A person with Channel 19-49 Human Design Synthesis Channel is extremely sensitive. He is distinguished by the ability to find a balance between his own interests and the needs of others. They turn to him for a fair decision.

19-49 Synthesis Channel in Human Design connects the Root Center and the Solar Plexus Center through the 19 Gate of Need and the 49 Gate of Principles. 19 Gate are responsible for the rapprochement of a person with other people and a kind of dependence on them, and 49 Gate tend to reject everything that does not correspond to the ideals of its carrier. The Synthesis Channel has a Sensitivity Design, which is expressed in the need for the owner of the Channel to show in relation to other people and to feel both tactile and emotional sensitivity.

19-49 Synthesis Channel in Human Design description

It is extremely important for the carrier of this Channel to correctly enter into any kind of relationship, be it personal, friendly, or business. A person with a Synthesis Channel is a sensitive and sensual creature. He needs a reverent attitude towards himself, but at the same time he has a high level of empathy and, if desired, feel good about other people.

This Channel is emotionally projected, therefore, a person who possesses it, before entering into a relationship, must feel that he is recognized. We can say that he needs to realize his value and importance in the eyes of a partner, as well as high emotional openness in interaction. Again, this is a relationship of any kind.

Representatives of the Channel of Synthesis in Human Design can show a strong tendency to overprotect and care in relation to others. This is how they manifest themselves, their true nature, expressed in the need for rapprochement, merging.

The owner of Channel 19-49 needs emotional clarity in any endeavor. Due to it, it becomes clear what business should be taken into work, and what should not be given a minute. Such people are very susceptible to even the slightest criticism.

The sensitivity of a person with Channel 19-49 works like a magnet for others. People feel the unique aura of the owner of the Synthesis Channel and are literally drawn to it, because it is always good, calm and comfortable with such a person.

Channel 19-49 Human Design, Channel Synthesis

The thing is that thanks to the Synthesis Channel, a person is able to intuitively understand the needs of other people and support a person, exactly when it is needed. Among the owners of the Channel of Synthesis, there are definitely recognized healers, a kind of magicians.

Another important advantage of the Synthesis Channel in Human Design is that an individual who possesses it can turn almost any situation in his favor due to the fact that his words are especially perceived by others.

A person with a Synthesis Channel can count on the support of public opinion. The thing is that any idea or hypothesis put forward by him is perceived by people more weighty and significant than from the mouth of another person.

19-49 Synthesis Channel’s False Self

The False self of this channel manifests itself in such a way that a person, instead of the all-consuming care peculiar to him, goes into a state of slavery and service to another person or his tribe.

An unhealthy fear of loneliness, manifested under the influence of the False Self, pushes a person into unnecessary and destructive relationships. It can also be the other way around: the carrier of Channel 19-49 may begin to position himself as too independent and self-sufficient creature that does not need anyone’s attention and care, which, in turn, will cause rejection from others.

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses. Also, the manifestation of the Channels has its own characteristics and nuances. You should not focus on the characteristics of one Channel if you want to compose a complex portrait of your personality in the Human Design system.

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