The Gate 49 of Principles establish a fair distribution of resources within the community. These principles help to separate us from others. Personal boundaries are a prerequisite for their health and well-being.

People with the Gate 49 defend the principles of justice in society and can ignite a revolution if their principles are violated. If people’s behavior is not in accordance with their principles, the energy of the 49th gate will insist on their observance, punish the apostates, and even expel from the community.
Their principles are not logical. They are born in sensations. Such a person shows awareness of who the community needs in order to maintain its emotional health and material well-being. The principles of such people in different moods can be more or less flexible.

Gate 49 Principles Human Design

The Gate 49 of Need their principles to be recognized and respected. This Gate are associated with divorces and revolutions when a sense of justice is violated. Humanism is surprisingly subtly combined with exile here. Such people can be both deeply sensitive and insensitive. They are looking for those who will support their principles and will always stand on their side. Close, lively contact with their loved ones is important for them so that the relationship is clear and honest.

The Gate 19 of Revolution need the material and energy resources of the Gate 19, otherwise they will not be able to insist on observing their principles. They literally “tame” people, offer them their protection and patronage. They either push the person away, or they let him very close and offer special conditions. The carrot-and-stick method works great in their performance. In a good mood, they can close their eyes to minor violations of their principles, they can forgive a lot for their own, especially if they have experienced a mystical experience together. In a bad mood, they can severely punish violators.

Ideally, people with the Gate 49 transform society not for the sake of power, but in the name of the highest principles of justice. If someone’s behavior goes beyond their principles, the energy of the Gate 49 will insist on adherence to the established order, to the extent of fomenting a revolution. Before that, they try to resolve the issue peacefully. Their principles carry the potential of awareness – what a community needs for health, well-being and protection, and what will harm it.

The Gate 49 of Principles on the Map

The Gate 49 of Principles is located in Solar Plexus Center which is responsible for our feeling and emotions. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

The Gate 49 and the Gate 19 together form Channel 49-19 Synthesis. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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