The 6/2 Profile does not have something fixed, permanent, which would be their characteristic throughout life. At different periods they are being transformed, taking a new shape, suffering a transformation through the 6th Line of the Role Model. Believing in one thing, in a few years they may completely forget about yesterday’s beliefs, switching to something completely different.

For most of your life, the pursuit of “perfection” will inspire you. Perfect relationships, perfect hobbies, perfect beliefs. But the longer you live, the better you understand that there is no perfection in this world, which, on the one hand, disappoints, and on the other, relieves you of high expectations.

When it begins to seem that there is no meaning in life and everything is perishable, only your favorite pastime can help you get back. The 6/2 Profile needs to get distracted periodically from the search for the ideal, realizing its creative potential through any activity. The hobby doesn’t need to be profitable, fashionable or in demand.

The main thing is that you can plunge into it, entering a state of flow. A mind is a convenient tool, but when there are too many thoughts, they become poisonous. Therefore, in the life of a person with the Role-Model Hermit Profile, there must be periods when he is completely detached from the world, being melted into his favorite business.

About Lines in the 6/2 Profile

Each Profile is a composite of two Lines, one of which manifests itself consciously, and the other subconsciously. In your case, the conscious will be the manifestation of the 6th Line – the Role Model and the subconscious manifestation of the 2nd Line – the Hermit. Let’s take a closer look at how these Lines will be expressed and what they influence in yourself.

For starters, the 6 Line Role Model. It comes first, which means its qualities are related to how your Mind works. First of all, it is worth saying that the 6th Line is transforming, and in different periods of life, it will be expressed in different ways. There are three of these periods:

  • From birth to 30 years;
  • From 30 to 50 years old;
  • After 50 years.

Profile 6/2Throughout the first period, the true nature of the Role Model remains hidden, and it mimics the manifestation of the 3 Martyr’s Line, which hallmark is “trial and error”. The mechanics are such that until you reach the age of 30, your personality will constantly be attracted to carry out some experiments in your life. This is the period of “teenage” maximalism when you firmly believe in an ideal and strive to achieve this very ideal in every area of ​​your life whether it is work, relationships, friendships, hobbies and all that jazz. At this age, you will rather give up imperfect things than be content with what you have. So the first stage of your life will take place – in a constant search for something ideal, making mistakes from time to time, gradually coming to the realization of the true state of things.

The second stage of development of the 6 Line is an intermediate one. A kind of transition from the 3 Line of the Martyr to the 6 Line of the Role model. It is also called “climbing onto the roof and licking wounds”. When you pass the mark of 30 years, the former enthusiasm will gradually leave you, and you will be able to take a sober look at your life.

This stage symbolizes the onset of the so-called “middle-age crisis” when a comprehensive disappointment and the search for true meaning come. You will spend a lot of time in your memories, reproaching yourself for not correctly disposing of what you had. Of course, depression will not last forever. Gradually, you can “move away” from the abrupt transition to the second stage, starting to look at past mistakes and failures as a source of essential experience.

The third stage is “climbing the roof” – the 6 Line when the Role model begins to appear in its true form. This transition comes after 50 years. At this time, memories no longer cause such a strong emotional response as before, leaving a pure experience, pure knowledge. Then, having finally learned all the life lessons you will become an example of true wisdom. At the third stage, the Role Model implements its program – it becomes a mentor for other people, an authority who, through the example of his own being, was able to gain an understanding of life.

Decoding the Hermit 2 Line

Do not depreciate the influence of the Hermit 2 Line, which is unconsciously expressed in your Profile. When changes begin to occur at a pace not familiar to you, this will certainly shock you. The fact you were firmly convinced of yesterday will raise doubts tomorrow. The constant frustrations, depression, stresses inherent in the first stages of development of the 6 Line of the Role Model will have a very negative impact on your self-perception, exhausting you mentally and physically.

Profile 6/2And in that case, the only thing left is to seek solace. It is during periods of decline that the Hermit 2nd Line can be realized best. When you are morally exhausted, only a hobby will be able to pull you out of depression. When your Mind is filled with negative and self-humiliating thoughts, the body itself will tell you the right decision – to become a “Hermit”, fully focused on your favorite pastime. But for this you will have to trust your Strategy and Authority, otherwise the False Self will not let you go forcing deeper into the depths of disappointment.

As the saying goes: “Time heals.” Periodically occurring phases of depression will encourage you to find a nook for yourself where no one can distract you. There you can fully engage in your hobby, at the same time “cooling off” from the emotions you have lived through. And who knows: maybe this particular hobby will become a new landmark in your life, forcing you to rethink the past and begin to move in a completely different direction, receiving a signature of your type: “Satisfaction”, “Success”, “Peace” or “Surprise”.

