Today we are going to talk about how to live False Self. Unfortunately or fortunately, this part of our lives will invariably be present in the experiment. And do you know why? Because in the Bodygraph the False Self will always be present one way or another. You have to be ready for it, and not try to eradicate False Self from your life completely.

Before you learn how to live out false themes as effectively as possible, let’s make it clear that False Self exists only in open Centers, while in defined Centers there is a distortion of energy that may look very similar to the manifestation of False Self

Crown Center

If you want to live Crown Center False Self effectively remember: Other people’s problems are your problems. You and only you can solve them. So devote as much time as possible to thinking about things that don’t concern you, get involved in busywork for your neighbor’s sake, and waste your time scrolling through the news feeds.

You need to stay on top of things, so try to start researching early in the morning and don’t finish until bedtime. Inspiration, you know, will not find itself. It requires active action. If you suddenly feel that your mind relaxes and your thoughts escape, immediately begin to search for some fresh and very relevant information, think about what would occupy you. And by no means meditate!

Crown Center False Self

Ideally, if you have the opportunity not to listen to themselves at all, and only do what to do other people’s problems. After all, you’re interested in everything and no one will figure out their own life without your participation. So just forget about the fact that you also have your own life.

If your Crown enter is defined, then the task becomes more difficult. So in order not to accidentally stray into living yourself, you need to remember that only you know best how to live your life. As you think through your own problems, find solutions for them and get to action as soon as possible. After all, your time is definitely worth the money. You can not sit idle for long. And the problems will not solve themselves. So do not hesitate and be sure to make decisions as soon as possible. Listen to any arguments of your mind, and in no case use your intuition, gut feeling and other tools, on which your Inner Authorities may point out to you.

How else can you spend your energy?

Make plans for the rest of your life and strive to fulfill them. The more plans you have, the better. And the more actively your Mind controls your life, the more likely you are to live it in incorrectness.

When digging into the past or contemplating the future, don’t drag out the process. Once everything is more or less clear, start taking action and forging your own destiny. In a word – more doing and less thinking.

Always remember: the mind is our everything and the master of our life. So try as much as possible to help it in this.

If you feel that thoughts do not let you sleep and require your attention and strength, you are on the right track. And moving along it confidently and quickly, you will come to a loss of energy, anxiety, and maybe even depression. But that’s exactly what you were aiming for, isn’t it?

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