about your selection criteria, but you yourself will always be able to realize which person is right for you and which is not. Therefore, do not hesitate to make a mistake and continue searching until you find the right person. If you are in a hurry, forgetting about your Strategy and Authority, and you start taking seriously someone you are not sure about, then such a choice will turn out to be a failure, making you regret your haste.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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