6/2 Profile False Self

True and False are two sides of the same coin. The same is a Profile. But in the context of a Profile, the False Self is expressed only through the first Line – the conscious. Your subconscious body is much wiser than the conscious Mind. If you use your Strategy and Authority, you will much faster understand what is right for you and what is not. Under such conditions, The Hermit 2 Line in most cases will find a place in your life for realization itself – even if you do not notice it.

But the 6th Line of the Role Model, which manifests itself consciously, is a completely different story. It can very easily be conditioned, giving you the wrong direction in life. The fate of the 6th Line is in constant struggle. You must try and make mistakes, from time to time, experiencing a feeling of disappointment. And there is nothing wrong with that.

The 6/2 Profile design is such that you need, at the cost of many mistakes, to find a real understanding of life – unadorned with naive speculation that there is only positive in the world. Each of your defeats should leave a scar, as a reminder that the previous worldview was erroneous. And only when you accept with a raised head everything that is happening to you and do not interfere with the program of the 6th Line, you will live as you should.

But beware: The False Self makes adjustments to the route intended for you. Where your beliefs have been trampled, you should leave and start again. But instead, you can stay and continue to stand your ground, even realizing that you will not find what you are looking for. You will try your best to maintain the status quo, naively believing that “getting used to” you will be able to start having fun.

As it usually happens – having the conscious 6th Line, in the first half of life, people begin to focus strongly on the topic of “perfect” things, trying to do everything perfectly in their life. For example, in terms of relationships. You can be drugged by the hope of meeting someone all your dreams come true with. And on the horizon there is someone who could well pass for an impeccable partner. But, recognizing this person a little better, you realize that he or she is very far from ideal. And instead of rushing to a new search, you may come up with the idea of ​​simply “not noticing” the partner’s shortcomings, ignoring your internal discontent.

But this is wrong for you for two reasons at once. Firstly, you will never be able to completely suppress the feeling of dissatisfaction from such a relationship. When you are pulled by all forces to find the perfect person, no matter how much you close your eyes, this feeling will not fade away.

You will also “look out” for the partner’s shortcomings, which will serve as “fuel” for internal irritation. Sooner or later, the negative will get out of control and you will explode. The result will still be a gap, but you will spend a lot of time and mental energy for the same outcome that should have happened from the very beginning.

The second reason stems from this. The more often you make mistakes in the first stages of the development of the 6th Line (up to 30 years), the better it will be for you afterwards. A person does not learn from what he does – he learns only from his mistakes. And from the very beginning, you should get used to the fact that the ideal does not exist.

Not to read about it, but to experience this experience firsthand. Otherwise, it won’t make any sense. But if you spend too much time on initially wrong relationships, then you will have to catch up in the future. And as you know, the mistakes of youth are experienced much easier than any other. Therefore, it’s much more useful to bother yourself right away while you’re young, to get used to your delusions more or less.

Types in the 6/2 Profile

The Profile is a very important aspect of Human Design, but what Genetic Type you belong to is much more important. Depending on the Type, the profile may appear in different ways. Therefore, let’s figure out what the different Types will be typical if they have a 6/2 Profile of the  Role model.

Generator 6/2 Profile

The Generator. What distinguishes him first of all is his unique Strategy – listening to the internal Response for making decisions. The response is the “voice” of your body that helps you sort out the wrong things, focusing only on what’s important. And with the help of this tool, you can cut off everything a priori wrong for you from the very beginning, which you should not even try.

Guided by the Response, you will become a little more selective in life. You will stop draining your energy in an occupation that is incorrect for yourself, being more attentive to your desires. It’s one thing when you start something thoughtlessly just because there are no other options at the moment. Then you can be “stuck” in this matter, experiencing Frustration and negativity. And it’s a completely different matter when you consciously approach the choice, using the Strategy to implement your program. Then you can fully use your energy for what you are actually interested in.

Manifesting Generator Profile 6/2

The Manifesting Generator. In addition to the strategy similar to the Generator, it is distinguished by the ability to get involved in several things at once. Using the Response, MG chooses what he will do and where he wants to try himself. But he does not need to focus all his forces on only one task at a time. Thanks to its unrestrained energy, the Manifesting Generator manages to do many times more in life than representatives of other Types. This property is especially useful for you, as the owner of the 6th Line Role model, striving for the most diverse experience.

But the Manifesting Generator has a tendency to excessive haste, as a result, sometimes he forgets to apply his Strategy. Without listening to the voice of the Response, you will find yourself in situations that are unnecessary for yourself, make incorrect acquaintances that are not even useful to call them “bitter experience”. Therefore, no matter how lustful you are for life, never forget to use your Strategy before starting anything. Otherwise, you will just waste time.

6/2 Profile Projector

Being a non-energy Type and not being able to correctly initiate, the Projector has to constantly lose the competition to the more arrogant Manifestors and active Generators, and MG. Despite the negative connotation from a similar perspective, it helps the development of the 6th Line Role Model.

