In previous articles we talked about how to live False Self of Crown and Throat Centers. Let’s move on to Root Center False Self.

What is Root Center responsible for? Primarily for pressure and adrenaline in a good way. Carriers of defined Root Center tend to produce this very pressure and adrenaline. One might even say that they are all under mild stress. At the same time they live in their fixed rhythm, which can be fast or not so fast.

But carriers of open Root Center feel the stress produced by defined Root Centers, and as a rule they start running somewhere, trying to get as much done as possible.

How do you effectively live the False Self if you have open Root Center?

It’s pretty simple. Try to constantly go beyond your comfortable rhythm and rush always and everywhere. Don’t relax and don’t let yourself slow down in any way. If you suddenly feel like slowing down and transferring your spirit, by no means fall for it! Keep running without giving yourself a moment’s rest.

False Self Root Center

Another effective way to incorrectly inhabit open Root Center energy is to strive to multitask. Try to do several things at once and the result will not be long in coming! If you happen to have only one work task to accomplish in a day, be sure to go to your boss and ask him/her to load you with as much as possible! Take into work all possible projects and start working on them at the same time.

Well, if you have several household tasks planned, do them as quickly as possible and definitely all in a row.

Don’t try to assign tasks according to their importance. Just do them all indiscriminately. Then the energy of open Root Center will be lived by you so improperly that you will even be pleasantly surprised!

And one more important point: be sure to pay attention to the rhythm at which your friends and colleagues live and work, and try to adjust to their speed. If someone works faster than you, try to do something about it. You can’t just live at your own comfortable pace, right?

What if you have defined Root Center?

That’s a little bit more difficult. And yet, if you make an effort, it’s also possible to live this energy incorrectly. What do you do for that?

To begin with, try to move as little as possible. By no means exercise. If you have an important task that needs to be done, work on it until you get the results you want. Even if you feel like going out and walking, don’t fall for it! It’s better not to go out at all, and certainly don’t think about running or squatting.

And be sure to pay attention to the rhythm at which your colleagues work. If someone is working slower than you, be sure to start pushing this person. After all, everyone has to keep up with you, right? No one should ever relax!

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