The 4/6 Profile in Human Design – These people constantly run to extremes. You don’t know how best to make decisions – mind or heart, and that’s why you are overcome by constant doubts. Logic rarely agrees with the voice of feelings, and because of this, you may feel some “duality” of your nature. But despite your desire to find a compromise between feelings and common sense, you still have to make decisions by trusting one thing. And every time, even if everything goes well, you will definitely find a reason to think:

“Was that the best choice?”

Like any person whose Profile has the 6th Line Role Model, you will go through several clearly defined stages in life. You can call it growing up, or gaining wisdom – as you like. The only important thing is that you have to be ready, that all your worldview, everything that you now trust and believe in, may disappear overnight, leaving behind nothing but memories. And you will have to rebuild your picture of the world over and over again marveling at how naive you were before.

About Lines in the 4/6 Profile

Each Profile is a combination of two Lines. The figure that was written first (that is, the 4th Line of the Opportunist) is consciously expressed, and it is a product of the mind. The second figure  (that is, the 6th Line of the Role Model) is subconscious, and it implements its program through the body. You need to understand that the conscious Line is those traits and qualities that you can be aware of in yourself, as well as if you want to try to “fix” them. But this is hardly a wise desire since if you go against your nature, you will certainly encounter the manifestation of the False Self in your life.

On the other hand, the 6th Line contains subconscious, the program of which is literally inscribed in the “program code” of your body. You can not influence the manifestation of the subconscious Line – it will be played regardless of your desires.

Now let’s look a little deeper into the nature of the composite Lines of your 4/6 Profile.

The 4th Line – Opportunist

Let’s start with the 4th Lines of the Opportunist. If you try to describe it in one word, it will be “friendliness”. You are a very open person who easily makes friends, easily finds common ground with others. Some warmth comes from you that attracts people to you. With you, it is simple and easy. Yes, and you are not trying to make yourself out of it, showing off your superiority to others.

Profile 4/6You, like any Opportunist, are a team player. You are not the type of person who can achieve their goals in isolation. And the matter is not so much in your inability as in a slightly different algorithm of work. Any opportunities that come into your life, as a rule, do not arise on their own, but they are provided by people in your circle of friends. You are friendly, people appreciate it, and they are ready to “pay” the corresponding price for it.

They will offer you their help and services themselves, enjoying communication with you. And the more “high-quality” friends and acquaintances you have, the more “high-quality” opportunities will appear in your life. The main thing is to always remain yourself and communicate with everyone on an equal footing.

But even though you are able to find a common language with anyone, you get “benefit” only from those who are in the closest circle of communication. Strangers or people you hardly know are “immune” to your friendly aura, and they see just an ordinary person in you. Because of it, if you meet those who can help you achieve your goal, then, first of all, you will need to make friends with them. If you try to literally “use” the first comer, then you will not be able to extract anything from this. You’ll just scare away a potential opportunity.

And something you need to understand. By inviting/receiving a new person into your circle of friends, you are not just making him place. You put part of your energy into him, charge him with your friendliness and openness. And the trouble with many people with the 4th Line is that they waste their energy left and right gradually fading.

That’s why it is very important for you to focus not so much on the number of close people as on their quality. After all, no matter how sociable you are, even your internal resources may come to naught, and then, without feeding your energy, your circle of communication will gradually disintegrate by itself.

Another very important point is that you can enjoy relationships (including romantic ones) only until you get some kind of “compensation” from the energy invested in other people. Opportunists are not those who can maintain one-sided relationships. If you are close to a person, then you want to get a sense of intimacy from him or her. You need basic and natural reciprocity. And if you feel that someone is “burned out” or too cold for you, then it would be a healthy choice for you to simply break up such a relationship, focusing on finding a new one.

The 6th Line – Role Model

Now let’s talk a little more about how the 6th line of the Role Model is expressed. It is worth saying right away that this is the most unique one among all the Lines with several clearly defined stages of transformation. The first stage starts from your birthday and lasts up to 30 years. This is the stage of gaining life experience when you constantly make mistakes and learn to understand life with their help. The 4/6 Profile representatives begin their journey with some positive adventures, but time gradually “tarnishes” them, forcing them to take off their rose-colored glasses later and start looking at the world soberly.

The second stage begins after 30 years and lasts until about 50. At this time, you get rid of adolescent maximalism and begin to learn to see things as they really are. Although past mistakes didn’t break you, you were forced to be more careful and more prudent in life.

Profile 4/6

You begin to choose friends and lovers much more thoughtfully, set more practical and more realistic goals. Memories of bygone days make you squeeze out an awkward smile thinking about your naivety of that time. And although during this period you tend to feel already a quite mature and experienced person, nevertheless, this is only the next, “intermediate” stage of your transformation.

