Today we’re going to continue talking about how to live the False Self in the open Centers. In last week’s article we dealt with Crown Center, and now we move on to Throat Center False Self.

Open Throat Center is where we are vulnerable. If you have open Throat Center, it automatically means it’s vital for you to be the center of attention. But alas, this is not always the case.

So, how do you live your open Throat Center energy most effectively? For starters, try to think about how to get attention all the time. If you feel that you are not being active at the moment, do a little bit of acting, do some amateur theater, write a book, or achieve international popularity, then you should also start thinking about your own goals. If you suddenly feel that you have relaxed, urgently occupy yourself trying to attract public attention.

Be sure to speak up when you are not asked. If you suddenly find yourself at a party full of strangers, immediately begin to get acquainted with everyone and start conversations. If no one wants to talk to you, keep insisting.

It’s also very helpful to joke around all the time and think about what to say so that you finally get noticed. Say, your colleagues are discussing work issues that have nothing to do with you. At this point, you have to intervene in their conversation and make a point. Better yet, issue some kind of joke – the more bizarre and inappropriate the better.

False Self Throat Center

If you want to live False Self of Open Throat Center even more effectively, try to speak when you can, and under no circumstances plan your speech. If you do, you’ll be carried away into such thickets that your interlocutors will never, for the life of them, understand exactly what you want to say to them.

Finally, the most powerful way to live Throat Center False Self is to try to find your professional fulfillment in public speaking and public speaking. In this case you will be guaranteed to spend a lot of time and money on courses and master classes, but you will never achieve the desired result, and your Mind will convince you to continue in the same spirit and not to give up.

So, we’ve figured out how to most effectively live through false themes with open Throat Center. But what if your Throat Center is defined? Well, that’s a little more complicated. However, with effort, the energy of certainty can also be lived through in a distorted way.

How do you do it?

For starters, try to speak when you are not being asked. Ideally, you should say something without stopping. Then all your surroundings from you will get tired, and people themselves will ask you to shut up. Also, be sure to say what you got and never think through your speech. In this case, even if by nature you have the gift of eloquence, no one will understand exactly what you want to say. You should also impose your manner of speech on the people with whom you cross paths.

Suppose one of your colleagues speaks slowly and measuredly, while you speak quickly and animatedly. Your Mind, after all, is well aware that everyone should speak as you do. Which means you need to start teaching your coworker how to speak properly. And if he resists, insist on speaking your way anyway.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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