Since you have come to this site, it is obvious that the topic of Human Design got you involved. One way or another, you are already at least a little bit familiar with decoding Human Design, calculating Design compatibility, but have you heard that there is also Human Design for children and it’s possible to get decoding kids chart? If not, then this article is a must read for you, because you probably want to ensure your child a happy life.

Human Design is a controversial science, especially from the point of view of skeptics. However, if you think about it, Human Design is about finding your real self, about rejecting the imposed “do’s and don’t.” Agree, a person freed from everything that is imposed from the outside is much easier to live: he does not care what others say, he does what he sees fit. And this is correct to some extent.

Decoding kids chart Human Design

Human design for a child, as well as for an adult, is calculated using certain data: date, place and time of birth. The system calculates the location of the planets at this particular moment in time and, based on this data, shows how each of the planets influenced the fate of the child. Some of his character traits may be hidden, and some are downright obvious. Perhaps you are worried that your child is not as active as you expected? Or is he, on the contrary, overactive, and it bothers you? The answers can also be found in the decryption of his rave card.

Deciphering your child’s Design gives a million details: for example, his Type, Authority, Signature. But this is, of course, just a small part of what you can learn about your child. Professional decoding of the Child’s Human Design gives knowledge about what his daily routine should be, what he might really be interested in, how to choose the right mode of work and rest, and even how to create friendly, harmonious relationships with his child.

The advantage of such a decoding is in an individual approach to education. It is not so difficult to meet a person with the same date and time of birth, but with the same Design it is almost impossible. Your data is the key to your life. It’s the same with your child’s data. Decoding gives you the opportunity to look into your child – that is, to understand what he likes and what does not, why he gets tired, and what inspires him. Often times, as parents, we often do not pay attention to this. One way or another, it’s still worth doing.

For example, your child is a Manifestor. He is not used to asking permission, thus sometimes he makes mistakes that can lead to problems for you or, say, your furniture: many children like to draw on sofas. Its Strategy is to inform, i.e. warn about their intentions before starting a case. Teach him to inform, and by doing so, you will not only find a harmonious relationship with your child, but also allow him to grow up happy.

Human Design for Children teaches parents not to press on what their children do not like: for example, if a child does not have a heart for math and formulas, there is no need to force him to learn it. Do not take him away from your nature. From the point of view of Human Design, this can lead to an internal collapse in the child: he will not understand what he really wants and will suffer from the fact that he has to do something completely different from what his heart is in.

In a word, the science of Human Design contains truly valuable knowledge. And it’s great that you can apply them not only in relation to yourself, but also in relation to your child, who, thanks to the correct approach to education, can grow up to be a happy and harmonious person who correctly lives his own nature and knows how to listen to himself, to his body and sensations.

Either way, knowing your child’s Human Design is important. Even if you don’t quite understand what is at stake yet. We advise you to try to decrypt his card on your own, and then with the help of a professional. Your child is entitled to his unique happiness. Do not lead him astray with conventional frameworks.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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