Finally, the third stage – it starts after 50 and continues until the end of life. This is the time when your personality is finally formed. You stop to be amazed at life’s difficulties and troubles, perceiving them only as “regular” adversities. During this period, it is generally extremely difficult to hit you with anything. From a previously inexperienced but arrogant person of middle age, you turn into a person, although elderly, but at the same time filled with the infinite wisdom of life. Now you’ll perceive any situation with ironic laughter, and you will discover a sense of limitless optimism in yourself.

The main feature of the 6th Line is the ability to extract experience from the past, which is why it becomes a Role Model and Administrator… Transformation periods are quite long in themselves, and it is not surprising that you may naively believe that this time you have come to a final understanding of the world. But until you go on to the 3rd stage of the transformation of your personality, you will remain an immature person only suspecting what real life is.

The 4/6 Profile False Self

The Lines implementation program is just an opportunity, not a 100% probability. At least this applies to the things expressed consciously (Opportunist’s 4 Line). You tend to choose for yourself whether you will help fulfill the mission of this Line, or try to prevent it. But in the latter case, you will receive nothing but unnecessary resistance in the life and the dominance of the False Self.

It is very important to know – the False Self is expressed only through that Line, which is manifested consciously. Because consciousness is, first of all, the Mind, and the Mind, as you know, likes to make itself the main thing. The mind will do its best to convince you that it knows the best, taking you away from the prescribed route. And even when chaos reigns in your life, the Mind will keep its dictatorship, convincing you of its rightness.

People with the Opportunist’s 4 Line in the Profile are very dependent on the people in their lives. That’s why sometimes you may worry very much about what others think of you. This can go to extremes when, instead of supporting normal human communication, you start to go out of your way just to make someone like you. This is the main manifestation of the False Self for people with the Design 4/6 Profile  – the fear of rejection, rejection by anyone.

The problem is aggravated by the fact that the 4th Line of the Opportunist is the Line of emotions, the Line of sensory experiences. There is no a priori place for logical arguments in it, it works impulsively, at the “now” moment. That’s why no matter how often you say that you should not try to please everyone and his dog, this will not change much. Yes, you should understand that there is no point in imposing yourself, trying to create a good impression of yourself. You can understand it, but as soon as it comes to practice, all logic is forgotten for good and you begin to “squeeze out” an excessively good attitude from yourself trying to get someone else’s recognition.

And the problem is that it is almost impossible to influence. You will learn this lesson perhaps at the 2nd or 3rd stage of development of the 6th Line of the Role Model. But until then you will have to snatch a few scraps so that once a simple truth comes to your mind, and you can no longer turn away from it. The simple truth is that it makes no sense to fight for universal love, imposing yourself on everyone. And all that remains for you is to patiently wait and let life be without trying to resist it, trust your Strategy and Authority.

The 4/6 Profile and Types

Knowing your Profile is certainly important, but this knowledge alone will only confuse you and lead to incorrect conclusions. To apply this information in a useful way, you need to find out how the Profile program will work with this or that Genetic Type. People with the same Profile but different Types will be incredibly different from each other. So now let’s talk about what your Opportunist-Role Model Profile will look like, depending on what type you have defined.

Profile 4/6

4/6 Profile  Generator

Generators stand out for their unique way of making decisions. When they face an important question, they should turn to the Internal Response, which will help them find the right answer. And in truth, living with Response is the only right choice for any Generator. If a Generator will try to independently initiate in life, ignoring the voice of the Response, then he will continue to get involved in “wrong” activities for himself, communicate with “wrong” people, start relationships with “wrong” partners.

Given that you are the owner of the 4/6 Profile, you are strongly encouraged to learn how to use the Response. Friends and acquaintances will constantly “invite” you into all sorts of activities, and if you grab everything, you will not have time to notice how you are exhausting yourself, both morally and physically. Generators, although they have huge reserves of internal energy, should apply it only to those things in which they feel real interest. And it is the Response that will help you filter people and things through life, giving preference only to what you really want to participate in.

4/6 Profile Manifestor

The Manifestor is characterized primarily by its insensitive aura hardly allowing him to read the mood of other people. In addition, this is a very self-sufficient Type, which prefers to solve its own problems, rather than contact someone for help.

Do not think that this is not compatible with the 4/6 Profile program. Although your friends provide you with many opportunities, you always achieve success on your own. But because of the too “repulsive” aura, your loved ones, although they will involve you in something, will rarely ask for your help.

As a result, sooner or later they may have the feeling that you are simply using them for your own purposes. And you, in turn, are unlikely to notice such changes in the mood of others due to your weak empathy, while continuing to follow your own way.