Accustomed to constant defeats, one day you will realize that it’s better to focus on one thing, that you are interested in, that it makes no sense to compete with others. This thought will become the basis for the correct manifestation of the 2nd line of the Hermit, and you can achieve good results in your hobby.

In fact, the 6/2 Profile harmonizes very well with the nature of the Projector. Having gained a “negative” experience in the early stages of life, you will have no choice but to do something as a labor of love. Instead of trying to prove your worth in the competition, you will develop in a hobby, gaining expertise for yourself. And when there will be a direct transition to the third stage of the implementation of the 6th Line Role Model, you will become an authority for other people, having the opportunity to demonstrate the acquired skills.

But do not forget that you need to follow your Strategy – wait for the invitation. A Projector can only be a real authority in the eyes of others when he was invited, and not when he is trying to impose himself. Therefore, all you need to do in life is to be passionate about something, not looking at the opinions of people, waiting for the right invitation. Make mistakes as much as your heart desires. But you should always have some kind of outlet in the form of your favorite business, which would be interesting to you despite everything that happens in your life.

6/2 Profile Manifestor

The Manifestor is the only one among all Types who can afford to correctly initiate. He must try himself in everything he has even the slightest interest in. Another thing is that, due to the features of the 6 Line Role Model, you will very quickly lose your initial enthusiasm, disappointed in everything that you started. Although the Manifestor is a very self-sufficient Type, even its determination can be shaken by constant errors.

Here is a very interesting point. Having a conscious 6th Line, the Manifestor may “put his name down” for cases that will be a priori wrong for him. Usually in such situations, close people can understand much better that his idea will not bring anything good. You know these moments when, for example, your friend starts dating someone who, to put it mildly, is far from the best person. You are trying to make the friend change his or her mind by all means, but he or she doesn’t seem to hear you, and after a while, he or she comes to you saying you were right.

And here it is very important to apply the Manifestor Strategy – informing. When starting something, you must inform in advance those who are at least somehow affected by the consequences of your decision. Having discussed your decision with loved ones, you will, as it were, partially relieve the burden. No wonder they say that sometimes you just need to talk out loud. You don’t need to indulge someone else’s opinion, but just talking will never hurt – perhaps the conversation will help to look at the question from a different angle, which will have an effect on your further decision.

6/2 Profile Reflector

The Reflector – A type that is entirely dependent on the people who surround him. He, like a chameleon, takes the form of the one with whom he contacts at any given moment. The reflector adopts other people’s habits, qualities and traits, trying to “copy” another person. But very often, after “playing” with imitation, this Type is too accustomed to the role he has taken on, trying to appropriate it for himself, to leave it forever. But, unfortunately, this will never succeed. After all, a person is primarily characterized by the experience he has experienced, and no matter how Reflector tries to imitate another, it will always be very superficial.

Knowing the nature of our Type, we can safely say that most of the errors inherent in the development of the 6 Line will be based on interaction with other people. From time to time, being disappointed in yourself due to the inability to “turn” into someone, you can, nevertheless, play many different roles. The more you meet people, the more useful experience you will learn for yourself, so you will become wiser afterward.

But we should not forget about the Strategy of the Reflector. To correctly “get used” to the role of another person, you need to communicate with him for at least a month. To be more precise – 29 days. This period symbolizes the Reflector’s Strategy – to wait until the lunar cycle passes. And only after this time you will be able to fully recognize the other person, see him or her from all sides, and learn a useful lesson from your acquaintance.

The 6/2 Profile in a relationship

Now let’s talk a little about relationships. First of all, it is worth being prepared for the fact that it will be very difficult for you to find really the right relationship. The 6/2 Profile nature is such that you will pick on any partner’s shortcomings, even if the relationship as a whole turns out to be good. The inner pursuit of ideal will never let you fully relax, tormenting you with thoughts: “Or maybe I can find someone better?”.

Profile 6/2Therefore, in your life, there will be enough dramas and breaks. Especially in the period of youth. And the point is not only in the search for perfection. Your priorities will also change all the way, and at some point, you may not understand what you really want. But even so, this is not a reason to grab the first comer motivated by a fear of being alone. To make important life decisions, you should learn to use the Strategy and authority of your type. They will help not to lose the right direction in difficult moments of life.

Your life should be filled with numerous trials and errors. Otherwise, you will not learn the lessons you need for development. Life will surely teach them to you, but only later, and they will be perceived much more “painfully”. It is much better to be immediately ready for your winding fate, accepting everything that happens to you as an inevitability. Over time, your maximalism will cool down, along with the requirements for people as well. Then you can learn to appreciate the little things in a relationship, focusing more on the merits of the person than the disadvantages.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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