People with Gate 15 Extremum with the need to change their rhythm of life in response to changing circumstances. In society, they adhere to various extremes in self-expression and lifestyle and, like no one, are able to take extremes in others. Their actions are guided by love for humanity.

In the life of such people there is no usual, monotonous rhythm, they live a whole spectrum of different rhythms, go to various extremes. They love variety. It is important for them to be mobile, fluid and not feel squeezed into a template for a long time.

This gate is about accepting all the diversity of life forms. They symbolize love for humanity. People with 15 gates have innate magnetism, attractiveness. They are able to captivate many with their direction. Such people do not judge other people’s lifestyle and direction. Their aura is bigger than usual, and in this sense they are very attractive people. Without 5 gates of “Habits” people with gates of “Extremes” may not have enough patience in work, measured and consistent movement in the chosen direction in order to concentrate on one rhythm and achieve mastery in it. It may be uncomfortable for such people to live and work on a well-defined schedule.

Gate 15 Extremum Human Design

Their potential is to find a balance between extremes. Their aura and magnetism convey love or hate towards humanity. It depends on their inner harmony, balance and acceptance of their own extremes. They influence the rhythms of the people around them, take them out of habitual and familiar habits, discovering new, healthy, safe ones.

People with 15 gates harmonize human extremes and accept our differences as different parts of the Whole. Such people periodically change their schedule and direction, not wanting to live “Groundhog Day”. If they responded to some business or direction, it is important to devote yourself to it for some time. Through patience and consistent steps in the chosen direction, they gain satisfaction and thrill from work and life in general. They are keenly aware of the moment when it is time to reconsider the familiar. Obsession with new extremes is more likely to lead them out of their way.

Gate 15 Extremum on the Map

Gate 15 Extremum is located in G Center which is responsible for love and destiny. You can read about G Center here.

Gate 15 and Gate 5 form Channel 15-5 Rhythm. You can read about this Channel here.

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