Each Profile is a synthesis of two Lines – conscious and unconscious. In your specific case, we are talking about the conscious manifestation of the 2nd Line of the Hermit and the subconscious manifestation of the 5th Line of the Heretic. To understand how your inherent Profile 2/5 Hermit – Heretic in Human Design will affect your life, it is worth talking a little more about the Lines of which it is composed.

Lines in Profile ⅖

To begin with, the 2nd Line of the Hermit, manifesting consciously in your Profile. Like any Hermit, you cannot fully function when you are among people. It doesn’t matter which ones, even your closest friends and relatives. Some of your inner energy will always be dissipated into maintaining verbal or non-verbal contact with others, and it will be difficult for you to feel completely at ease. Much more to your liking a lonely pastime, during which you can completely dissolve in your own thoughts or deeds, without thinking about how to maintain a dialogue with someone or what others think of you.

Like any person whose 2nd Hermit Line manifests itself consciously, you perfectly understand your need to remain alone. And there is no particular reason or excuse for this. It’s not that you might not enjoy spending time with someone. It’s just that it’s much safer for you to be alone with yourself. This is the only way you can relax, allowing your creativity to unfold in your thoughts and fantasies. After all, any Hermit, in connection with his love of loneliness, must have some kind of gift. We can say that loneliness is the basis for creativity. Can you imagine an artist or writer doing something new under the gaze of many people? That is unlikely. Everything truly new, revolutionary was formed by talents in absolute solitude. And to you, as to the Hermit,

On the other hand, there is a subconsciously manifested 5th Line of the Heretic in your Profile. And its presence can create a kind of contradiction in your life. After all, despite all your desire to spend your time alone with yourself, all kinds of people will constantly reach out to you, trying to lure you into their own problems or just spend time with you. The 5th Line of the Heretic is very seductive for others – it makes you see in you an optimistic and damn attractive person who never gives up and always follows his ideals. For you, such attention can be really surprising, because the 5th Line manifests itself subconsciously and you yourself sometimes may not notice what impression you make on those who are next to you.

The most unpleasant thing for you in the combination of 2 and 5 Lines in the Profile is that in spite of everything, you will go to meet people, lending a helping hand to them even when you have enough of your own to do. You will begin to find all sorts of reasons why you should be supportive, trying to justify your inability to say no. Over and over again you will meet other people’s expectations, ignoring your own interests. And all just for the sake of not being thought badly of you, or so that you continue to love / respect.

Profile 2/5

In spite of everything, at the subconscious level, you do not want to remain completely lonely, so you will go to unprofitable contacts for yourself, completely unaware of the “hidden” urge to meet other people’s expectations. In the end, when people around you more than once call you a very reliable or faithful friend, you yourself will convince yourself of this by accepting such a partly “imposed”, but no less pleasant role for yourself. And the more projections other people put on you, the more you will believe in these images of yourself, literally reincarnating in them.

False Self Profile 2/5

Wherever the present is, there is room for false manifestation. The same goes for the Profile. It is important to note that the False Self always manifests through the conscious Line. Your body-subconscious mind itself understands what is correct for it and what is not, and in fact, it is not about your choice. You will naturally find yourself in situations to which your subconscious Profile Line leads you, in particular the Heretic’s Five. And no matter how you want, you cannot influence her in any way.

Your Profile deliberately manifests the 2nd Hermit Line, which means that it is she who is vulnerable to conditioning. The main “trigger” for activating the False Self is always influencing your self-perception of other people. Moreover, most often, the trigger will be your own Mind, which will gladly raise unpleasant ideas in the form of your thoughts. In your case, the Mind can easily make you feel inferior from the fact that you seek to spend your time alone. You will look at other people’s lives on display, wondering why you are not the same. how are they. Sadly, with the development of social networks, this topic has become more relevant than ever.

Thus, many Hermits destroy themselves from the inside, starting to perceive their life as “defective,” looking back at others. They stop thinking about their own goals and desires, trying to imitate others in this. Instead of developing themselves alone, such Hermits begin to live a “social” life, driving themselves into despondency. Because no matter how much they wanted to become “the same. like everyone else ”, real satisfaction is available to them only in solitude. This is their program. And the less time they devote to themselves, the more internal contradiction boils inside them from ignoring their own needs. Subsequently, such pressure begins to be expressed in the form of stress and seemingly “unreasonable” dissatisfaction with one’s own life.