In the end, this can lead to the fact that you will not leave people because of a lack of reciprocity, but they will. That’s why you need to accustom yourself to offer your help to loved ones from time to time, even if you were not asked about it. Just a little bit of participation and the emerging gap between you will immediately disappear, crushing a potential quarrel in the bud. That’s why try to be sensitive with those around you.

4/6 Profile Manifesting Generator

The Manifesting Generator, MG, is a hybrid of the classical Manifestor and Generator, combining the features of both of these Types. The MG inherited its Strategy from the Generator – listening to the Sacred Response. And from the Manifestor, he got the opportunity to correctly initiate in his life, though due to the peculiarities of his aura (the same as that of the Generator), it can be difficult for the MG to cope with the consequences of its undertakings. In addition, unlike a regular Generator, the MG is able to do several things at once, without concentrating on just one thing. But if you do not calculate your strengths, there is a risk of “overloading” yourself, and then you will miss things and have to return to them afterwards to finish.

The fact is that the usual 4/6 Generator must choose which of the options (provided to it by a circle of friends) to prefer. Sometimes, it has to make a choice between two things that are equally interesting to it, as a result of abandoning one of them. The MG, by virtue of its nature, is able to take on everything at once. The main thing is not to forget to listen to your Response and not to grab those things you’re not interested in. Then you can experience a huge range of different emotions, participating in different areas of activity, communicating with different people and devoting yourself to different work.

4/6 Profile Projector

Speaking of the Projector, first of all, I want to note his Strategy. It consists in the fact that in terms of interaction with other people, the Projector should never act as an initiator. It must wait for an invitation – when they themselves approach him and draw him into something. If the Projector will try to impose itself on people, then it will meet with their resistance, due to the too “focused” aura of the Projector. Therefore, you should understand that everything that you start on your own is more likely to turn out badly for you.

But speaking of the 4/6 Profile, such a manifestation of the nature of the Projector is not such a big problem. Your Profile is just characterized by the fact that people almost always turn to you themselves, offering something. And in this case, you only need to learn to wait patiently until you have a decent opportunity to demonstrate your abilities. This is perhaps one of the few cases when the Type and Profile are 100% complementary.

4/6 Profile Reflector

The Reflector is the most non-standard, if we may say so about a Type. Its distinctive feature is that it almost completely lacks some of its own, unique qualities. Reflectors easily “transform” into other people, copying other people’s behavior, manner of speech, habits. In addition, they are real experts in matters of communication between people, as they easily “read” other people’s emotions and sometimes even thoughts not expressed aloud. But they are a rather amorphous Type in themselves, without any special distinguishing qualities.

For the representative of the 4/6 Profile, being a Reflector is more useful than not. Your already outstanding communication qualities are further enhanced by the Reflector’s ability to “imitate” and read other people, which makes your influence on others double stronger. You are incredibly easy to provoke sympathy for yourself, able to get out of any conflict situation in cold blood. And if you surround yourself with truly worthy people, then you will live a very eventful and interesting life, filled with real friendship and amazing soulfulness within your immediate circle.

4/6 Profile Relations

Now, let’s talk a little about such a moment as the personal relationships of people with a 4/6 Profile. The first thing I want to say is that the Opportunists-Role Models experience a lot of disappointments in their lives regarding love affairs. You are looking for your person, find someone you think is your twin soul, but later you understand that this was just an illusion and you really cannot fit together at all.

You fall in love again and again, each time you are disappointed that you had such high hopes at the very beginning. And at least until the age of 30 you will get involved in adventurous relationships, considering each the best. Then you will go to the next stage of transformation and look at your past affairs with a smile.

Profile 4/6Another important point is how exactly you enter into a relationship. It doesn’t matter how many unsuccessful connections you had, as long as you can learn a lesson from them that is useful to you. Experience is needed so that after many mistakes you learn to understand what kind of person you need. But to get a really useful experience, any of your relationships should always begin with friendship.

During friendly communication, you can find out what a person really is, whether you are suitable for each other or not. The trouble with 4/6 people is that they act too impulsively most of the time, allowing the first impression to “convince” themselves that they are really a worthy person. But then the emotions come to naught, leaving you with the consequences of a hasty decision.

And perhaps the most important thing. All Opportunist Role Models are very dependent on mutuality, as mentioned earlier. That’s why you must learn to let go of those who are unable or unwilling to give you what you give them. No need to try hard to keep a collapsing relationship, if you understand that your partner grew cold to you. It may be difficult, but you should simply put an end to it, without wasting your internal energy on what has essentially ended.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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