Types in Profile 2/5

Depending on which Type you belong to, the nature of the Profile can manifest itself in slightly different ways. Let’s take a quick look at what distinguishing features each Type will have if its Human Design defines the 2/5 Heretic Hermit Profile.

Generator Profile 2/5

Generators implement themselves well in Profile 2/5. So, listening to your own Strategy, you can accurately determine what is really important to you. Thanks to Sacred Response alone, you are able to ignore the destructive urges of the False Self, redirecting your creativity to really useful things. In addition, thanks to the huge reserves of internal energy, you can very quickly and productively realize yourself and your talents, applying much more diligence and diligence, compared to other Types. It is only important to completely trust your Strategy, ignoring the False urges of the Mind.

Manifest Generator Profile 2/5

The Manifest Generator of Profile 2/5 is just as capable of unleashing its potential very effectively. But unlike the usual Generator, which sometimes has to sacrifice something in order to realize its goal, the Manifesting Generator will be able to find time for whatever it wants. It’s not even so much about time as about the energy that you have, like the MG. always in abundance. So, for example, it will not be difficult for you to first spend time with your friends or help someone, and only after that return to your own business. An ordinary Generator cannot always pay enough attention to both, often limiting itself in one aspect or another.

Projector Profile 2/5

A type Projector harmonizes very well with the manifestation of Profile 2/5. Due to the peculiarities of the Aura of this Type, you are highly discouraged from taking the initiative in interacting with people on your own. Instead, you should devote all your time to yourself, improving yourself in the things that interest you. And only when they themselves turn to you, you can lend a helping hand to the suffering one. Of course, if you want to.

The main thing is to understand exactly when the desire to support another is due to one’s own will, and when it arises due to external pressure. After all, if you constantly indulge other people’s desires to the detriment of your own, then sooner or later you will “bend” under the weight of other people’s expectations, and, having disappointed others, you will stop believing in yourself. Not to mention that by ignoring your interests, you will inevitably feel internal conflicts and stress in life.

Manifestor Profile 2/5

Manifestor, unlike other Types, have a strong confidence in their own actions. It is very difficult to force him to do what he himself does not like, which is a real gift for a Profile 2/5 person. You can always devote enough time to what you are interested in, denying people their requests, but at the same time not feeling guilty. And those around you will feel confidence emanating from you, not trying to get into your plans once again or somehow prevent you from doing what you want. Most importantly, do not try to “strike a pose” explaining your unwillingness to help someone simply by unwillingness as such. Do not be lazy to explain to others that if you cannot devote time to someone, then you have good reasons for that. If you interpret your position correctly, then despite your refusals, they will not think anything bad about you.

Reflector Profile 2/5

Being a Reflector in itself means that you can easily “reincarnate” into other people, temporarily adopting their way of thinking, worldview, habits, and so on. And therein lies the endless potential for creativity. The more people you meet in life, the more different opportunities open up for you, which will undoubtedly help you define or improve what you do in life. Therefore, do not be afraid to be distracted from your business by making time for the people around you. Who knows, perhaps the most banal meeting with a friend will help you solve some of your pressing problems.

Profile 2/5 in a relationship

For a Profile 2/5 person, it’s hard enough to get into a serious relationship. There are several reasons for this. First, your predisposition to loneliness. In your life, you spend enough time with yourself, and this is how you feel most comfortable. This is expressed in different ways for different people. There are such Hermits for whom it is enough to do “emotional relief” at least once a week, being left alone with their thoughts. Others are ready to spend absolutely all of their time alone, only occasionally making contact with others. Therefore, such a “hermit” life can affect the very skill of communicating with people, which in itself will complicate the process of meeting and further communication with someone. Not to mention that even after the successful first stages of dating,

Profile 2/5

Secondly, foreign projections are always superimposed on the carrier of Profile 2/5. You may be perceived in a completely different way from how you think of yourself. When it comes to short-term contact, this is not a big problem. You can temporarily “take on” other people’s expectations, truly becoming who you are perceived to be. But if you spend a lot of time with another person, then you will either be able to completely transform, trying to match his perception of you, or, on the contrary, surrender under the pressure of other people’s expectations that are not able to withstand such pressure. It all depends on the characteristics of each person specifically, as well as on other indicators of your Bodygraph.

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